gnucash gnome2-merge-3-pre at 8873,: Multiple changes pushed

John Ralls jralls at
Mon Mar 31 00:44:33 EDT 2014

        at (tag)
   tagging  88ed391b6ab1499555286b0520ec64edbe05813b (commit)
  replaces  1.8.10 at 7924
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Tue Jul 15 00:27:39 2003 +0000

	* src/import-export/qif: an incomplete implementation of a new 	  (written-in-C) QIF importer.  The code compiles but has not 	  been tested.  Yet to do: merging, conversion to gnc, and UI.

Benoit Grégoire (14):
      2003-02-02  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      Some spelling corrections
      2003-02-04  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2003-02-10  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2003-02-10  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2003-02-14  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      Remove forgotten debug output
      2003-02-26  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2003-03-18  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2003-04-02  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2003-04-03  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2003-05-26  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2003-05-26  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>
      2003-05-29  Benoit Gr�goire  <bock at>

Chris Lyttle (9):
      add build options
      new unstable versions
      info fix for rpm
      update for 1.8.2 release
      changes stable version to 1.8.4
      add Jon Laphams patch
      added jon Lapham's patch
      add Jon Lapham's patch
      add Jon Lapham's patch

Christian Stimming (49):
      2003-02-14  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-02-22  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-02-22  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-03-02  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-03-06  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-03-15  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-03-23  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-03-23  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Forgot this part of close-on-finish fix.
      Improved documentation.
      Updated function documentation for doxygen.
      2003-03-29  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-03-29  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Forgot to install scheme file.
      2003-03-31  Herbert Thoma  <herbie at>
      2003-04-01  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-04-14  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-04-16  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-04-23  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Initial Tamil translation.
      More compiler warning fixes from Herbert Thoma  <herbie at>
      Updated openhbci macro for latest openhbci versions.
      2003-05-03  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-05-05  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-05-09  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Removed AC_PROG_CXX again because openhbci.m4 doesn't require it anymore.
      Adapt to latest OpenHBCI updates.
      Improved documentation -- a GList here is always a GList of kvp_frame's.
      2003-05-28  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-05-29  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-05-29  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-05-30  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Fix signed/unsigned warning of gcc 3.3.
      Fix spelling.
      2003-05-30  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Adapt to latest OpenHBCI changes.
      2003-06-08  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-06-09  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      forgot log message
      2003-06-12  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      forgot makefile entry
      2003-06-18  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-06-24  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-06-25  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      More code refactoring.
      2003-06-27  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      Fix bug.
      2003-07-02  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>
      2003-07-09  Christian Stimming  <stimming at>

David Hampton (68):
      Have dump-finance-quote do a runtime check for F::Q to prevent RPM
      Have gnucash check for the HTML::TableExtract perl module since half
      Ignore another file.
      Fix 'make check' srfi problems when using guile 1.6.
      Initial port from the deprecated (in 1.6) guile gh_xxx interface to
      Fixups for initial guile port.
      Don't override the user's toolbar style preference by calling
      Reapply Derek's fix for a crash when opening the Pref's dialog when
      Fix problem where changing the reconciliation date of a "reverse
      Prevent the register refresh code from trying to update a cell that is
      Eliminate a critical warning message in the gnc_date widget (#106675)
      Consolidate all the functions that convert time values to be the
      Collapse the DateUtils.[ch] files into date.[ch].
      Consolidate all the functions that convert time values to be the
      Push gui independent functions into the engine.
      Update for changes to function parameters.
      Collapse the account tree data declarations into a common table.
      Consolidate duplicate strings.
      Remove two duplicate commodities.  The newer name for these
      Consolidate all the tests for an ISO 4217 commodity into a pair of
      Fix problem with latest versions of autoconf.
      Restore some lost changes.
      Move price quote information from the Account data structure to the
      Fix problem selecting quote source.
      Give more control over what builds have a version number and what
      Add some debugging.
      A single button shouldn't take full width of the window.
      Fix transfer dialog to not hang if OK button is clicked w/o filling in
      Remember the state of the "show currencies" check box from one time to
      Added HTML::Parser to the modules looked for when starting up.
      Fix the "View" menu items to track properly when a new data file is
      add missing include file
      Correct ISO code for the Polish currency.
      gcc 3.x complains about trailing case statement w/no body.
      Update for recent reorg changes.
      Remove unused routine. PG compiles again.
      Remove 'duude' messages.
      A couple more date.h -> gnc-date.h changes.
      Ignore autom4te.cache directory.
      Add new menu items and functions for voiding, un-voiding, and
      Utilized an empty register cell for displaying the note entered when a
      Update for changed function args.
      New tests for un-voiding and reversing transactions.
      Enhance debugging.
      Register with the component manager for ACCOUNT events.  Redo the
      Ignore the new test program.
      Clean up usage of the gnc_ui_update_namespace_picker function.
      Enhance the commodity selection dialog so that it can be limited to
      Show the running balance column by default. #92052.
      Annotate window title if subaccounts are included.
      Add a Cancel button to the dialog that is invoked when a register
      Stop updating the reconciliation end amount on date changes once the
      Make HBCI compile again.
      Consolidate a couple of functions into the only file where they are
      Fix display of pixmaps.
      Be silent when getting price quotes.
      Fix 'Save As' so it can write to non-existing files.
      Fix small memory leak.
      No need to duplicate the string returned by xaccPrintDateSecs.
      Correctly mark a function as returning a const char string.
      Use a thread local buffer for guid_to_string.  Mark this routine as
      Clean up usage of guid_to_string() function. There is no longer any
      Put the F::Q console output under the debug flag instead of
      Move the F::Q stuff from the util files to live with the rest of the
      Maintain group id when saving file.
      Update for qof changes.
      Allow the user to specify by namespace which commodities should be
      Warn the user before deleting a commodity if there are price quotes

Derek Atkins (159):
      * src/business/business-ledger/gncEntryLedgerLoad.c -- don't add
      * src/report/standard-reports/cash-flow.scm: don't crash when a
      * src/quotes/ add dump-finance-quote to the DIST
      * po/
      * src/calculation/ need to add GUILE_INCS
      * src/calculation/ need to add GUILE_INCS
      * src/import-export/qif-import/qif-file.scm: fix a
      * src/scm/main.scm: fix "development version" message in head
      * src/import-export/qif-import/qif-file.scm: mark "splits" as negative
      * src/engine/gnc-lot-p.h: some strange platforms assume "char" is
      * src/app-utils/gnc-ui-utils.c: Don't round unless force_fit is true.
      * src/bin/overrides/ add business-utils
      * src/scm/main.scm:
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-control.c
      * src/report/standard-report/advanced-portfolio.scm: add extra
      * src/gnome/glade/ Need to start the Editor dialog
      Move some files around in preparation for re-factoring the
      * po/ fox for the search-param.c move
      * src/import-export/import-main-matcher.c: freeze/thaw the clist
      Herbert Thoma's patch to add a "display currency" column to the account tree.
      revert a change that I shouldn't have committed
      * applied Matthew Vanecek's patch to postgres/kvp-sql.c
      * src/gnome-utils/dialog-options.c:  guile-1.6 doesn't like
      * src/import-export/qif-import/qif-file.scm:
      2003-02-16  Herbert Thoma  <herbie at>
      * src/import-export/import-backend.c: fix a bug keeping the code
      * src/gnome-utils/dialog-transfer.c: don't round the exchange
      * move AS_SCRUB_INCLUDE _before_ tests so it wont
      * src/gnome/glade/ Increase height of
      * src/gnome/dialog-sxsincelast.c: make sure to resume gui refresh events
      * src/business/business-core/gncEntry.[ch]: add interfaces
      * src/business/business-core/business-core.scm:
      * src/business/business-core/business-core.scm: don't export
      * src/import-export/import-backend.c:
      * src/business/business-ledger/gncEntryLedger.c: allow the user
      * src/business/business-core/gncEmployee.[ch]: added APIs to
      * src/gnome-utils/gnc-account-sel.c:
      * src/business/business-core/gncEmployee.c: name the employee name
      * src/scm/main-window.scm:  turn off the report-total by default
      * the Euroland currency rates were inverted in the transfer
      Fixed the changelog comment
      * src/app-utils/gnc-ui-util.c:
      * src/calculation/ fix to build on systems that don't
      * src/engine/ make sure to add INTLLIBS in case
      * don't add -I$(GNC_INCLUDE_DIR) to the engine
      * src/business/business-core/test/test-employee.c:  fix the test
      * src/business/business-core/gncEntry.h:  Move the definitions
      * src/business/business-gnome/dialog-invoice.c: fix an assertion
      * src/business/business-ledger/gncEntryLedgerControl.c:
      * src/business/business-ledger/gncEntryLedgerControl.c:
      * src/business/business-gnome/glade/
      When building the "name + address" string, check if the
      * src/business/business-reports/owner-report.scm:
      * src/scm/main.scm: guile-1.6 requires empty lists to be quoted
      * src/report/standard-report/transactions.scm: symbols are not
      * src/gnome-util/transfer-dialog.c: Pop up a dialog if the user
      * src/gnome-search/search-date.c: Evaluate the date during
      * src/engine/Transaction.c: xaccSplitGetCorrAccountCode() should
      Applied Herbert Thoma's patch:
      Herbert Thoma's multi-currency patch (#3):
      * src/report/standard-reports/transaction.scm: Applied Tomas
      * src/business/business-gnome/dialog-customer.c:
      * src/import-export/qif-import/qif-file.scm: Don't try to
      * src/business/business-reports/aging.scm: fix the percentage
      * src/engine/test/ disable the test-scm-query-import
      * src/import-export/qif-import/qif-parse.scm: Don't assume that a
      * macros/ require autoconf >= 2.53 and automake >= 1.5
      * add AC_PREREQ(2.53) to require 2.53 :)
      * fix some AC_DEFINE macros
      * acconfig.h: remove duplicate entries (for use with more recent autoheader)
      Add some extra messages so users don't shoot themselves in the
      Remove non-needed config options, generated by automake
      You need to define your variables before you call ENTER()
      Update for 1.8.3
      * src/import-export/hbci/gnc-hbci-utils.c: you have to declare
      * src/gnome-utils/gnc-query-list.[ch]: an abstracted Query list
      * src/engine/Query{,P}.h: move the location of gncQuerySearchFor()
      That last patch actually fixes bug #106035
      Add a justification
      * src/gnome/reconcile-list.[ch]: Port to the gnc-query-list.
      * src/gnome-utils/gnc-query-list.c: we can't use a reversed list
      * src/import-export/qif-import/qif-file.scm:  the numeric test
      * src/engine/gnc-lot.[ch]: add LOT_IS_CLOSED and LOT_BALANCE
      * src/engine/QueryNew.[ch]: add gncQueryGetBooks() API to return
      * src/engine/gnc-event*: add an api to force an event even when
      * src/gnome-utils/dialog-query-list*: the glade and C code for
      * src/business/business-gnome/dialog-invoice.[ch]: pass a double
      * src/gnome-utils/print-session.[ch]: added gnucash wrappers
      * src/gnome/glade/ add "Deluxe Personal Check" type
      * src/engine/QueryCore.c:
      * src/scm/printing/print-check.scm: some finer adjustments on
      * acinclude.m4: modify the AC_GWRAP_CHECK_GUILE() macro to
      * src/report/standard-reports/advanced-portfolio.scm:
      * src/business/business-reports/owner-report.scm:
      * src/business/business-reports/owner-report.scm:  Better fix for 108731
      Nikos Charonitakis's account chart updates:
      Fix a stupid typo
      * src/report/standard-reports/average-balance.scm:
      * src/gnome-utils/dialog-options.c: don't let the user do anything
      * src/report/report-system/report-utilities.scm: had the wrong
      * src/report/standard-reports/balance-sheet.scm: add some
      * src/business/business-gnome/business-gnome.scm:
      * src/import-export/ofx/test/test-link.c: fix the test program
      * src/gnome-utils/dialog-options.c: back out previous change.
      * src/report/standard-reports/transaction.scm: include split
      * src/report/standard-reports/balance-sheet.scm: use a 'from' date
      * src/gnome-search/search-double.c:
      * src/report/standard-reports/price-scatter.scm: "eval" changed
      * src/business/business-reports/invoice.scm:
      * src/business/business-utils/business-prefs.scm: make the
      * src/business/business-reports/aging.scm:
      Revert a patch that wasn't supposed to be committed.
      * src/report/report-gnome/dialog-view-column.c:
      * src/report/utility-reports/view-column.scm:
      * src/register/ledger-core/dialog-dup-trans.c: If the "number" is
      * src/business/business-core/gncTaxTable.c: when asking for
      * src/business/business-ledger/gncEntryLedger.c: fix a bug where
      * src/business/business-core/gncInvoice.[ch]: change the unpost
      * src/business/business-gnome/dialog-invoice.c: don't constantly
      * src/gnome-utils/gnc-query-list.c: the query headers were restructured
      * src/business/business-core/gncInvoice.[ch]: add APIs to get
      * src/gnome/glade/ add sort entries for Action and Notes
      * src/business/business-gnome/dialog-customer.c:
      * src/gnome/dialog-print-check.c: a simple change -- use a globally-
      * src/gnome-utils/gnc-date-format.*: Create a new "date format"
      * src/report/standard-reports/transaction.scm: make sure we have
      * src/gnome-utils/gnc-date-format.c: ignore empty "custom" formats.
      * src/app-utils/app-utils/scm: export new dateformat option symbols
      * src/backend/file/io-gncxml-v2.[ch]: add API to the plugin
      * src/business/business-core/gncBillTerm.c:
      Revert changes that should not have been committed.  Oops.  Sorry.
      * src/business/business-core/gncTaxTable.c:
      * src/backend/file/io-gncxml-v2.c: make the book-string an extern
      * src/register/ledger-core/split-register-model.c: enable the
      * src/engine/QueryCore.[ch]: create a new GUID_MATCH_LIST_ANY
      * src/import-export/qif-import/druid-qif-import.c:  raise the
      * src/business/business-gnome/dialog-billterms.c:
      * src/business/business-gnome/dialog-invoice.c: change how the
      * src/report/standard-reports/account-piecharts.scm: Don't use
      * src/engine/Account.c: initialize the returned values in
      date.c -> gnc-date.c
      * src/engine/QueryNew.h: change QUERY_FIRST_TERM to a #define.
      * src/business/business-core/gncBillTerm.c: fix gncBillTermCopy()
      * src/report/standard-reports/category-barchart.scm: Properly
      * src/backend/file/gnc-backend-file.c: Apply sam's patch:
      * src/business/business-reports/ add fancy-invoice report
      * src/report/standard-reports/balance-sheet.scm: Add a "retained
      * src/gnome-utils/dialog-transfer.c: if we've got the 'exch rate'
      You cannot declare a variable AFTER you call DEBUG()!
      linas' change broke the build w.r.t. db.h.  revert the change and add
      linas missed one GNCBook -> QofBook conversion
      * src/engine/gnc-event*.[ch]:
      * src/engine/qofid.c: change the entity table to use
      * macros/acx_pthread.m4: macro to find the pthread library for
      * change (and comment out) checks for pthreads
      * src/app-utils/gnc-ui-util.[ch]: add a function to parse a numeric
      * src/business/business-core/gncBillTerm.c:
      * src/import-export/import-parse.[ch]: routines to parse numbers
      * src/import-export/qif: an incomplete implementation of a new

Linas Vepstas (267):
      more updates
      hpux update
      reinstate simple accounting FIFO from the gnucash-1.4 branch
      start porting fifo code to current gnucash engine
      fix typo
      add an account-for-each-lot function
      remove obsolete commentary
      start working on functions to cleanup up usage of Lots in trading accounts
      fix a FIXME note
      add utility routine to get earliest split in lot
      fill in more functions to clean up lots
      never mind; we really do *not* have any use for these funcs;
      fix some notes
      fix formating
      add notes, update
      fill in more of the lot-scrubbing algorithm
      add documentation
      fix bugs, start adding routine to perform the double-balance check
      get rid of spurious argument
      remove bogus argument to Scrub functions
      get rid of bogus argument to scrub functions
      d of bogus argument to scrub functions
      add documentation
      get rid of bogus subroutine argument
      misssed a spot - remove more bogus arguments
      remove bogus argument for dxaccAccount subroutine calls
      check in some documentation updates made way way long ago
      more new code
      cleanup author credits
      inital checkin -- add private prototype for utility func
      rename the 'GetOrMake' routine, its not static any more but shared between two files
      add convenience function to find date on which lot was closed
      minor documentation update
      finish implementing the double-balance routine
      add group scrub routine, add docs
      remove bogus include
      fix docos
      add a few utility routines
      hack in lot scrubbing, jsut for test for now
      add debug statements for problem reported by  Dave Reed <drlinux at>
      cleanup order in which scrubbing is performed,
      modify signature of xaccTransScrubOrphans routine
      point out wher there's more documentation
      add README file
      cosmetic, fix indentation
      fix cosmetic indentation
      add debugging print statements
      fix some notes
      add notes
      fix typo
      add very simplistic test for lots
      bug fix for core dump
      fixes to income account
      add debug statements
      ignore more stuff
      enable lot scrubbing for good!
      update doc status
      bugfix: summary-bar:  if no prices, and balance is zero, then show zero,
      add design notes
      add FSF license
      fix bug: need to mark account as 'changed' so that it gets saved.
      add documentation
      two bug fixes:
      minor typo cleanup
      store the default gains account in kvp tree
      add documentation for keys used by lots
      add status
      add a pair of utility routines that will be needed by the GUI
      add notes
      add email conversation about price handling in register
      add a meta-design summary
      clarify soem terminology
      notes about implementation
      move KVP junk out of generic engine utilities
      cleanup grungy utils, I need to be able to use this
      cleanup old utilities
      remove cruft
      remove from the gnc-engine-util so that these func
      add missing include file
      add missing include file
      misc cleanup
      move around an include file
      add missing header files
      move the trae functions to thier own subdirectory
      use g_malloc, g_free
      add missing include file
      add missing header file
      add missing include file
      add GPL copyright notices
      fiddle with the documentation
      convert tabs to 8 spaces, so that people with different
      cleanup; use the atoll function
      cleanup include-file usage
      remove stale routine, add some documentation
      rename date.h to gnc-date.h
      backwards compatibility include
      rename date.c to gnc-date.c
      move the string cache from gnc-engine to gnc-engine-util
      rename date.h to gnc-date.h
      include file cleanup
      rename date.h to gnc-date.h
      explicitly include gnc-book.h
      remove explicit dependence on gnc-book
      need to expose the entity table
      bugfix: the type should be the new not the old query type
      Add GPL license notice
      start making changes to eliminate topgroup from this struct
      fix the warning message
      minor performance optimization
      remove direct access
      continue removing pointers from the book struct
      minor performance optimization
      remove the pricedb from the book struct
      perform some memory management for the pricedb stored in the book
      fix the pricedb memory management
      remove the commodities from the commodity table
      provide some memory management for the commodity table in the book
      remove account group from book structure
      a few small fixes
      oops, fix name
      fix memory management relating to starage of group in book
      move transaction-counting-utility from book to transaction
      remove template group from the book
      ongoing fixes
      rework how scheduled xactions are handled inside the book,
      oops core dump
      move scheduled transaction book anchors to own file
      misc SX-vs-book shuffling about
      misc cleanup
      Add account group as new object
      add commentary
      add missing include file
      add missing header file
      rename date.h -> gnc-date.h
      rename date.h to gnc-date.h
      date.h -> gnc-date.h
      date.h -> gnc--date.h
      date.h -> gnc-date.h
      misc include-file cleanup
      rename date.h to gnc-date.h
      rename date.h to gnc-date.h
      rename date.h to gnc-date.h
      rename date.h to gnc-date.h
      set the dirty flag early and often
      rename date.h to gnc-date.h, make sure new book file is included
      add missing include file
      rename date.h to gnc-date.h
      change AccountGroup to use gncObject for initialization, dirty flag, teardown.
      finish moving commodities, prices and sx out of gnc-book;
      This file has been renamed to gnc-date.h
      misc cleanup
      add missing include file
      start removing accounting-specific structures (i.e. Account, Transaction)
      misc cleanup
      use new not old query interface
      add missing include file
      perform _() translation here, not in engine, for gncObjectGetTypeLabel
      perform _() translation here, not in engine, of the ObjectTypeLabel
      add missing gnc-commodity.h include file
      remove dead logging code
      remove _() translation from ObjectTypeLabel()
      add comments re _() trnaslation
      add missing log enable/disable
      add clarifying comments
      move over typedef
      add -DGNUCASH for special gnc-session.c compile hack
      demarcate some special gnucash-specific sections of code
      fix mystery build break
      fix mystery build break
      add note
      minor change to documentation
      add int32 predicate type
      simple stupid kloc counter
      rename for gnc-book
      fix include file usage
      fix include file usage
      fix include file usage.
      rename GNCBook to QofBook
      rename gncObject to QofObject
      translate script
      missed a few
      rename gncQueryCore to QofQueryCore
      missed another one
      fix include file usage
      missed another
      add missing include files
      glurg must be getting late; fix more mistakes
      add missing include
      add missing include files
      add missing include files
      add missing include
      add missing include file
      add missing include files
      add missing include file
      add missing incklude file
      rename QueryNew to QofQuery
      add missing include file
      add missing include
      convert QueryObject to QofQueryObject
      remove dead file
      add missing include
      remove dead file
      change over to new include files
      rename the entity functions from xaccEntity to qof_entity
      start mergine in qof book and session changes
      Rename gncbook and gncsession to qofbook and qofsession
      minimalizst port to qof, so as not to disturb the gnome2 work
      move to qof
      port to qof
      port to qof
      add missing include file
      continue port to qof
      continuing port to the qof code
      oops, needed some hand-made conversions
      a few cleanups
      add generic qof include file
      remove config file from public includes
      rename kvp_frame to KvpFrame to more closely follow gnome naming conventions
      rename kvp_frame to KvpFrame to follow convention
      port the postgres backend sot that it now compiles /.w qof
      qof translation screwed up a couple of things
      standardize some of the names of the date handling routines;
      add some notes
      fixup date printing
      just can't get it right, try again ....
      the init/.shutdown functions shouldn't be private
      url decoding fixes
      add a utility routine
      missing header file
      start work on druid for setting up accounting periods.
      updtes for accounting periods
      glade druid for accounting periods
      GUI updates
      misc bogosity for the accounting period druid
      improve documentation
      improved documentation
      tweak the name
      remove dead code
      misc hacking
      add some handy-dandy utility functions to set the label text
      set label tags
      add a special case: a termless, match-any query
      misc hacking
      add debug statements
      improve documentation, add more debugging statements
      ongoing misc hacking
      more hacking

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