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Sat Sep 27 21:15:13 EDT 2014

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   tagging  d10c5792ab79733503faaab1b558a96a0d638e7f (commit)
  replaces  2.6.3
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Sat Sep 27 18:36:34 2014 -0700

Tag 2.6.4

Benjamin Melançon (1):
      Fix tiny missing-letter typo

Chris Good (1):
      Help Documentation: Add Advanced Portfolio Rpt details

DanielDodson (3):
      Updated documentation to explain how to tie dividends received in cash to the appropriate stock holding.
      Reduced size of image to 510px to match the image being replaced as requested by John Ralls.
      Reduced proportional width of description column to increase overall font size for a 510 pixel width image.

Frank H. Ellenberger (20):
      Credit does NOT decrease equity accounts
      Minor Improvements of Guide/Overview: oview-featuresintl2
      Korrigierte Fassung von ch_basics basierend auf
      Korrigierte Fassung von ch_oview basierend auf
      Update of translators in gnucash-guide-de.omf
      Improve readability of "Credit does NOT decrease ..." Patch
      Korrigierte Fassung von ch_accts basierend auf
      Ersetze umgangssprachliches "Passiva" durch "Fremdkapital"
      Remove a few discrepancies between the german guide overview and other
      Currency movements .. remain fully balanced if "Trading Accounts" is
      Guide de oview: continue architecture update
      Guide C oview: update processor architecture
      Add warning and tip about account separator character
      replace exclamation mark from previous commit
      Guide C txns: Add a warning about dummy transactions and auditors
      Guide C txns: Thinking is not enough for the cleared state of an
      Guide C txns: explain reconcilation state "cleared"
      Update modification dates
      Review of last commit
      Guide C txns: Upgrade note to warning

Geert Janssens (1):
      Fix typo that breaks doc build

John Ralls (1):
      Release 2.6.4

Martin Mainka (1):
      German translation of Transactions chapter.

Mechtilde (9):
      removed odd spaces and small corrections
      small correction
      removed odd spaces and other small corrections in guide/de/ch_oview.xml
      Another small correction of oview; update header of basics
      manual merge
      guide de ch_oview: orthography and processor architecture update
      Guide de ch_basics: several corrections
      Guide de ch_accts: Several minor corrections
      Guide de ch_txns: several improvements, txns-sxn1 complete

Mike Evans (2):
      Correct field format in python-import-fields.
      Add sentence about manually editing payment information for customers.

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