gnucash: New Branch '2.6.4'

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Sat Sep 27 22:45:23 EDT 2014

        at (tag)
   tagging  79bdcf199670893e86ce5ee334a43a58376a334a (commit)
  replaces  2.6.3
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Sat Sep 27 17:54:54 2014 -0700

Tag 2.6.4

Alex Aycinena (1):
      Correct txf output to use a minus sign, rather than parenthesis, for debits, without regard to locale settings, as is required by the txf pseudo-standard; was previously incorrectly using parenthesis for negatives in Windows environments, for example.

Amish (1):
      calculate num-columns-required correctly

Amm (1):
      Better period totals formatting

Carsten Rinke (4):
      Bug727130 - Crash when newline in Report Title
      Bug726449 - Budget Barchart does not show up if running sum is selected
      Bug 720934 - Barcharts with many data points have overlapping x-axis labels

Chenxiong Qi (2):
      - New Chart of Accounts Assistant is too large for screen
      Bug 701052 - cannot click on 'cancel' or 'ok' button on dialogue box

Christian Stimming (2):
      Win32: Update gwenhyhwfar/aqbanking again, but slightly more cautious (gwen-4.11.0 does not compile on win/mingw right now)
      Win32 build: Update gwenhywfar version after it has been fixed for compiling with mingw.

Christoph Holtermann (2):
      Python bindings - no instance necessary anymore
      Some adjustments, new IPython version

Colin (1):
      Fix crash initialising dbi if libdbi version >= 0.9.0

Cristian Marchi (6):
      Bug #727338 - Translation and Account file updates for Latvian.
      Bump copyright year
      Fix spaces for some strings not correctly picked up by xgettext.scm script.
      Update it translation and a small fix for account.
      Related to bug #727338: currency for Latvia is EUR.
      Small improvement to italian translation.

David Maline (1):
      Bug 733506 - (ForwadDisableQIF) The forward button is not active even though a file is selected

Dmitry Pavlov (2):
      added context to ambigous i18n keys for scheduled transaction add/edit dialog
      Updated Russian translation from Dmitry Pavlov

Erik Johansson (1):
      Update Swedish translation

Frédéric Perrin (1):
      Bug 723145 - Currency display does not respect locale

Gary Bilkus (2):
      Win32: Fix to cope with new gcc not understanding no-undefined flag
      Win32: Fix problem in gnc-split-reg.h caused by earlier preprocessor define of DELETE etc

Geert Janssens (67):
      Add fixed EUR-LVL conversion rate to gnc_euro_rates
      Update Latvian translation
      Remove unused function yahoo-get-historical-quotes
      Prevent older gnucash versions from opening a data file if previously unhandled kvps are used
      Fix price quotes after removal of yahoo-get-historical-quotes
      Additional changes to column calculations
      Revert error on warning default when building from svn
      Add _FORTIFY_SOURCE directive only when compiling with optimization enabled
      Fix crash with libdib >= 0.9.0
      Bug 729497 - Saved Report Configuration selection window resize
      Revert "Fix crash with libdib >= 0.9.0"
      Fix document type dispay for credit notes on owner report
      Bug 688965 - Page Up, Page Down keys cause GnuCash to hang
      Avoid defining the same translatable string twice
      Fix regression in invoice pre-payments
      Bug 610202 - gnucash silently closes when no X11/$DISPLAY is present
      Merge branch 'scheduled_tx_i18n_prefix' of into maint
      Backport John's fix for a truly ancient bug
      Bug 723442 - Report Options - Report Name too short
      Revert "Bug726674-BudgetReverseSignSupport"
      Fix whitespace
      First unit test for gncEntry and fix first bug it revealed
      Drop packaging/win32
      Revert "The cash flow report should ignore splits in trading accounts."
      Revert "Round properly when computing fraction of the transaction's value due to a given split."
      Revert "Bug #622778 Miscalculation in cashflow reports - Step 03"
      Revert "Bug #622778 Miscalculation in cashflow reports - Step 02"
      Revert "Bug #622778 Miscalculation in cashflow reports - Step 01"
      Bug 707243 - Hard-coded font colors in account tree?
      Bug 711440 - Tab labels have different background colour than containing gui element
      Refactor register color functions to reduce duplication
      Rename enum elements to make room for foreground equivalents
      Bug 434462 - register color don't work correct with system theme color - Part 1
      Bug 434462 - register color don't work correct with system theme color - Part 2
      More ENTER/LEAVE corrections at function exit points
      Small corrections in doxygen comments
      Remove superfluous include statements
      Move account type checking functions into the engine
      Widen the scope of the subsplit merge scrub function
      Add scrub function to reduce the amount of lot links used.
      Refactor scrub_doc_pay_link into scrub_other_link and make it more generic
      Tweak the get_pay_split function to prefer the best possible match
      Handle the case of scrubbing a lot link between two non-document lots
      Refactor gnc_doc_doc_link into gncOwnerSetLotLinkMemo and move it
      Refactor gncOwnerReduceSplitTo out of reduce_biggest_split
      Refactor get_pay_split into gncOwnerFindOffsettingSplit
      Rewrite invoice payment logic to fix lot link proliferation
      Make scrub in lot viewer scrub business lots using the new scrub functions.
      Add business lot scrubbing to Check & Repair->All/This transaction(s)
      Align perl module requirements with recent Finance::Quote versions
      Provide strfmon function for platforms that don't have it
      Bug 695240 - mortgage wizard empty table
      Bug 711567 - Cannot save a custom report if a path contain diacritic chars
      Swap static functions so the lower one can reuse the upper one
      Rewrite gfec_eval_file to avoid opening the file itself in guile
      Bug 720427 - Review of french account templates
      Bug 671615 - French: 'New Customer' button in Find Customer dialog is translated to 'Nouvel onglet'
      Add context to generic translatable string
      Convert ISO-8859-1 account chart templates to UTF-8
      Set default currency for French account chart templates
      Avoid undocumented dependency on progress page type in assistant to skip page
      Use same test for payment dialog transfer accounts and assign as payment checks
      Bug 630638 - 'Process payment' should allow to select equity accounts for payment
      Refactor OS-specific ifdef to reduce code duplication
      CSV Export: factor out function to generate regular expression
      CSV Import transform macro into function
      Rework assistant csv import regex code to eliminate the mandatory dummy field (#eol).

Jeff Earickson (20):
      Added kok and kok at latin to LINGUAS: Konkani in Devanagari script and latin script translations.
      Gnucash translation into Konkani in the Devanagari script.
      Gnucash translation into Konkani, shown in Latin script.
      Addition of the Bodo language (brx) in Devanagari Script.
      Addition of the Bodo language translation file, in Devanagari script
      Addition of the Dogri language (doi) to LINGUAS
      The Dogri language in Devanagari Script.
      New/revised version of the Brazilian Portuguese translation file, For version 2.6.3. Translator: Miguel Rozsas <miguel at>
      Hindi Language Translation file
      Kashmiri Language translation file.
      Marathi Language Translation File.
      Telugu Language Translation file.
      Urdu Language Translation file.
      Added or updated the following Indic Language Translation Files:
      Updated Translation of the Bodo Language
      Updated translation of the Konkani Language.
      Deleted Raman language version of Konkani in favor of updated Devangari version.
      Tamil Language Translation
      Repaired version of latest Konkani language translation.
      Repaired version of Marathi Language translation file

Jethro Beekman (1):
      Bug 733283 - [PATCH] Loss of fractions when importing OFX investment transactions

John Ralls (31):
      Write a timestamp log file at the beginning of a build on the server.
      Remove svn-based build files
      Rename _git files to plain, fix links.
      Re-enable loading and saving gnucashdotdir/accelerator-home on OSX
      Bug 728717 - Ubuntu 14.04 - GNUcash crashes on close
      Bug 725054 - Re-numbering sub accounts crashes the program
      More fix-ups for the renumber subaccounts dialog.
      722200 - configure script does not pick the correct am_cv_scanf version
      722200 - configure script does not pick the correct am_cv_scanf version
      722200 - configure script does not pick the correct am_cv_scanf version
      Revert "722200 - configure script does not pick the correct am_cv_scanf version"
      Revert "722200 - configure script does not pick the correct am_cv_scanf version"
      722200 - configure script does not pick the correct am_cv_scanf version
      Fix broken win32 build; MinGW needs our strptime.
      722200 - configure script does not pick the correct am_cv_scanf version
      Fix broken build on 64-bit systems
      725366 - Formula Parsing Error with Scheduled Mortgage Transactions
      Use more significant digits for SX function returns.
      double_to_gnc_numeric: Return overflow error immediately on invalid input.
      Fix signed int overflow warning.
      Fix broken test-backend-dbi with libdbi 0.9.
      Revert "Fix broken test-backend-dbi with libdbi 0.9."
      Add note about automake 1.14 to
      Fix uninitialized variable warning.
      Fix test-backend-dbi segfault with libdbi-0.9.0.
      Balance ENTER with a LEAVE for all exit points.
      SQL: Save commodity namespace changes from template
      Bug 732545 - gnucash-2.6.3 segfaults when started
      Bug 736703 - Scheduled transaction are registered without credit/debit
      Ensure that the root account is saved to the SQL backend.
      Release 2.6.4

Mark Haanen (1):
      Update Dutch translation, copied from the Translation Project.

Michalis Kamprianis (9):
      Bug 728841 - XML backend does not always store KVP slots
      Minor corrections
      Bug 729157 Bill Term discount days are allowed to be more than due days
      Bug 692249 - Add Help button in Custom Reports dialog box
      Bug 509263 Since Last Run dialog won't allow resizing of Status column
      Bug 728103 - Invoice opened does not contain the Job under circumstances
      Bug 719457 - Template for Home Mortgage Loan isn't properly nested.
      Bug 719457 - Template for Home Mortgage Loan isn't properly nested.
      Bug 120199 - Incorrect sort order in "Sort by Statement Date"

Mike Alexander (14):
      Fix code that customizes parameters for specific gcc versions
      Ignore SIGTTOU while importing Python console class.
      Better test for conflict between optimization and FORTIFY_SOURCE
      Don't nest AC_MSG_CHECKING calls, it produces confuing output.
      The cash flow report should ignore splits in trading accounts.
      Always use the price we display to calculate the current value of an account.
      Bug 733107: Search for reconcile status doesn't work right.
      Bug 722140: Add option to control inclusion of trading accounts in cash flow report.
      The sense of the "Only show active customers" checkbox was inverted.
      Finish implementing the "Show zero balance owners" filter option.
      Change gncOwnerGetBalanceInCurrency to only cosider lots that contain an invoice.
      Use guint64 instead of uint64_t with G_GUINT64_FORMAT to avoid warnings.
      If the cursor moves from one register cell to another, refresh the register headers.
      Bug 735769: Enable price and shares cells in a split if it is not in the trans currency.

Mike Evans (7):
      Python bindings.  Add function gncVendorNextID, complementary to
      Bug 730255 - Python bindings: Assigns bill entries to non-existant invoice.
      Relax requirements for booleans in invoice line.
      Add some date format checking and make sure generated dates are the
      Merge branch 'maint' of into maint
      Bill invoice importer crashing when invoice has multiple lines.
      Bug 734183 - Set all of the denominators correctly on the currency values.

Moritz Lipp (4):
      Replace deprecated g_dirname
      Make compatible to libdbi >= 0.9.0
      Correct usage of realloc in gnc_xml_be_get_file_lock
      Use libsecret if available

Robert Fewell (7):
      Use same default setting for quotes in csv import and export
      This patch fixes bug 726888, cancel button is available on all pages of assistant.
      This patch fixes bug 731519. The fix sets the upper limit before it sets the value of the end row spin button.
      Part Bug fix for 729476, this fixes the quoting of quotes, newlines and separator to make it more compatible with CSV format.
      Part Bug fix for 729476, this changes the line endings to \r\n to make it more compatible with CSV format.
      This patch just changes the white space to be of a consistent format.
      This patch allows the ability to skip rows when importing transactions.

Simon Arlott (1):
      Bug 699687 - Add a configuration option to not display "since last run" window when opening a file

hawk-lord (3):
      Added Swedish account files
      Added Swedish association accounts.
      Missing translation

lmat (1):
      Replace C++ reserved words for future compatibility with C++

valdis (1):
      Updated resource files for Latvian: po/lv.po and  accounts/lv/acctchrt_business.gnucash-xea

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