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John Ralls jralls at
Sat Aug 20 19:12:42 EDT 2016

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commit 5cd57e24d9a9c75db159ea0b5b89e837d80876c5
Merge: 90b7a6f 258d994
Author: John Ralls <jralls at>
Date:   Sat Aug 20 16:12:02 2016 -0700

    Merge branch 'trans-assoc' from Bob Fewell.

commit 258d994e2c37b47d504544450a4daec441ad2ddb
Author: Robert Fewell <14uBobIT at>
Date:   Fri Aug 19 11:57:14 2016 +0100

    Change Transaction Association Dialog
    Update dialog to reflect the use of relative paths by the addition of a
    toggle column indicating such.

commit 6f70e08bdfe1964bf6d009345f09560d277f68d1
Author: Robert Fewell <14uBobIT at>
Date:   Tue Aug 16 16:38:22 2016 +0100

    Add check for path being relative.
    If the preference "assoc-head" is set and file path is a sub directory
    then only this part is saved to the transaction making the full path
    portable. Paths outside of "assoc-head" will be saved in full. There is
    also a test to make sure the URI passed to the open call has a valid
    scheme otherwise the windows version will crash.

commit 47953c9b733180faf5aed667cc06c0e838a1fcd1
Author: Robert Fewell <14uBobIT at>
Date:   Tue Aug 16 16:33:56 2016 +0100

    Add Preference path head for Trans. Associations
    Add a preference for setting the path head for Transaction Associations
    based on a GtkFileChooserButton. An additional button is used to clear
    this setting when required.

commit 531f0f3c37f0ebd9e3c601327a959700e794e212
Author: Robert Fewell <14uBobIT at>
Date:   Tue Aug 2 09:41:07 2016 +0100

    Add sort button for Associations

commit a860643922461a2c3d878a6dac3b0cc2475e5829
Author: Robert Fewell <14uBobIT at>
Date:   Mon Aug 1 14:30:24 2016 +0100

    Transaction Association List Dialog
    This new dialog creates a list view of transaction associations and
    allows them to be checked to see if they are still available and be able
    to jump to the corresponding transaction in the register or open the
    associated entry.

commit 5f75f106ee1f9a766bf66d58f84816884cf77c0e
Author: Robert Fewell <14uBobIT at>
Date:   Mon Aug 1 12:45:35 2016 +0100

    Add option to recn cell type to be read only
    Use added read only option to make Associate cell read only

commit 57666b43ba50da2f56660f00836a24bcb75e836a
Author: Robert Fewell <14uBobIT at>
Date:   Mon Aug 1 12:44:25 2016 +0100

    Make a distinction between file/link Association
    Show a 'f' in the register for a file association and a 'w' for a link

commit 5bb53c044a239e63119829f1988a027acd175dba
Author: Robert Fewell <14uBobIT at>
Date:   Mon Aug 1 12:42:45 2016 +0100

    Indicate an Association in the Register
    Use the field below the reconcile and type entry on the transaction
    lines to indicate a file/link association.

commit 8f9d1dcf392c30a548a86b24c796c03650537f0f
Author: Robert Fewell <14uBobIT at>
Date:   Mon Aug 1 12:30:31 2016 +0100

    Change associate file/link to show existing entry
    Currently there is no way of knowing what the existing association is
    and so what dialog to use. Changed the file dialog to use existing uri
    along with a label in case the uri does not exist and populated the
    entry in the link dialog with the existing uri.
    Also added a test for when entry is cleared and also being NULL to
    control menu sensitivity and also added a remove button to clear entry

Summary of changes:
 po/                                     |   2 +
 src/gnome-utils/dialog-preferences.c               | 168 ++++++-
 .../gtkbuilder/            | 387 +++++++++------
 src/gnome/CMakeLists.txt                           |   2 +
 src/gnome/                              |   2 +
 src/gnome/dialog-trans-assoc.c                     | 519 +++++++++++++++++++++
 .../{dialog-imap-editor.h => dialog-trans-assoc.h} |  10 +-
 src/gnome/gnc-plugin-basic-commands.c              |  15 +
 src/gnome/gnc-plugin-page-register.c               |  11 +-
 src/gnome/gnc-split-reg.c                          | 272 +++++++----
 src/gnome/gnc-split-reg.h                          |   3 +-
 .../gschemas/ |  11 +
 src/gnome/gschemas/   |   5 +
 src/gnome/gtkbuilder/                   |   1 +
 src/gnome/gtkbuilder/      | 217 +++++++++
 src/gnome/ui/gnc-plugin-basic-commands-ui.xml      |   1 +
 src/register/ledger-core/split-register-layout.c   |  29 +-
 src/register/ledger-core/split-register-load.c     |  19 +
 src/register/ledger-core/split-register-model.c    |  67 +++
 src/register/ledger-core/split-register.h          |   1 +
 src/register/register-core/recncell.c              |  11 +
 src/register/register-core/recncell.h              |   3 +
 22 files changed, 1493 insertions(+), 263 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 src/gnome/dialog-trans-assoc.c
 copy src/gnome/{dialog-imap-editor.h => dialog-trans-assoc.h} (85%)
 create mode 100644 src/gnome/gtkbuilder/

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