gnucash: New Branch '2.6.11'

John Ralls jralls at
Sun Jan 10 19:50:01 EST 2016

        at (tag)
   tagging  f67faa24c6c5e63fa19a32e63051d942ff4cb15c (commit)
  replaces  2.6.10
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Sun Jan 10 16:13:28 2016 -0800

Tag Release 2.6.11

Alex Aycinena (2):
      Minor improvement to information provided about TXF categories in the Income Tax Information dialog under Edit->Tax Report Options.
      Allow panel that provides information about TXF categories to be adjusted by the user in the Income Tax Information dialog under Edit->Tax Report Options.

Emily Zora (1):
      - Add Account.AssignLots to python bindings

Grzegorz Milka (1):
      Bug 759859 - Reconcilation does not convert transactions' currency to the main one making reconcilation impossible.

John Ralls (18):
      Bug 756335 - When importing, date selection causes exit crash
      Bug 754192 - Since Last Run Dialog asks for security price even if not needed
      Remove xaccSchedXactionGetInstanceAfter
      Clean up some noise.
      Explicitly type GncSXInstance's temporal state member.
      Fix up some overly-long lines.
      Bug 759570 - Postponing a repeating SX skips over the instance.
      Rename sequence_ctx to temporal_state for consistency and clarity.
      Extract Functions split_apply_formulas and split_apply_exchange_rate.
      Bug 680104 - formula not calculated when variables are mixed with constants
      Don't make the $prefix/share/gnucash/gnome link on OSX_QUARTZ
      Refactor gnc_sxed_check_changed() with a bunch of extract-functions.
      Refactor the horror of gnc_sxed_check_consistent().
      Fix travis compilation error.
      Update TP translations to latest files.
      Add Language header value to silence msgfmt error.
      Update copyright and ChangeLog for the new year.
      Release 2.6.11

Mechtilde (6):
      add German Translation
      more German translation
      some more German translation
      some German translation and adapt to actual file gnucash.pot
      correct the adaption
      correct the adaption too

Mike Evans (5):
      Bug 759674 - GNUCash crashes when importing invoices or bills with delimited import
      Proposed fix for mangled Chinese characters on bill import.
      Revert "Proposed fix for mangled Chinese characters on bill import."
      Prevent some GtkEntry getting focus in invoice.
      Bug 760398 - Cancelling the creation of a duplicate bill or invoice doesn't reset the invoice number counter

Pedro Albuquerque (1):
      Update to 2.6.10.pot

fell (15):
      Price Editor - use different names for different windows
      Postpone the renaming of the menu entry "_Price Editor" to the next main
      Add a few more eclipse specific files to gitignore
      Review of Pull Request 51
      fix an outdated translator string in
      Merge branch 'Mechtilde-PotTest' into maint
      Revert unintended change of ChangeLog
      Remove translatable flag from commodity placeholder in dialog-payment
      de.po: merge pot, add a space - still 45 missing, 102 fuzzy
      Finish split of ChangeLog
      Bug 760052 - missing flag translatable in Custom Report
      Add a missing gettext in plugin page owner tree
      Remove translatable flag from placeholder labels in dialog date-close
      simplify commit c2598f8: Add a missing gettext in plugin page owner tree
      Supplement to commit 79bb4b8: add built gschema files to .gitignore

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