gnucash master: Multiple changes pushed

Geert Janssens gjanssens at
Mon Oct 10 05:58:42 EDT 2016

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commit c5414e336ace0a11e3bd5275661fddc566884409
Merge: 20c0271 6bdac28
Author: Geert Janssens <janssens-geert at>
Date:   Mon Oct 10 11:57:03 2016 +0200

    Merge branch 'maint'

commit 6bdac283fa6b1f5b67a3d228e1f16cc2d498519e
Author: Geert Janssens <janssens-geert at>
Date:   Mon Oct 10 11:49:10 2016 +0200

    Bug 771617 - Build fails because test test-report-utilities is sensitive to time of day/timezone
    Use the date-time functions in gnc-date instead of the guile ones for more consistent behaviour.
    Do the same for test test-cash-flow, which was also time-of-day sensitive

commit 901c89dffad9fa9ee19960b91a585fc90a67e29e
Author: John Ralls <jralls at>
Date:   Tue Oct 4 20:00:48 2016 +0200

    Fix CSV importer to handle GMT + 13 Timezone (New Zealand Daylight Time).
    Also remove special time calculations and use gnc_dmy2timespec_neutral()
    for consistency with rest of GnuCash.

commit 5a7c791c96cc7bf84002f6894d44a2ef12dd46d4
Author: John Ralls <jralls at>
Date:   Tue Oct 4 19:59:00 2016 +0200

    Bug 772382 - Date off-by-one after DST change
    The time needs to be 10:59, not 11:00: 13 hours after 11:00 is 24:00,
    which is really 00:00 the next day.

Summary of changes:
 .../report-system/test/test-report-utilities.scm   | 36 ++++++++-----------
 .../standard-reports/test/test-cash-flow.scm       | 41 +++++++++++++---------
 2 files changed, 39 insertions(+), 38 deletions(-)

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