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Geert Janssens gjanssens at
Mon Dec 11 16:12:59 EST 2017

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commit 0602cc7b8b902b798b011c342dd11882466fa329
Author: Geert Janssens <geert at>
Date:   Mon Dec 11 22:12:32 2017 +0100

    Update preference name and meaning

commit 21af0e3a93329e25ff990298ee42e9c4129b4bc3
Merge: f332e99 088cea1
Author: Geert Janssens <geert at>
Date:   Mon Dec 11 22:07:24 2017 +0100

    Merge branch 'maint'

commit 088cea1ed8088f5e13e641843902b7f0b2cfb0c1
Author: fell <frank.h.ellenberger at>
Date:   Sun Dec 3 13:05:07 2017 +0100

    Bug 782423 - Help 10.2. Setting Preferences is outdated #105
    Remove <application> tag from <guilabel>

commit b2707bdcfe6828faedd3ff62a3af0b40edaed0f2
Author: David Thomas <sunfish62 at>
Date:   Sun Dec 3 15:51:04 2017 +0500

    Changing text in Help to reflect changes in Preferences dialogs. The changes are in Preferences:Business, Preferences:Register, and Preferences:Scheduled Transactions. Unfortunately, my computer (a Mac) does not look the same as the screenshots in the docs; someone with the correct look should create screenshots of these three preferences tabs.

commit 8b2513d05fc00bf323ae66556d9d0e071b6b6a2e
Author: fell <frank.h.ellenberger at>
Date:   Wed Oct 4 01:04:15 2017 +0200

    Translation of the german guides metafile

commit bea02d35ab34d21ef5c7fbfb04215fb9ce8e448c
Author: fell <frank.h.ellenberger at>
Date:   Wed Oct 4 01:03:15 2017 +0200

    Fix a typo in the german guide

commit 4691475acdc1a921c4a944083bb55fd59584ad08
Author: fell <frank.h.ellenberger at>
Date:   Wed Oct 4 00:19:29 2017 +0200

    remove duplicated lines from russian metafile

Summary of changes:
 guide/de/gnucash-guide-de.omf |  10 +-
 guide/de/gnucash-guide.xml    |   2 +-
 guide/ru/gnucash-guide-ru.omf | 300 ------------------------------------------
 help/C/Help_ch_Customize.xml  |  30 +++--
 4 files changed, 23 insertions(+), 319 deletions(-)

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