gnucash: New Branch '2.6.17'

John Ralls jralls at
Sat Jul 1 15:47:22 EDT 2017

        at (tag)
   tagging  261a64e3ebf040b84ee4fbf5eab441299bbcaadd (commit)
  replaces  2.6.16
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Sat Jul 1 12:50:05 2017 -0700

Tag Release 2.6.17

Bert (1):
      Bug 776396 - Foreign currency reports, amounts are not aligned correctly

Geert Janssens (5):
      Bug 781634 - Alert on missing account currency when opening account
      Drop ifdeffed out code block
      Bug 781634 followup - separate translatable commodity namespace strings from those uses in storage
      Properly define the template namespace rather than using a local string everywhere
      Bug 603379 - Prevent changing some Account Options if it has transactions - followup

John Ralls (15):
      Merge Ueli Neiderer's swift-transactiontxt branch into maint.
      Bug 780845 - link in github repo README file needs correction/editing
      Save Changes Bug 780889 - Split-register transactions result in invalid...
      Use the Mac Locale to find the account templates only when building with quartz.
      Adjust CMAKE_C_FLAGS for better release/debug behavior.
      Merge branch 'PR140' into maint
      Updated ar.po from ashalash at
      CMakeLists.txt: Remove Apple architecture settings.
      Bug 783095 - gnucash-2.6.16 segfaults on startup
      Clamp time64 values passed to GDateTime functions to the valid range.
      Correctly store time64 0 in the SQL backend.
      Bug 782897 - Stock Split Assistant crashes GnuCash if you enter a New...
      Bug 782274 - Transactions produced by Transfer Funds or Process...
      Update translations from the translation project.
      Release 2.6.17

Mike Alexander (2):
      Fix the SWIG Guile wrapping of functions that have a "struct tm" parameter.
      Fix a minor typo.

Mike Evans (6):
      Use correct column for entry date.
      Correct a typo.
      Change from deprecated gncEntrySetDate to gncEntrySetDateGDate.
      Revert "Change from deprecated gncEntrySetDate to gncEntrySetDateGDate."
      Change from deprecated gncEntrySetDate to gncEntrySetDateGDate.
      Bug 784317 - typo in 'import customers or vendors from text file' dialog

Ueli Niederer (3):
      Including the transaction text into the purpose text
      Added a preference to control import behaivour of transaction text
      Obey GNUcash coding style

christopherlam (1):
      Bug 776396 Further Fix

fell (2):
      Fix wrong displayed position of the verbose flag in gnc-fq-dump
      Add XSU to iso-4217-currencies

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