gnucash master: Multiple changes pushed

Geert Janssens gjanssens at
Sat Sep 16 16:41:56 EDT 2017

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commit 42aa734475ff358ae030c6d34e2b10a4a4d3e6d3
Author: Geert Janssens <geert at>
Date:   Sat Sep 16 21:20:16 2017 +0200

    Travis fixes
    - Remove trailing semicolons. They're not needed in shell scripts
    - Don't create default XDG_DATA_HOME (<HOME>/.local/share) the code
      should work equally well if that directory doesn't exist and so
      not creating it tests another part of the code

commit a8cccc00f31a3b657cd540843dbf590f684da2d7
Author: Geert Janssens <geert at>
Date:   Sat Sep 16 21:17:44 2017 +0200

    Minor tweaks to the userdata_dir logic
    - have gnc_validate_directory throw as well in case of a missing directory
      that it shouldn't create. This allows to remove 3 other throws
    - slightly adjust the error message in case of missing directory
    - never migrate when the final directory is a temporary (sub)directory

Summary of changes:
 libgnucash/core-utils/gnc-filepath-utils.cpp | 43 ++++++++++++----------------
 util/ci/arch-testscript                      | 10 +++----
 util/ci/commonbuild                          | 18 ++++++------
 util/ci/ubuntu-14.04-testscript              |  2 +-
 4 files changed, 33 insertions(+), 40 deletions(-)

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