gnucash: New Branch '2.7.0'

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Sat Sep 16 21:20:01 EDT 2017

        at (tag)
   tagging  0004a44f5f188d910cf7ab155ed1f0ce7fa1949a (commit)
  replaces  2.6.17b
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Sat Sep 16 18:19:44 2017 -0700

Release 2.7.0

Alex Aycinena (17):
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Book-Currency Feature step 1
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Book-Currency Feature step 2
      Book-Currency Feature Step 3
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Book-Currency Feature step 4
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge maint. The gnc_gui_refresh_all statement in gnc_book_options_dialog_apply_cb causes the 'apply' and 'OK' buttons to be set to sensitive on the open Book Options dialog in some circumstances; this commit causes them to be reset to insensitive, as they should be.
      Remove semi-colon accidently left in prior commit.
      Merge maint.
      Book-Currency Feature step 5
      Book-Currency Feature step 6
      Fix error of incorrect argument passed to gnc_commodity_new.
      Revert changes to test-gnc-ui-util.c until I can get my system to test them.
      Change test-gnc-ui-util.c and test-option-util.cpp so that test-app-utils passes during make check.
      Revert visible changes to File->Properties for Book Currency from master in order to do further work in feature branch.

Amm (1):
      Add sale and tax columns

Benjamin Melançon (1):
      Update README to refer to Git rather than SVN

Bob-IT (1):

Carsten Rinke (7):
      Bug 726535 - Budget BarChart Report - add option to change to a line chart
      introduce new stylesheet Head-or-Tail
      Bug 731589 - Add account level selection on accounts option tab
      Bug728692 - Time bound on the Budget Barchart report
      Bug763257 - add line charts to Income/Expense/Asset/Liability reports
      Bug763257 - add line charts to Income/Expense/Asset/Liability reports
      Bug763257 - update Budget Line Chart to only send ISO formated date strings to jqplot

Christian Stimming (18):
      CMake: Remove removed file from cmake, so that it compiles fine again.
      CMake: Update build system to build again.
      Gtkmm wrappers: Adapt to setting qof_instance_set_dirty as private functions.
      Add some initial aqbanking test with example file that should demonstrate the hbci template kvp problem.
      Make aqbanking kvp test really working.
      Get the Aqbanking transfer action to work again: Revert part of 7faed6540162ccd1fe.
      Aqbanking transfer: Make IBAN and BIC text entry fields filter digits or alphas correctly as needed.
      Add failing unittest for aqbanking lookup of trans_retrieval date.
      Fix aqbanking handling of transaction templates.
      Aqbanking online SEPA transfer: Allow transfers without BIC, only IBAN. Also add IBAN checking.
      Aqbanking: Add display of aqbanking subaccountid in initial correspondence setup
      Update CMakeLists after recent file addition
      Update cmake build system with recent file additions.
      Bug 747377: Fix overly restrictive input validation for IBAN of SEPA transfer.
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Bug #752822: Fix typos in translatable strings
      Bug 764268 - MT940 import select account based on transaction info
      Get cutecash to compile/link again.

Christoph Holtermann (21):
      no instance necessary anymore
      Some adjustments, new IPython version
      Some adjustments, new IPython version
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Create invoices from templates with jinja2
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
      Invoice.tex is to be created not to be on github
      Querying and listing all invoices now possible
      This question has been solved
      locale formatting added
      Invoice templates
      polishing the template
      small fixes for doxygen
      Doxygen doc extended for python invoice export
      Some doc for includes
      Additional doxygen doc
      Change to query for all invoices
      Small doc changes
      Small corrections (py invoice template, doxygen)
      Correction to Doxygen in

Christoph Rohland (3):
      Let taxinvoice optionally show the net instead of the given price
      Fix taxinvoice for bill entries with taxes
      Fix logic error for discounts

Daniel (3):
      L10N: DE, fix bug #787226: Bill ID / Billing ID swapped.
      L10N: DE, automatic "make pot" changes.
      L10N: DE, some small corrections.

Daniel Kraft (4):
      Replace for-each by tail recursion.
      Define build-report! function instead of loop.
      Add piechart report grouping by commodity.
      Fix progress reporting for securities piechart.

Dmitry Pavlov (1):
      Implemented ranged report generation. User can build budget report on selected periods instead on all of them. Not included periods can be "folded" as a columns with summed values. To support report settings saving and range 'types' can be used instead of exact period numbers

Frank H. Ellenberger (10):
      Bug 684719 - Man pages for gnc-fq-* perl scripts
      Allow GUILE1_PROGS as m4 name
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Update of de.po -still 530 + 53 to review
      Update of de.po: 351 +50 remaining
      Update of de.po: 152 + 38 remaining
      Add ChangeLog.2013 to dist_doc_DATA
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'

Geert Janssens (417):
      Periodic merge of branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Revert "Fix bad qof_instance crash in dialog-payments"
      Revert "Fix typo in test-engine-kvp-properties."
      Revert "Merge branch 'private-kvp'"
      Merge branch 'private-kvp' into master again
      Fixes necessary to marry private-kvp branch with c++ work
      Reapply "Fix typo in test-engine-kvp-properties."
      Reapply "Fix bad qof_instance crash in dialog-payments"
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Fix sign for credit notes on owner report
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Rename xaccAccountGetNrSplits to xaccAccountCountSplits for api consistency
      Merge branch 'maint' into master
      More '\0' -> NULL replacements to avoid clang warnings
      Disable non-literal-null-conversion warning issued by clang
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Improve messages in account hierarchy assistant.
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Bug 689489 - Be able to show file location
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Fix distcheck after introduction of new stylesheet
      Use consistent sorting in
      Fix distcheck after introduction of finance quote man pages
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Bug 695610 - GnuCash Tax Invoice for Australia
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Periodic merge of branch 'maint'
      Fix head-or-tail stylesheet after guile2 compile changes
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Fix guile 2 precompilation of German tax report
      Yet another guile 2 precompile fix of the German tax report
      Periodic merge of branch 'maint'
      New business report for printing receipts
      Move code to open report options dialog from guile to C
      Bug 741810 - Compilation fails because of creating .gnucash
      Periodic merge of branch 'maint'
      Fix make distcheck
      One more nodist_ fix in qof
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Fix small spelling error
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Remove superfluous sort that slipped in via the last merge from maint
      Bug 122895 - general ledger should be named journal
      Bug 737171 - After account creation wizard and saving, empty account window is shown
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Fix missing parameter in fancy date option definition
      Introduce new function to query fancy date format
      Bug 645786 - Fancy invoice report still doesn't use fancy date format preference
      Drop 'Today Date Format' option from business reports
      Drop some unused parameters from business reports
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Minor debug message fixup
      Partially revert 'Drop some unused parameters from business reports'
      Small wording improvements to the gnucash command line options
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Bug 608098 - Option is hard to find: Change Transaction Report to show account names in multirow txn
      Transaction report - reduce magic constant use
      Bug 608098 - Option is hard to find: Change Transaction Report to show account names in multirow txn
      Bug 756373 - Typos in Transaction Rpt options mouse-over text
      Rephrase some comments (to help an outsider to better understand what's happening)
      Avoid code duplication
      Set num_accounts upfront for ordinary register exports
      Fix compiler warning
      Slight logic cleanup in previous commit
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Fix engine tests after maint merge
      Fix travis config for master
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Fix csv-imp test for master branch
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Bug 760107 - Change default date completion to sliding window
      Fix critical warning introduced in f5a7aeca7913
      Fix counter format resetting in a private kvp compatible way
      Fix leaking of ICU's c++ interface through libxml on some platforms
      Avoid variable redefined errors for _FORTIFY_SOURCE
      Bug763257 - add line charts to Income/Expense/Asset/Liability reports
      Restore proper formatting on the linechart highlighter
      Bug 639401 - Invoices Due Reminder
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Fix hard-coded reference to saved-reports-x.y file
      Fix double registration of backends
      Drop DOCTYPE header altogether.
      Add code to keep the chart dynamically resizable when exported
      Fix signedness of certain gmock based tests
      Enable google test on travis
      Travis - skip testing on trunk branch
      Travis - lock google test framework to 1.8.0 for reproducible tests
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Drop with_html_engine option
      Fix duplicate widget names in gtkbuilder file
      Always use actual window size when calculating x-axis ticks for charts
      Log javascript console messages to the trace file
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Revert "Change report resizing when not in view"
      Revert "Add call back to track page size changes"
      Drop callback that reloads report when a report tab is selected
      Fake change to test mail script on
      Make google test framework a mandatory build dependency
      Fix building gtest library on mingw
      Optionally locate boost via environment variable BOOST_ROOT
      Fix cmake's gmock handling to work with Fedora packages
      One more stab at properly discovering gtest/gmock
      Yet another tweak to properly find GMOCK sources
      Small amendements to gnc-csv-account-map
      Internalize parts of the goffice code
      Fix build issues with goffice imported sources
      Use internalized goffice parts in csv-import
      Look for translatable strings in lib directory as well
      Whitespace and spelling corrections
      Introduce base class for parsing importable files
      Add csv file parser based on boost::tokenize
      Add fixed width file parser based on boost::tokenize
      Add functions to manipulate fixed width column positions
      Add dummy tokenizer to be used when file format isn't known yet
      csv-imp - copy gnc-csv-model and make it build as c++
      Convert GncCsvParseData into a class
      Use vector instead of GArray for column_types class member
      Replace stf based file parser with gnc-tokenizer based one
      Convert error_lines GList in a vector of strings
      Redo parse_date function using boost regular expressions
      Revert to boost.regex without ICU support
      Use more C++11 features
      C++11 Convert unscoped enum into scoped one
      C++ - use std::pair to store tokenized line together with its error message
      Small local variable cleanups
      Introduce parse error state
      Build assistant-csv-trans-import.c(pp) as c++
      Refactor csv assistant code to use GncCsvParseData class instead of gnc-csv-model code
      Adapt assistant for c++ guid changes
      Convert column type to name mapping into a std::map
      csv-imp - use enum instead of strings to track user selected column types
      Prevent c++ name mangling on functions used as callbacks by gtk
      Add some polish to csv_import_trans_file_chooser_confirm_cb
      Remove fake csv parsing test
      Replace private data structure TransPropertyList with a std::map
      Refactor TransProperty stuff to a simple void*
      Fix memory corruption bug
      Reduce code duplication by reusing trans_add_split
      Fix memory management for the temporary trans properties
      Delay the test for a default account until it's needed
      Another round of small c to c++(11) conversions
      Replace transactions GList with a std::multimap
      Trim whitespace in case of fixed width input
      Add test cases for tokenizer classes
      Drop fake test in fw tokenizer
      Some changes to adhere better to the gnucash coding guidelines
      Use one common liststore for all the combocells in the preview header treeview
      Rearrange statements in gnc_csv_preview_update_assist
      Return nullptr in case of invalid numeric field to allow proper error handling
      Readd a column for the error messages when reviewing parse errors
      Prevent crash when switching to fixed with in assistant
      Fix column sizing for fixed width data
      Use consistent name for importer class and its filename
      Migrate the glib based test case for GncTxImport to google-test
      Use gnc-date functions while parsing date strings for consistent timezone handling
      Various small C++ and other cleanups
      Throw in case date can't be parsed instead of returning -1 as date
      Replace GError usage in file_format and load_file with proper try catch blocks
      Replace GError usage in parse function with proper try catch blocks
      Drop remaining GError boilerplate from the c++ importer
      Drop unused parameter
      Factor out balance calculating function
      Refactor pair into a tuple in preparation of extending it
      Add property structs for transaction vs split properties
      Refactor parse_to_trans into smaller functions
      Rework the intermediate properties storage
      Cleanup commit
      Fix memory leaks in the draft transactions object
      Rework csv import preview with additional cleanups
      Introduce multi-split imports in the csv importer
      Fix error handling in the multi-split case (and probaly in the other case as well)
      Remove final dependencies on GOFFICE
      Convert CsvTransSettings into a c++ class
      Use std::vector to store column types, and a few other data type changes
      Drop superfluous code that sets the default in case of an error.
      Convert column_widths to a vector
      csv import prefs - store coltypes as strings
      Avoid assigning empty or null char*'s to a std::string
      Extend csv importer to be able to import split action fields
      Create trans/split props only when needed and have them keep their own value of date/currency format
      Defer testing boost:optionals until really needed
      Add additional check before creating splits or transactions
      Extend csv importer to be able to import reconcile states
      Extend csv importer to be able to import voided transactions
      Extend csv importer to be able to import multi-currency and stock transactions
      Adapt csv export format to new csv importer capabilities
      Drop balance column from csv importer
      Allow user to only select column_types that make sense in the current context
      Drop fixed-format csv importer
      Revisit csv trans import settings handling
      Remove redundant check for valid column types
      Make sure row coloring happens each time the preview is updated
      Some variable declaration cleanups
      Add account selector to the preview window
      Move the base account selection to the preview page
      Revisit error checking on the preview page.
      Revisit csv settings
      Cleanup round
      Cleanup round - move functions up and down to group related ones
      Remove redundant code
      Move account searching to GncTxImport as it's responsible for the data
      Complete error checking on the preview page
      Handle error skipping on the preview page as well and drop the custom page forwarder
      Convert assistant struct into a real c++ class
      Use std::unique_ptr for the TxImport object for better memory management
      Consistently use gnucash dialogs instead of generic gtk ones
      Isolate the gtk callbacks from the assistant class' member variables.
      Make sure all lines are checked for errors, regardless of their skipped status
      Add a reset member function to GncPreTrans and GncPreSplit
      Copyright updates
      Move column parsing earlier up the chain of events
      Prevent the user from setting an invalid settings name
      Use GncRational directly instead of gnc_numeric in gnc-trans-props
      Improve preview table handling
      Improve visual feedback when previewing importable data
      Fix settings loading and saving
      Fix crash when adding columns by double-clicking the preview data
      Trim newlines from csv data
      Remove some obsolete comments and commented out code
      Include glib.h as everywhere else
      Prevent multi-byte characters from erroneously being split in fixed-width mode
      Recover separators or column_widths when juggling file format more than once
      Fix base account reset when an account column is selected
      Cleanup - use less ambiguous variable name for an iterator
      Some ui refinement
      Properly test for invalid dates (gnc-date C interface no longer throws - rightfully so)
      Use boost::locale:conv:utf_to_uft instead of codecvt_utf8
      Merge branch 'csv_imp_cpp'
      Fix gnc-numeric locale test on travis
      Fix typo in GcnRational's + operator
      Csv Import - Use GncNumeric rather than GncRational
      Remove redundant gtk_widget_show_all call
      Make older compilers happy by using std::isnan instead of isnan
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Csv Import - Fix doxygen comment
      Csv Import - drop another reference to the no longer used lib/stf
      Fixup last commit
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Raise minimum required version of glib-2.0 to 2.40
      Handle deprecation of g_settings_list_keys in gio 2.46
      Fix a couple of other deprecated symbols (gtk/gdk 2.x still)
      Add missing macros
      Whitespace cosmetics
      Convert gnc-header from GnomeCanvas to GtkLayout
      Replace all other uses of GnomeCanvas with standard gtk widgets
      Use cairo to redraw the grid widget
      Refactor divider line drawing some more to reduce duplicate code
      Reduce grid object from a complete widget to only two utility functions
      Rework gnucash-cursor
      Reduce the cursor from a full widget to a simple gobject that tracks cursor coordinates
      Create specialized popup items their respective source files
      Fix crash in previously unreached code
      Fix hidden scrollbars for itemlist type popup
      Rework GncItemEdit widget
      Restore pasting in the item_edit
      Extract the GnucashRegister widget into a separate file
      ItemEdit - drop unused function
      Fix two critical GObject warnings
      GnucashSheet - fix screen refresh
      GnucashSheet - drop unused variables
      Switch to building with the gtk+-3.0 toolkit
      Gtk3: GtkObject has been removed
      Gtk3: Fix cursor handling
      Gtk3: use CSS style instead of old GtkStyle interface
      Gtk3: adapt to changed callback function signature
      Gtk3: Fix the remaining gtk direct access violations
      Gtk3: replace expose_event size_request functions
      Gtk3: Convert GdkColor into GdkRGBA
      Gtk3: fix direct access issue for entry widget in cell renderer mode
      Temporarily disable deprecation warnings
      Gtk3: Replace obsolete functions
      Fix build with webkitgtk >= 2.8
      Gtk3: Fix register not being drawn - item_edit still missing
      Gtk3: fix register redrawing when the window is scrolled
      Gtk3: fix failing item-edit widget on sheets
      Swap GncDate and GncDateTime in preparation of a future commit
      Add GncDateTime constructor taking a GncDate as parameter
      Fix static code checker warnings about parameter definition in doxygen comments
      Fix autotools based build
      Align cmake rational/numeric test invocation with Makefile based one
      Various small fixups in csv importer
      Add constructor to create GncDate from string and predefined date format
      Fix double free abort in gtest-gnc-datetime.cpp
      Fix John's remarks
      Align day end time as used in the GncDateTime constructor and gnc_dmy2timespec_end
      Convert gnc_dmy2timespec{,_end,_neutral} to use the equivalent GncDateTime constructor
      Add comparison operators for GncDate
      Add copy constructor and assignment operator to GncDate
      Use GncDate in csv importer
      Document supported date formats in the saved csv settings
      Properly handle import of reconcile state.
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Stop writing commodity namespaces to xml files in gnucash 1.8 compatible way
      Fix commodity namespace tests
      Merge branch 'fix-win-compile' of
      Merge branch 'gtk3'
      A few cleanups from the previous merge commit
      Travis - install libgtk-3-dev and libwebkit2gtk-3.0-dev before building
      Fix build with cmake > 3.5
      Rework our icon management
      Add icons in the proper directory
      Rework icon cache loading
      Add CMakeLists.txt files to dist tarball generated by autotools
      Fix a couple of double EXTRA_DIST declarations from the previous commit
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Align master-only dist files between cmake and autotools
      Merge branch 'dist-alignment'
      Fix cmake's build as installed
      Merge branch 'master' of
      Tweak cmake/autotools so they produce the same output for
      Merge branch 'gtk3-update4' of
      Update ChangeLog
      Merge business ledger into ledger-core
      Remove references to long obsolete source directories
      Move business-gnome subdirectory to higher level
      Move auxiliary business files to gnome directory
      Integrate gnome-business into gnome
      Remove the gncmod boilerplate from standard-reports and utility-reports
      Fix source file dependency on config.h in engine
      Fix cmake based sqlite3 test when run twice in a row
      Move core-utils files with depedencies on qof to engine
      Fix ambiguity in Dutch translation of the gnucash description
      Merge qof directory into engine
      Make all backend loading use the same build environment module path resolution
      Drop gtk dependency from app-utils
      Drop the cutecash experiment and the gtkmm optional bindings
      Move global definitions to toplevel CMakeLists.txt
      Restructure the src directory
      Move accounts, checks and pixmaps into a data directory
      Cleanup some more obscure references to no longer existing 'src' directory
      Add conditional source files to dist tarball
      Drop packaging directory
      Update .gitignore to handle all the renamed directories
      Eliminate the separate bin directory
      Eliminate plugins directory
      Merge branch 'reorganize-source-dirs'
      Keep the test modules from gnc-module outside of the normal GNC_MODULE_PATH
      Fix a number of test mismatches between cmake and autotools
      Use another way to fix backend loading on OS X
      Add as many values as there are fields in the list
      Improve a comment
      Win32: drop goffice directory from path
      Rename directory for code from external projects
      Minor cleanupus in .gitignore
      Fix missing Find... functionality
      Fix cmake run on Ubuntu 16.04 (and possibly other distros)
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Build test-import-pending-matches as c++
      Merge branch 'patch-3' of into maint
      Hide Account Substring option
      Hide Account Substring option
      Fully enable the new Account Substring option on the transaction report
      Rewrite several file path routines to use boost::filesystem
      Use platform dependent locations for gnucash user's data (gnc_userdata_home)
      Check GNC_DATA_HOME environment to override default userdata location.
      Mention GNC_DATA_HOME and AQBANKING_HOME in the environment file.
      Extend environment file parsing to also parse environment.local
      Merge branch 'prices-out2' of
      Merge branch 'gtk3-update5' of
      Detail what is meant with a dark theme
      Merge branch 'kvpvaltostring' of
      Set the same minimum required gtk version for cmake and autotools
      Fix FIND_PROGRAM invocation for guile
      Use boost::filesystem's built-in conversion between character encodings.
      Set up a build matrix on Travis CI
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Have Travis print out build logs in case of test failures
      Fix deliberate test failure on previous commit
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Only build aqbanking when requested
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Convert boost::filesystem path strings to utf8.
      Amend previous commit
      Windows: check permissions actually used on the platform
      Fix gnc-rational test on Windows
      Fix gtest-gnc-timezone test on Windows
      Ajust the GUILE_COMPILE_PATH such that it also works on Windows
      Merge branch '' of into maint
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Temporarily disable python-bindings as it's currently failing
      Re-enable python-bindings test this time with a fully corrected python path
      Merge branch 'trav' of
      Merge branch 'fix_cmake_ofx_dep' of
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Apply python binding changes to correct file
      Bug 647805 - Interdependent report options fail to change state after using apply for a limited number of times
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'new-gst-report' of
      Update python bindings to use PyGI and Gtk3
      Revert "Merge branch 'new-gst-report' of"
      Also undo the changes to
      Disable creating a user_data_dir in the test environment
      Improve a few comments.
      Minor tweaks to the userdata_dir logic
      Travis fixes

Guido Falsi (1):
      Fix a typo in a comment, and indentition of if conditional content.

Guy Taylor (2):
      Enable Python tests in Travis CI
      Fix coredump in Python when using "get_namespaces"

Herbert Muehlenberurger (1):
      Fix typo in test-engine-kvp-properties.

Jethro Beekman (1):
      Bug 733186 - [PATCH] Extend account tree view search function

John Ralls (687):
      Provide for easily moving GValues to and from KVP
      Make most QofInstance functions private.
      Wrap g_object_get/set with qof_instance_get/set
      Remove unused functions.
      Move the capital gains account creation from cap-gains.c to Account.c
      Remove convenience functions which return a pointer to kvm_data.
      Add Account property "lot-next-id"
      Add Transaction property "invoice"
      Add properties "invoice", "owner-type", and "owner-guid"
      Add xaccTransCopyNoKvm
      Replace xaccSplitCopy with xaccSplitCopyNoKvp and xaccSplitCopyKvp
      Remove kvp-data as a QofInstance object property
      New Split properties sx-account, sx-credit-formula, sx-debit-formula
      Move features hash creation to QofBook
      Remove QofBook functions qof_book_get_slots & qof_book_kvp_changed
      Use online-id properties of Account, Transaction, & Split
      Transfer the account-matching functions from import-export to Account
      Add kvp properties sx-credit-numeric, sx-debit-numeric, ax-shares, and online-id to Split.
      Add several kvp properties to Account
      Add Transaction kvp properties from-sched-xaction, online-id.
      Add GncOwner kvp properties
      Replace usage of SX kvp access with SX properties.
      Replace Import KVP access with properties.
      Replace business kvp access with properties.
      Remove QofBook KVP access for several options
      replace qof_book_kvp_changed with qof_instance_set_dirty
      Contain getting slots for gnc_options_db inside QofBook
      Add a call to $TESTS_ENVIRONMENT in tests:
      Assert on entry to qof_instance_set() if editlevel is 0
      Update dependencies and versions
      Ensure that all qof_instance_get target variables are initialized
      Fix a qof_instance_set call outside of an edit.
      Fix SX value calculation.
      Fix Application Menu Preferences Item
      Move edit level assert to persistent class set_property functions.
      Fake edit level for tests and SQL backend.
      Set revision on master branch to 2.6.99
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Remove unused partial book handling.
      Compile LibQOF as C++
      Merge branch 'c++-build'
      Bug 729001 - Work around warnings invalid for C++
      C++: Fix compiler warnings from gcc-4.7 on Fedora 18
      Revert addition of lprofiler
      C++ Windows fixes.
      C++: Rename files to be compiled as C++ to foo.cpp
      Convert capital gains kvp access to properties on Split.
      Replace direct kvp access with qof_book_save_options.
      Merge branch 'private-kvp'
      Better test for conflict between optimization and FORTIFY_SOURCE
      Fix bad qof_instance crash in dialog-payments
      Replace glib 2.34-or-later g_list_copy_deep
      Allow building for mac integration with gcc-4.8
      A truly ancient bug, discovered with an Xcode-5.1 compiler warning.
      Fix reaches end of function error
      Check for C++11 support, fail if it's not there.
      Add dependency on Boost.
      Add optional use of Google Profiler.
      Don't override CFLAGS, CPPFLAGS, etc.
      Better test for conflict between optimization and FORTIFY_SOURCE
      Disable C++11 deprecation warning for register storage class
      Allow C/C++ extensions
      Add Boost requirement to CMake.
      Merge branch 'c++-build'
      Don't try to use -Wno-deprecated-register with Clang.
      Replace clang check with ax_check_compile_flags for -Wno-deprecated-register
      Fix typo from 859866a.
      Replace '\0' with NULL as char* argument, avoiding warning.
      Revert unintended restoration of AC_MSG_RESULT.
      Lower Boost minimum version to 1.48.0 per user request.
      Really make it 1.48 instead of 1.49.
      Fix a couple of minor issues noticed by Robert Frewell.
      Replace built-in md5 hashing with GChecksum
      Add gnc-date.cpp to
      Merge branch 'guidcpp' of
      Two minor tweaks to pass make check.
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Add gnc-date.cpp to
      Merge branch 'guidcpp'
      Fix problem with gcc-4.9 failing to compile gfec.c.
      Use perl instead of grep to scan POTFILES.ignore and POTFILES.skip
      Add *.cpp to the search pattern for files to translate.
      Remove a bunch of no-longer-existing files from POTFILES.skip. resulting from previous make-gnucash-potfiles changes.
      Prevent assigning capital gains splits to lots.
      Divide the value by the rate to get the amount.
      Balance ENTER with a LEAVE for all exit points.
      Fix build on OSX, which doesn't allow linking shared modules.
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Fix bad getter for account-trans-retrieval
      Fix the underlying non-literal-null-conversion instead of suppressing
      Update gnucash-design.texi for removing old kvp_value macro.
      Fix implicit declaration error (function is private).
      Fix a couple of build-breakages on Debian.
      Fix missed file in fabbfdb0.
      Add Google Test and Google Mock
      Modify gtest/gmock tests to work around demented test implementation in Debian
      Build glib gtester based tests under check_PROGRAMS, run under TESTS
      Fix stray left-over line which prevented most of the engine tests from running.
      Implement copy and move operator= and move constructor for KvpValueImpl
      Fix gperformance-tools setup and apply it to src/engine/tests.
      More realistic get_random_gnc_numeric()
      Begin QofInt128 class.
      Implement operator*= for QofInt128
      Add zero and abs functions to QofInt128.
      Add increment, decrement, and shift-eauals operators to QofInt128.
      Operators /= and %= plus function div() for QofInt128.
      Some more constructors, for convenience.
      Add bitwise operators and binary operators.
      Extract a class function bits() to return a size value.
      Check for incoming overflow and NaN on all class computational operators.
      Fix mask error in operator<<= and operator>>=
      Implement QofInt128::gcd and lcm.
      Implement QofInt128.pow.
      Ensure that the sign is correctly preserved and transferred.
      Assert that the quotient and remainder references aren't this.
      Lose the value returns for various reasons of inequality.
      Reimplement gnc_numeric with QofInt128
      A better, clearer approach to constraining random gnc_numerics
      Ensure numeric errors aren't stored in split amounts or values.
      Prevent overflow.
      Ensure random numeric denominator is the account SCU when creating splits.
      More overflow-avoidance.
      Disable rescaling big GncNumerics when there is a pre-calculated auto denom.
      Remove qofmath128, replaced by qofint128.
      Rename GncNumeric to GncRational and move to its own files.
      Move arithmetic functions into C++ implementation.
      Rename QofInt128 to GncInt128.
      Merge branch 'c++-numeric'
      C++-numeric: Fix up some 64-bit and GCC problems.
      Fix build on older versions of gcc
      Bug 738477 - WebKit is broken on Win32.
      Fix Guile-2.0 precompilation.
      Revert "Fix Guile-2.0 precompilation."
      Reapply fix of Guile precompilation without unwanted change in gnc-numeric.c.
      Guile precompilation: One more missing library-dir.
      Fix the *.win32-bin.txt and downloaded.mt940 attributes.
      Guile compilation: One missed CLEANFILES.
      More Guile compilation library links, needed in master but not maint.
      Fix up test makefiles to provide linkage paths for Guile2.
      Except latest Apple clang from long-form error messages.
      Make the gtest section fail properly when presented with the broken Fedora installation of gtest.
      Work around bug in some versions of gtest which error out on EXPECT_EQ (false, foo).
      Don't use uint as an alias for unsigned int.
      Merge branch 'maint'
      More uint fixes.
      MinGW needs cstdio included to find sprintf.
      Ubuntu 14.04's C++ already defines these, so guard them.
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Fix failure to load SX formulas, probably among other things.
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Fix a couple of string leaks.
      Clean out a couple of unused variables left over from direct KVP.
      Change comment to reflect kvp->properties.
      Remove deleted file qofmath128.c from EXTRA_DIST.
      Consolidate gtest tests in libqof/qof/test/
      Minor fixups for tests in Windows.
      Make string lengths equal in test print of time zone name.
      Fix __func__ workaround for Clang 3.5.
      Restore nodist_test_kvp_value_SOURCES inadvertently removed in 97a689a.
      Adjust gtest config & make for shared library use.
      More dithering with Clang error messages.
      Update status on automake bug 13928.
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Remove utterly obsolete and useless TODO.
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Basic tests for TimeZoneProvider.
      Windows implementation of TimeZoneProvider.
      Partial posix implementation
      Implement TimezoneProvider for POSIX.
      Make TimeZoneProvider::get const noexcept.
      Restore GLIB_CFLAGS to test_kvp_value, required for GVALUE stuff.
      Rewrite gnc_gdate_set_time64 to not depend upon GDateTime.
      Replace GDateTime dependency with boost::date_time.
      Start fixing up test-gnc-date.c for boost::date_time.
      Correct gncBillTerm's use of gnc_date_get_last_mday() to use the struct_tm form of month.
      Correct week determination when computing DST transitions from timestamps.
      Separate the initial case so that it ends the year before the first transition.
      Miscellaneous corrections to pass tests.
      Fix missed change from PLATFORM_OSX to GNC_PLATFORM_OSX.
      Implement gnc_timegm correctly.
      Ensure that gnc_timespec_to_iso8601_buff's buff is initialized empty.
      Align GDate's month (1-12) with struct tm's (0-11).
      Boost::date_time uses "%q" to format timezones by offset.
      Ensure HH:MM:SS field separators are in place for timezone offsets
      Replace random uses of GDateTime.
      Reimplement gnc_timespec_to_iso8601_buff to handle microseconds.
      Get rid of gettimeofday call in Transaction.
      Remove gnc_time_utc.
      Correct a couple of incorrect comments.
      Rewrite test-gnc-date.c to not use GDateTime for reference.
      Fix GCC type-deduction failure.
      Fix offset calculations for TZif2 files.
      Fix stray if and tab-indentation.
      Fix test-aqb timestamp so that it's 29 August in most timezones.
      Begin GncDate and GncDateTime classes.
      Update filename, copyright in comments for gnu-date.c
      Default constructors return the epoch.
      Add operator time64() to enable static_casting a GncDateTime.
      Implement struct tm constructor and cast, offset accessor.
      Implement formatted output.
      Add GncDate and GncDateTime constructors and accessors:
      Add gnc-datetime.cpp to the build.
      Include gnc-datetime.hpp in gnc-date.cpp.
      Do locality and gmtime with GncDateTime.
      gnc_mktime and gnc_timegm with GncDateTime.
      Remove extraneous try block.
      gnc_time to GncDateTime.
      Print functions to GncDateTime.
      Remove aliases and boost::date_time construction functions from gnc-date.
      Stop testing fractional seconds.
      Fix the string constructor to apply the timezone correctly.
      gnc_date_today from GncDate.
      Some gcc don't like having a struct ymd and a ymd() member function.
      Add BOOST_LDFLAGS so that libboost_date_time can be found in MinGW.
      Restore #include strptime.h, needed on MinGW.
      Replace 'using make_week_num' with a macro; gcc-4.8 can't do that kind of alias.
      Replace boost::posix_date::from_time_t().
      Adjust some tests for 64-bit.
      Merge branch 'boost-date'
      Remove gnc_gdate_range_check.
      Remove unused gnc_timezone function.
      Remove some noisy comments.
      Implement GncDate::format()
      Reimplement qof_date print functions with GncDate::format()
      Ensure we compile C for at least C99.
      Set gmock_root to gmock_src_path if the latter is detected.
      Merge branch 'boost-date'
      Link libgtest to test-kvp-value on Fedora.
      Catch out-of-range exception at beginning and end of TZFile on Fedora.
      Merge branch 'boost-date'
      Implement KVP_TYPE_BOOLEAN
      Provide qof_instance_copy_kvp, qof_instance_swap_kvp, and qof_instance_compare_kvp.
      Fix errant deletion of -I.
      Fix narrowing error with 32-bit time_t.
      Change minimum boost version to 1.55
      Better check for C++11 compile error in custom_time_zone.hpp
      Ensure BOOST_CPPFLAGS are included for boost test.
      Fix compile failures on latest version of MinGW.
      Force -std=c11 when compiling against GLib-2.44 or greater.
      Change gtkmacintegration-gtk2 include directory back to gtkmacintegration.
      Refine forcing C11 to handle case where AC_PROG_CC_C99 doesn't set -std=
      Remove stray quote that ate all the CFLAGS.
      src/app-utils/gfec.a requires _XOPEN_EXTENDED, defined by -std=gnu99.
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Change the Glib version test for C-standard to a compile check.
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Convert almost all Account KVP operations to use qof_instance_foo_kvp.
      Convert all Transaction KVP operations to use qof_instance_foo_kvp.
      Correct the kvpvalue type for lot-split in test_xaccSplitOtherSplit.
      Convert all Split kV operations to use qof_instance_foo_kvp().
      Provide qof_instance_has_kvp(); used for feature testing.
      Convert gnc-budget, gnc-lot, and gncJob to qof_instance_foo_kvp.
      Remove direct query of KVP.
      Move KVP_TYPE_BOOLEAN to the end of the enum.
      Rewrite the gnc_kvp_bag functions in qofinstance.
      Replace the lot-split and peer_guid properties with accessor functions.
      Replace Scrub2 direct KVP access with Split lot-guid accessors.
      Copy GHash/KVP functions from kvp-util to the one place they're used.
      Remove kvp-utils.
      Remove "FIXME" comments about KvpFrame in SX-ttinfo.c.
      Rename the hash-table functions so that they don't contain "kvp".
      Move initializing the GValue to the correct type to qof_instance_set_kvp.
      Provide qof_instance with functions to delete slots.
      Convert Scrub.c from using direct KVP to routing them through qof_instance.
      Make the instance const in qof_instance_get_kvp().
      Reimplement AQBanking template list in C++ and in libqof.
      Implement qof_instance_for_each_slot().
      Modify gnc_imap... functions to use KVP indirectly, provide unit tests.
      Reimplement gnc_template_register_get_debcred_entry.
      Fix formatting, line too long.
      Miscellaneous KVP cleanup in Engine.
      Miscellaneous KVP cleanup.
      Remove a couple of distracting comments about KVP.
      Use gnc:company-info instead of directly accessing the KVP in reports.
      Remove gnc:kvp-option-dialog, make gnc_make_kvp_options static.
      Abstract options handling to QofBook.
      Change gnc-slots-sql, sixtp-dom-generators, and sixtp-dom-parsers to C++.
      Pass QofInstance instead of KvpFrame to gnc_sql_slots_save.
      Cpp files in CMakelists.txt.
      Isolate direct KVP operations.
      Change io-gncxml-v2.c to C++.
      Remove the rest of the KVP direct-query functions.
      Remove the unused backend-configuration member and virtual setter/getters.
      Remove #include "kvp_frame.h" from qof.h and add it where it's legitimately used.
      XML Backend:Replace C KVP function calls with C++.
      Change the KVP string storage type from char* to const char*.
      Add path-vector get/set functions to KvpFrameImpl.
      Fix slash handling in keys.
      Convert gnc-slots-sql.cpp to use the Kvp C++ API.
      Convert kvp-scm to C++ and to using the KVP C++ API.
      Convert libqof kvp calls to C++.
      Convert tests to C++ and the KVP C++ API.
      Move the KVP_TYPE enum to kvp-value.hpp.
      Remove the KVP C API.
      Update doxygen config to use C++ files and drop obsolete commands.
      Document new KVP API in Doxygen, including relevant bits from src/docs/design.
      Bug 87652 - KVP modification does not change 'dirty' flag.
      Bug 120250 - KVP XML loader ignores '0' timestamps?
      Merge branch 'kvp-cleanup'
      Update CMakeLists.txt for some cpp files that got missed when they were changed or added.
      Fix broken python test, adding new C unit test to cover the break.
      Fix crash on attempting to load features from KVP if there aren't any.
      Clear the option slots the right way.
      Fix up double-frees or frees of unallocated objects in KVP.
      Document that KvpFrame and KvpValue take ownership of pointers passed to them.
      Fix extra comment close.
      Move libgtest.a arg from Makefile to configure, add -pthread flag.
      Guard against multiple typedefs of KvpFrame and KvpValue.
      Fix up Win32 Build.
      Remove patch file inadvertently added to repo.
      Fix generation of extra frames in book features.
      Don't make anonymous frames from leading or trailing '/' in keys.
      One more empty check when handling trailing '/' in a KVP key.
      Windows: Get default timezone if there's no default key.
      Fix timezone exceptions on Windows XP.
      More fiddling with gtest linkage.
      Remove gmtime_r and localtime_r from lib/libc. They're no longer used.
      Fix Windows crash when the TZ has no Daylight time.
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Correct implementation of gnc_numeric_invert() for GncRational.
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Fix distcheck.
      Update for new date/time files.
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Implement gnc_numeric_invert via GncRational::invert.
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Handle currencies with one-directional quotes and quotes < 1 in F::Q.
      Invert the F::Q price if there's already one in the other direction.
      Recognize and handle reversed price quotes from gnc-fq-helper.
      Remove the preference for storing prices relative to the base currency.
      Doxygenate GncPriceDB and document explicitly which functions are bidirectional.
      Tests for GNCPriceDB. They fail until the next commit.
      Rewrite GNCPriceDB queries to check for prices in both directions.
      Provide new function gnc_price_invert.
      Handle reversed prices from gnc_pricedb_lookup*.
      Replace tortured attempt to implement indirect amount-value conversion.
      Replace unnecessary indirection in calling gnc_pricedb_convert_balance...
      Merge branch 'big-prices'
      Templatize the GncInt128 constructors.
      Replace Math128 with GncInt128, add GncRational to Doxygen docs.
      Convert SQL & DBI backends to compile as C++.
      Convert XML Backend to compile as C++.
      Silence deprecation warnings.
      Cast around unsigned-signed comparison warning.
      Update CMakefile.txt for c->c++ change in backends.
      C++ work-arounds for mingw standard C headers applying __STRICT_ANSI__ to POSIX functions.
      Fix compilation error in src/backend/xml/test/test-file-stuff.cpp
      Fix libdbi-0.9 crash on shutdown.
      Restore price source_name list compatibility with PriceSource enum.
      Fix C++-style cast in a C file. Oops.
      Merge branch 'cmake'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Fix xml date failure do to nanoseconds conversion overwriting valid seconds.
      Remove the src/experimental directory for being hopelessly obsolete and probably useless.
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Remove libboost_date_time dependency from libgnc-qof.
      Fully identify the boost header that needs to be fixed for C++11 compilation.
      Fix some compilers not considering plain enums as namespaces.
      Replace %ld and cast of gint64 to long with G_GINT64_FORMAT and no cast.
      Add missing static declaration.
      Merge branch 'import-map-editor'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Remove extraneous debugging output.
      Add dialog-imap-editor to CMakeLists.txt.
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Link LICENSE to COPYING, don't install INSTALL.
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint' after 2.6.12 release.
      Restore some code removed in 8877f86 which left a variable uninitialized.
      Clean up more !g_strcmp0(foo, bar) == 0, which doesn't work.
      Delete dialog-print-check2.c which somehow managed to survive the last merge.
      Modify the changes from 139e3ea5 to accomodate private-KVP.
      Ensure that PRIi64 is defined in mingw.
      Fix some new errors raised by clang 703.0.29.
      Correct the interpretation of the void* passed to sqlite3_error_fn.
      Merge branch 'maint'
      regex_replace: construct std::string for third argument.
      GCC-4.8 hasn't implemented std::regex so use boost::regex instead.
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Fix up boost regex linkage issues on non-OSX platforms.
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Remove old static analysis markup from backend.
      Backends: astyle -xd -k1 -m0 -M60 -xL -xC79 -OHpUcZns4 --brackets=break
      Remove close hook list; not used.
      Fix misspellt BOOST_LDFLAGS.
      Remove throw from noexcept TimeZoneProvider::get().
      Add CPPFLAGS and LD_ADD to the date/time gtests.
      One line too far.
      Some minor fixups to resolve clang warning and errors from session-refactor.
      Merge branch 'session-refactor'
      Merge branch 'guid_header'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      MinGW doesn't support stoi, use atoi instead.
      Enable Google Tests under CMake.
      GCC-4.9 doesn't have the C++14 initializer list fix.
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Use the right value to determine if the zone has a daylight time.
      Fix wrong PWARN calling signature.
      Remove superflous use of std::stringstream.
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Fix crash and error decoding GDates returned as time64.
      Don't error out if select @@sql_mode is an empty string.
      Bug 769576 - Seg Fault on Editing Scheduled Transaction's Amount
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Adjust CMAKE_C_FLAGS for better release/debug behavior.
      Merge branch 'trans-assoc' from Bob Fewell.
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Fix several instances of wrong way to retrieve boolean from KVP.
      Check the TZ env variable before defaulting to /etc/localtime.
      See if setting TZ affects Travis tests.
      Fix crash from dereferencing nullptr when TZ isn't set.
      Handle TZ that's not a file name by opening /etc/localtime.
      gnu-timezone: Alias boost::local_time::posix_time_zone.
      Fix whitespace in function about to be extracted.
      gnc-timezone: Enable POSIX-style timezone strings on Unix systems.
      Fix test failure when in Spain.
      Bug 772382 - Date off-by-one after DST change
      Fix CSV importer to handle GMT + 13 Timezone (New Zealand Daylight Time).
      Merge convert GUID from inheriting boost::guid to composition.
      Fix free of non-malloced memory crash in SQL save slots.
      Replace qof_object_foo_backend with c++ native containers.
      Provide constructors for GncSqlColumnInfo, change variable names to m_ prefix.
      Change GncSqlColumnInfo::m_null_allowed to m_not_null and invert logic.
      Replace heap-allocate GncSqlColumnInfo GList with on-stack std::vector.
      Make GncSqlColumnTableEntry arrays into std::vectors.
      Combine add_colname_to_list and add_gvalue_to_slist into single function add_value_to_vec.
      Fix potential dereference error.
      Remove tabs from gnc-backend-sql*.
      Make GncSqlRow a class and replace GValues with typed transfer functions.
      Don't override an already-set QofBackend error.
      Reimplement row retrieval as an iterator on GncSqlResults.
      Create a new set_parameter template function to reduce repetition.
      Convert GncSqlStatement to a virtual class.
      Change the object type string defines to an enum.
      Move GncSqlColumnTypeHandler functions into GncSqlColumnTableEntry.
      Replace the ptr-to-func GncSqlObjectBackend struct with a class hierarchy.
      gnc-backend-dbi.cpp: NULL -> nullptr.
      Use a std::unique_ptr for GncSqlStatement for better memory management.
      Convert GncSqlConnection to a C++ class.
      Delete some no-longer (or in some cases never) used functions.
      Rename gnc-backend-dbi-priv.h to gnc-backend-dbi.hpp.
      Convert struct provider_functions_t into virtual class GncDbiProvider.
      Templatize QofDbiBackendProvider.
      Remove no-longer-needed gnc_table_slist_free.
      Remove unused/never implemented QofBackend functions.
      Delete unused or duplicated member variables from GncSqlBackend & GncDbiBackend.
      Move GncDbiSqlConnection into a separate file.
      Use the right include delineators, it's not in the current source dir.
      New function GncSqlConnection::dberror().
      Pass ownership of the dbi_conn to GncDbiSqlConnection.
      Minimally document GncDbiResult.
      Convert GncSqlBackend and GncDbiBackend into a class hierarchy.
      Make conn_table_operation and add_columns_ddl members of GncDbiSqlConnection.
      Replace std::vector<std::string> with StrVec.
      Replace GHashTable in GncSqlConnection with a std::vector.
      Rework gnc_sql_append_guid_list_to_sql to eliminate GString and GList.
      Remove some GList and GSList uses from tests.
      Remove a bunch of free functions already implemented as GncSqlBackend members.
      Convert upgrade_table to member, remove some convenience functions.
      Separate DBI classes into their own files.
      Abstract setting database string-value options to function set_options.
      Reformat adjust_sql_options a bit to reduce nesting.
      Get rid of gotos.
      Don't leak the quoted string returned from dbi_conn_quote_string_copy.
      Extract-function conn_test_dbi_library.
      Extract functions conn_setup and create_database.
      Make sure that all of the GncDbiProviderImpl functions are in the right file.
      Templatize the session_begin functions and new_backend().
      Change parameter of save_may_clobber_data from QofBackend to dbi_conn.
      Make gnc_lock_database a GncDbiSqlConnection member function.
      Make conn_setup and the error handler functions templates on DbType.
      Move creation of the provider to GncDbiSqlConnection's constructor.
      Combine Postgres and MySql gnc_dbi_session_begin into a single template.
      DBI: Convert all of the gchar to char, remove a few gratuitous g_funcs.
      Replace g_str functions in dbi_library_test with std::stringstream.
      Use GncDbiProvider::get_table_list instead of calling out to libdbi.
      Bug 769115 - db name isn't escaped well
      Fix passing std::string to PWARN.
      Fix two C++11 initializer list errors.
      Initialize a variable to appease travis-ci.
      Fix unsigned-signed comparison mismatch.
      Fix another initializer list error.
      Fix review comment errors.
      Interim merge of c++-backend to expose C++ interface.
      Allow PRId64 & PRIu64 to work on MingGW in gnc-backend-dbi.cpp.
      Distinguish variables of various backend types by naming.
      Separate SQL backend classes into their own header and source files.
      Replace C API with C++ API for functions used by GncSqlDbiBackend.
      New function GncDateTime::format_zulu(), makes time string in GMT.
      Replace GncSqlBackend::time64_to_string() with GncDateTime::format_zulu().
      Remove no-longer-necessary GncSqlBackend parameter.
      Fix DBI crash when URL lacks user and password.
      Remove unused duplicate source file.
      Move gnc_sql_do_db_operation and gnc_sql_object_is_it_in_db into GncSqlBackend.
      Move 3 utility functions from gnc-backend-sql to gnc-sql-column-table-entry.
      Remove gnc-backend-sql.h and gnc-backend-sql.cpp.
      Move gnc_sql_save_commodity to GncSqlBackend, with some restructuring.
      Replace GStrings with std::strings.
      Convert foo_needing_parents to std::vector and its loops to std::remove_if.
      Remove two unnecessary local variable declarations.
      Second interim merge of c++-backend.
      Fix Travis build errors.
      Fix bad time format.
      Sync with files added and removed by c++-backend.
      Remove std::move call that defeats RVO.
      Remove EXTRA_DIST reference to as-scrub-includes.m4.
      Add brackets around array instantion inside initializer list.
      Fix another missing include <algorithm>.
      Remove tabs from io-gncxml-v2.h.
      Change struct FileBackend to class XmlBackend and rename all variables.
      Extract class GncXmlBackend from gnc-backend-xml.cpp to gnu-xml-backend.cpp.
      Rename qofbackend-p.h and qofbackend.cpp
      Remove need for  gnc_dbi_safe_sync_all to be a friend of GncDbiSqlConnection.
      Convert QofBackend to a C++ class and the backend class hierarchy into C++.
      Third interim merge of 'c++-backend'
      Fix xml save crash.
      Stop saving all of the currencies in xml files.
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint' after release 2.6.15.
      Fix stray line from maint merge.
      Add note about setting GTEST cmake variables.
      Prevent leaking exceptions from gnc_dmy2timespec_neutral
      Fix test failures from adding bad-date tests.
      Display failing test-gnc-timezone.log for troubleshooting.
      Change last test in test-gnc-timezone to EXPECT_EQ so it will log the results.
      Fix local timezone-dependent test.
      Actually checkout gtest 1.8.0 in travis tests.
      Fix crash when $TZ isn’t defined.
      Make GncDate and GncDateTime default constructors have the current day/time.
      Ensure that all GncDate and GncDateTime constructors are in try blocks.
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Use the transactional member functions instead of running queries directly.
      Add SAVEPOINT support to enable nested gnc_dbi_transaction calls.
      Move begin_transaction in lock_database to include checking for the table…
      Make gnc_dbi_safe_sync_all safer.
      Fix failure to drop the temp numeric table at the end of dbi_library_test.
      Silence the no lock table warnings in test-backend-dbi.
      Add ICU libraries on which Boost:locale is dependent to CSV-Import LINK_LIBRARIES.
      Add explicit and correct default GncRational constructor.
      Add GTest test program for GncRational.
      Add an error parameter on the GncInt128 constructor.
      Reorder test parameters so that the expected value is first.
      Implement basic arithmetic operators for GncRational.
      Remove unused gnc_numeric_foo_with_error functions.
      Untabify gnu-numeric.cpp.
      Add guard macro to gnu-rational.hpp.
      Fix inverted subtraction.
      Add GncRational::reduce() and GncRational::round_to_numeric().
      Move test-numeric from src/engine to src/libqof/qof.
      Change signature of GncRational::round from taking a GncDenominator…
      Fix minor typos and whitespace issues.
      Declare GncInt128::div() const
      Fix GncInt128 shift operators when shift amount will clear a leg.
      Remove #ifdef __cplusplus from gnu-numeric.cpp
      Extract new class GncNumeric.
      Add GncRational(GncNumeric) constructor.
      Fix GncInt128 tests for older compilers.
      Add GncRational test for GncRational::round_to_numeric().
      Reimplement gnc_numeric in terms of GncNumeric instead of GncRational.
      Convert GncRational to throw instead of using a status byte.
      Replace GncInt128’s flags variable with bit-stuffing in the high leg.
      Make the rounding functions templates and move them to their own header.
      Change GncRational::round to GncRational::convert.
      Make the GncRational and GncNumeric APIs mostly identical.
      Remove a commented-out diagnostic.
      Fix indentation error.
      Add libgnc-qof to dependencies for test-numeric.
      Replace std::regex with boost::regex.
      Relax comparison test for GncRational::round_to_numeric
      Fix documentation errors.
      Fix Geert’s code review comments.
      Merge fetaure-branch 'numeric', provides GncNumeric C++ API.
      Prevent localizing the decimal point in gcc<5.
      Change 'uint' to 'uint32_t'.
      Require ICU.
      Fix missing fi in
      Adjust locale test so that it works on both Ubuntu and MacOS.
      Fix up building on MinGW with autotools.
      Fix query period in test-account-get-trans-type-splits-interval.
      Fix DST calculation error.
      Revert "Fix query period in test-account-get-trans-type-splits-interval."
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Use qof_instance_set/get instead of g_object_set/get.
      Bug 780845 - link in github repo README file needs correction/editing
      Add some tests looking for a GncInt128 divide overflow problem.
      Fix a magic number in GncInt128.
      Fix carrying to the wrong end of the lower leg in left shift.
      Fix GncInt128 maxbits to account for the flag bits.
      Better manage truncation in GncRational::round_to_numeric.
      Some instrumentation output for how much the numerator or denominator is shifted.
      Change GTest annotations to use the right class name for GncInt128 tests.
      Revert "Some instrumentation output..."
      Remove if-0-ed out code from gnc-html-webkit.c
      Correct gnc-html-webkit.c indentation.
      Revert "Fix query period in test-account-get-trans-type-splits-interval."
      Get WebKit2Gtk basics compiling and working.
      Get links working.
      Merge branch 'pr141'
      Work around googletest bug 920.
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Fix Travis Failure
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge CMake Distcheck from 'maint'.
      Don't warn about all of the deprecated Gtk functions we're using.
      Adjust for pixmap hierarchy change in 4aea4c5.
      Allow compilation with either Webkit2Gtk-4.0 or WebKit2Gtk-3.0.
      Adjustments to build on mingw-64.
      Add CMake files and .gitattributes to lf-only files.
      Fix ENDIF() parameter.
      [Mingw64] Set command variables correctly for Guile2 compilation.
      Replace use of CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH
      Set deprecated-declarations to no-error for WIN32 so that it will work with Guile2.
      Link libws32 to the DBI backend on MINGW64
      Win32 doesn't use the fake backend links, it just uses the regular dlls.
      Change the dll lookup directory when building with CMake on Win32.
      Disable Guile's GnuLib broken redefinition of 'close'.
      Include winsock2.h before windows.h to silence a compile warning.
      Use GStatBuf to match newer GLib API
      Check for package webkitgtk-3.0 (webkit1 API) on Windows.
      Conditionally build for Webkit1 on Win32 and Webkit2 everywhere else.
      Adjust autotools build for gnc-html-webkit changes.
      Enable AQBanking by default in CMake build.
      Merge Bob Fewell's Gtk3-Update2 branch.
      Prevent infinite loop in to_decimal if numerator becomes 0.
      Relax handling of bad numeric values in the DOM parser.
      Version-check some webkit properties.
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Remove obsolete throw specifications.
      Turn off GncAddSchemeTargets debugging messages.
      Merge Sumit Bhardway's 'gdate-day-buffer' fix for gcc-7.
      Detect and flag MinGW64
      [Mac] use gtk-mac-integration-gtk3 now that we're building with gtk3.
      Merge Bob Fewell's 'gtk3-update3' branch.
      Merge Guido Falsi's 'fix-typo-and-indent' branch.
      Check the right variable in the right version of gdk to test for a Mac build.
      Fix the most serious backend memory leaks.
      Fix time-string format in backend for GncDateTime(std::string).
      Fix mac looking in wrong directory for libgncmod-backend-dbi.dylib.
      Fix mac looking in wrong directory for libgncmod-backend-dbi.dylib.
      Fix typo, broke build on Mac.
      Fix load string KVP memory error.
      Revert "Fix mac looking in wrong directory for libgncmod-backend-dbi.dylib."
      Commit imap conversions once per account instead of per import map slot.
      Test features to see if they're already set before setting them.
      Parse date strings into a struct tm and construct GDateTime with that.
      Disable creating a date string to maybe use in a PINFO message.
      Use time64 GncDateTime constructor instead of struct tm constructor.
      Remove test for transaction set-date diagnostic message.
      Convert to libgwengui-gtk3
      Conditionally modify getpassword_cb to match new signature in gwenhywfar 4.7.99.
      Temporarily include building libgwengui-gtk3 in GnuCash.
      Build gwengui-gkt3 only if AQBanking is enabled.
      Move Win32 additions to engine_SOURCES to before first use.
      Fix type mismatch (ptr & int) in comparison.
      Remove references to special HTMLHELP directory.
      Fix poor error message on missing guile and make it fatal.
      Remove set target property on no-longer-extant gncmod-utility-reports target.
      Install the current, 2015, and 2016 ChangeLogs.
      Append to string the pre-cmake-3.4 way.
      Set -xobjective-c or -xobjective-c++ for Mac code depending compiler.
      Add include of Foundation framework for NSString and NSBundle.
      Add w_image.c to EXTRA_DIST.
      Link libgncmod-app-utils-python to libgncmod-app-utils.
      Fix tiny omission that didn't build standard-reports.go.
      Disable regeneration of
      Re-enable generation of
      Fix distribution pieces for gwenhywfar-gtk3.
      Fix some odd automake errors that show up only during a CMake ninja dist.
      Fix the actual cmake dist problem, missing macros.
      Fix python init errors.
      Fix test-userdata-dir on Mac.
      Fix the fix from mac for test-userdata-dir.c
      Release 2.7.0

Kristjan Onu (1):
      Correct Price Overview documentation typos

Kuang-che Wu (2):
      Fix import-export compile on windows
      Fix import-export compile on windows

Michalis Kamprianis (2):
      Bug 728136 - Rate in Job
      Bug 541541 - RFE: auto-hide unused accounts

Mike Alexander (61):
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Bug 729001: fix more build errors related to partial switch to C++.
      Bug 729001: Fix a minor typo affecting the profile option in the previous commit
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Update the XCode project for C++ changes
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint' into 'master'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Use guint64 instead of uint64_t with G_GUINT64_FORMAT to avoid warnings.
      Properly nest AC_MSG_CHECKING and AC_MSG_RESULT calls to avoid confusing output.
      Fix crash in gncOwnerGetOwnerFromLot due to clobbered stack variable.
      Use symbols to access lot owner type and owner GUID properties.
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Remove an AC_MSG_CHECKING/AC_MSG_RESULT that is redundant and confusing.
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Fix line endings in repository to match recent change to .gitattributes.
      Some type mismatch fixes to make it build with clang in MacOSX Mavericks.
      Tell Guile (and others) to look in install/lib/gnucash for ligraries.
      Update XCode project for recent C++ related changes
      Revert "Some type mismatch fixes to make it build with clang in MacOSX Mavericks."
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Fix an error in 906ed1fe found by clang:
      Use the correct size for time offsets when parsing a tzfile.
      Support version 3 tzfile format which is almost the same as version 2.
      Keep the XCode project up to date with source tree changes
      Some changes XCode wanted to make in the source control information it keeps
      Bug 752686: Initialize temp GValues in xaccAccountGetReconcileLastInterval.
      Make it possible to set variables in SX "since last run" dialog.
      Check for a null pointer for a credit or debit formula in gnc_sxed_check_consistent.
      Avoid passing invalid arguments to functions to get rid of some non-fatal asserts.
      Quote the date returned by get_quote_time so Scheme can read it.
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Don't leak the list returned by pricedb_get_prices_internal.
      Check for a duplicate price in add_price before adding it to the list instead of after.
      Update XCode project for C++ file name changes.
      Optimize pricedb so it works better with really big price lists.
      Make sure commodity-tz-quote-triple->price always returns a value.
      Add some better comments.
      Improve performance of price editor dialog.
      Fix the "lookuo ... any_currency" functions to work right.
      Add debugging function price_list_dump.
      Make indirect_balance_conversion work (and faster)
      Remove the xxx_with_error functions from Python bindings.
      gnc_numeric_convert should return an invalid number unchanged instead of crashing.
      Fix a crash in scrub_sx_split_numeric introduced in b3eb9d0.
      Update XCode file lists and sort them alphabetically.
      Add an XCode target to run the numeric unit tests and rename the main target to GnuCash.
      Calling sigfigs_denom with a zero crashes due to a divide by zero.
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Delete left over line from previous merge conflict.
      Add a couple of directories containing dependencies of libtest-core-guile.
      Add tests for converting doubles 96.16 and 9616000000.0 to GncNumeric.
      Fix numerator overflow constructing GncNumeric from 96.16
      Fix sigfigs(n) rounding to work when the input is bigger tnan 10**n.

Mike Evans (3):
      Python bindings.  Add function gncVendorNextID, complementary to
      Bug 734168 - Tax invoice can be a bill too.
      Bug 759674 - GNUCash crashes when importing invoices or bills with delimited import

Nitin Anand (1):
      Fix crash while saving scheduled transaction template

Rob Gowin (10):
      Fix build issues
      Add ability to build GnuCash with CMake
      CMake: Don't try to install COPYING file that does not exist.
      Implement 'dist', 'distcheck' and 'uninstall' targets for CMake
      No need for make dist and distcheck when checking autotools build in cmake
      Fix failure to compile AQBanking GSchemas in CMake Build.
      Enable CMake build in Travis CI
      Run the python bindings test when using CMake
      Fix problems that occur when running out of CMake build dir
      Fix issues with loading and running

Rob.Gowin (1):
      Clean up bitrot to get CuteCash building again.

RobGowin (3):
      link gnc-gnome into gncmod-csv-exp
      Remove extra symlink command
      Fix CMake build after maint merge

Robert Fewell (353):
      This patch changes some strings.
      Bug 679791 - Import Template for importing CSV files - part 1.
      Bug 679791 - Import Template for importing CSV files - part2
      Bug 738462 - CSV Import This patch adds some text to clarify that the transaction export is not a match for the import.
      Bug 738462 Part 1 - Add search for strings equal.
      Bug 738462 Part 2 - Change CSV Transaction Export.
      Remove Account Tree filter as not really required.
      Bug 343227 Summary bar alignment patch.
      Bug 738462 Part 3 - Fixed format Transaction Import.
      Bug 738462 - Consolidate to/from fields in export.
      Bug 738462 - Consolidate to/from fields in import.
      Bug 738462 Fixes Report Scheme error.
      Bug 754530 Add CSV Export Simple Layout
      Bug 754533 Add CSV Register Export
      Bug 706021 Rename and Move Imap functions.
      Bug 706021 New CSV Import Account Mappings.
      Bug 754533 Change finish page text for Search and General Journal register exports
      Bug 757532 [PATCH] Make start and end rows editable by keyboard
      Bug 706021 Add Other Account to CSV Transaction Import
      Bug 706021 Change Account Matcher New Account Button
      Bug 706021 Test match text for valid account path
      Add Basic framework for Bayesian editor dialog
      Get Non Bayesian and Online ID information
      Get Bayesian values, needed to change Qof function
      Hide the probability column where appropriate.
      Add the remove option.
      Cosmetic changes.
      Reduce code duplication for non Bayesian
      Moved all KVP handling to Account.c, Added two
      Use Glib G_GINT64_FORMAT to specify correct format
      Rename files and functions based on bayes to imap
      Rename probability to count.
      Rename some functions and structures based on imap
      Some more name changes
      Change list store into a tree store
      Add Filter option to tree store
      New functions to simplify delete and filter parts
      Change Bayes functions to use guid account string
      Rename account_name to account_guid to reflect
      Modify Imap helper function to find map account by
      Create function to change Bayesian entries based
      Check for existing guid entries and update
      Add Bayesian conversion to end of file open
      Modify gnc_account_imap_convert_bayes to run only
      Improve old separator recognition by looking for
      Change when an existing entry exists we add it to
      Use GncImapInfo instead of struct imap_info where
      Add feature flag to prevent versions older than 2.6.12 from opening the data file.
      Change some functions to reduce code duplication
      Remove unnecessary use of g_strdup of full_name
      Rename some function to better reflect there use
      Change look_for_old_mapping to return NULL
      Update Unit tests for import_map
      Add Bayesian Conversion to Guid unit test
      Gnucash on Windows will not start.
      Date format using strftime under windows.
      Update Transaction unit test date internal
      Change associate file/link to show existing entry
      Indicate an Association in the Register
      Make a distinction between file/link Association
      Add option to recn cell type to be read only
      Transaction Association List Dialog
      Add sort button for Associations
      Add Preference path head for Trans. Associations
      Add check for path being relative.
      Change Transaction Association Dialog
      Add option to find an account in list of accounts
      Add account tree filter override
      Update to use the account tree filter override.
      Add columns for account not used and zero balances
      Change from using toggle cell renderer to pixbuf
      Make sure the parent accounts are overridden
      Change Find Account menu item to the Edit Menu
      Change from using icon-name to stock-id
      Hide the radio buttons when searching full tree
      Add find account to register2 to keep in sync
      Change all key accelerators to use <primary>
      Change plot-size-option to use a pair
      Update category-barchart to reflect changes
      Budget Chart changes
      Fix account-piechart.scm for guile 1.8.x
      Change account-piecharts and html-piechart
      Change average-balance.scm to use new plot sizes
      Fix general-ledger.scm
      Change net-barchart.scm to use new plot size
      Change net-linechart.scm to use the new plot size
      Change price-scatter.scm to use new plot size
      Change daily-reports.scm to use new plot size
      Add missing liststore to preference list
      Add the ability to delete a path from options
      Update the Fancy Date Format
      Use new options-fancy-date to retrieve date format
      Fix error when closing application
      Missing comma in tm answers structure
      Update the saved reports to 2.8 and old to 2.4
      Bug 778042 Change the way reports are loaded in conjunction with script changes.
      Bug 778042 These are the script changes for jqplot reports.
      Bug388500 - Add option to remove deleted files from the history list
      Bug388500 - Add option to remove deleted files from the history list
      With Gtk3 it uses css to do the theming so change the file to load
      Set the background of the GncDenseCal Widget
      Composite functions not required for GncDenseCal
      Replace deprecated widgets for GncDenseCal with gtk3 equivalents
      There were critical errors in trace file.
      Replace some deprecated widgets in the register.
      Fix Tab Labels
      Replaced some deprecated widgets with the gtk3 equivalent
      Fix the tab label width update function to reflect changes
      Change all the GtkVBox widgets
      Change all the GtkHbox widgets
      Change register GtkHbox widgets
      Change all Gtk horizontal and vertical widgets
      Change register Gtk horizontal and vertical widgets
      Correct corrupted line in gnc-account-sel.h
      Replace deprecated widgets in goffice
      Remove depreciated gtk_button_set_use_stock
      Change dialog buttons from using GKT_STOCK_ labels
      Replace gtk_scrolled_window_add_with_viewport
      Replace gtk_misc_set_alignment with own label alignment function
      Couple of corrections to previous commit.
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Change file
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Fix ups for dialog-commodity
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Change files linked to
      Fix up for incorrect glade file option
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to dialog-sx-glade
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      File linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Changes to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Create a new glade for aqbanking preferences as this now uses a grid
      Remove the aqbanking preferences from this gtk2 glade file
      This is minor change to eliminate the spaces in dialog names
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Fix up for to align button or account import
      Files linked to
      Convert gtktable to grid in assistant-qif-import
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Files linked to
      Fix up, box should be a GtkWidget
      Glade GUI adds a has_padding property to the action area which is wrong
      Replace deprecated font function in gnc-report.c
      Replace deprecated functions in gnc-combott.c
      Replace deprecated functions in gnc-date-edit.c
      Replace deprecated gtk_rc... functions in gnc-tree-view_split-reg.c
      Replace deprecated size_request in gnc-tree-view.c
      Replace deprecated menu function in gnc-csv-gnumeric-popup.c
      Replace deprecated size_request in register date-picker
      Replace GtkTable with GtkGrid in the register
      Replace deprecated widget_render_icon function in print-check
      GtkTreeView rules_hint is deprecated after version 3.14
      Replace deprecated function to get mouse pointer position
      Replace deprecated functions in gnc_cell_renderer_date
      Missed changing some stock labels on some buttons
      Replace GTK_STOCK_... images with there equivalent icon name
      Missed changing some stock labels on buttons to icon names
      Missed some replace GTK_STOCK_... images with there equivalent icon name
      Replace GTK_STOCK_CONVERT with two icon names
      Replace GTK_STOCK_CANCEL with icon name "process-stop"
      Replace GTK_STOCK_PRINT_PREVIEW with icon name "document-print-preview"
      Replace GTK_STOCK_INDEX, _YES and _APPLY with icon names.
      Change some functions to use icon names instead of stock id's
      Change the way icons are loaded and the corresponding define names
      Rename use of icon defines to reflect changes in icon.h
      Replace deprecated render_icon_pixbuf in dialog-print-check
      Fix error of invalid cast to GTK_COMBO_BOX in trans importer
      Replace deprecated gtk_image_menu_item in gnumeric popup
      Minor fixups to the assistant-csv-trans-import glade file
      Add new preference to show tree view grid lines
      Tweak the tab labels to add left and right margins
      Add grid line preference to various tree views
      Use the new preference to control icons and labels on buttons
      Add function to add css style context to a widget
      Add css style context to various widgets so they can easily be changed
      Add css style context to various widgets so they can easily be changed
      Add css style context to various widgets so they can easily be changed
      Replace deprecated Gtk3.16 function in dialog-account.c
      Replace deprecated Gtk3.14 function gtk_arrow_new with an icon
      Replace gtk_alignment in various functions
      Replace deprecated Gtk3.16 function gtk_widget_override_font
      Replace deprecated Gtk3.16 functions to change colour.
      Replace deprecated Gtk3.16 gtk_override_background_color
      Remove Gtk3.14 deprecated function, it does not do any thing
      Fixup for gnc-gui-query.c, invalid cast
      Change the relative column to a pixbuf so it looks like find account
      Missed a preference option from the aqbanking glade file
      Fix corrupted Gtk2 aqbanking glade file
      Fix some entries in glade files that did not have id's
      Missed specifying Gtk3.12 version for set_margin_end
      Rearrange the pixmap folder to contain a hicolor directory structure
      Missed this from previous commit
      Replace Gtk3.14 function gtk_icon_theme_add_builtin_icon
      Make the About dialog sizeable and format AUTHORS and DOCUMENTERS
      Replace Gtk3.22 deprecated gtk_show_uri
      Replace Gtk3.22 deprecated function gtk_menu_popup
      Replace Gtk3.22 deprecated function gtk_menu_popup
      Replace Gtk3.20 deprecated functions based on device_manager
      Replace Gtk3.22 deprecated function to get monitor size
      Replace Gtk3.22 deprecated function gtk_menu_popup
      Replace Gtk3.22 deprecated function gtk_menu_popup
      Replace Gtk3.22 deprecated function gtk_menu_popup
      Replace Gtk3.22 deprecated function gtk_menu_popup
      Replace Gtk3.20 functions in gnc-date-edit.c
      Replace Gtk3.22 deprecated functions to do with monitor size
      Replace Gtk3.20 deprecated functions in gnc-cell-renderer-popup.c
      Replace deprecated Gtk3.22 function to get monitor size
      Replace register GTk3.16 deprecated function gdk_cursor_new
      Replace register Gtk3.14 deprecated functions related to gtk_arrow
      Replace register Gtk3 deprecated functions in gnucash-sheet.c
      Fix mistake in adding style context to Find Transactions dialog
      Fix mistake in changing button labels from stock
      Remove setting the rules hint for tree views
      Remove the preference for showing an icon and label
      Redo the change to Gtk3.10 based glade file from current master
      Replace style strings with proper defined types
      Replace missing key accelerators
      Modify the Account color button
      Add function to clear the display of the currency edit widget
      Replace Gtk3 deprecated widgets in currency_accounting_widget
      Add function to add the color background data function to account column
      Replace some missed GTK_STOCK_ items
      Replace deprecated stock-id with icon-name
      Remove redundant GTK_CHECK_VERSION's
      Fix missing id values for GtkTreeSelection in glade files
      Fix critical error when Gnucash closes with report pages open
      Fix typo of version, should be 3.10
      Fix error in use of AccountFilterDialog structure in budgets
      Fix problem with gbv_treeview_resized_cb
      Add an application specific CSS file
      Move static inline CSS to gnucash.css file
      Code clean up, remove unused variables
      Code clean up, remove unused variables
      Code clean up, remove unused variables
      Code clean up, remove unused variables
      Code clean up, remove some static defines and redundant code
      Code clean up, remove some variables that were set but never used
      Add a gtk version check for gnc-cell-renderer-popup
      Code clean up, remove unused variable
      Code clean up on register2 files
      Code clean up, comment out some additional static defines
      Add some additional REGISTER2_ENABLED code blocks
      Comment out some unused variables while register is still in flux
      These files have the QofLogModule defined but never used
      Update the register grid
      Change the layout to show left border of first cell
      Make the header align with the sheet when scrolled horizontally
      Change the cell grid lines slightly
      Add css style classes to parts of the register
      Remove some blank lines from the header source file
      Change the cursor grid coordinates to reflect the other changes
      Change the cursor grid coordinates to reflect the other changes
      To update the toggle arrow it needs to be removed from the container
      Fix the place the popup appears when above the row
      Fix a problem with the arrows when register first loads
      Change the hatching draw fix to use a relative move
      Return the vertical split borders to light
      Do not make the first row height smaller
      Revert change to text vertical offset
      Change the divider line back to 3px
      When drawing the cursor, remove the requirement to test for first row
      Replace the thicker lower line for the cursor, removed by mistake
      Change how the widgets are named for CSS
      Missed changing the GncItemEdit alignment for the first row
      This change modifies the way old prices can be removed.
      Modify the unit tests to reflect changes.
      Fix some missing id's in the glade file
      Move gnc-gdate-utils.c/h from app-utils to engine
      Rename function to be plural as more than one commodity returned in list
      Remove the 'if else' blocks by using boolean variable.
      Added second if clause for completeness.
      Rename save_cloned_price to clone_price
      Rename gnc_pricedb_remove_old_prices_keep_last
      Change tabs to spaces and remove some blank lines
      Move gnc-gdate-utils functions to gnc-date and remove files.
      Remove the rules hint from gnc-tree-view to align with current setting
      Add CSS provider of a lesser priority than themes
      Change the dense calender to use css so that it can be themed
      Add a draw callback to draw a theme based up/down arrow
      Add draw arrow call back to various widgets
      Replace toggle arrow with a theme drawn one
      Rework the negative label colour
      Change the account treeview to use the css negative color
      The summary bar never respected the use of a negative colour
      Rename css class negative-color to negative-numbers
      Rework the Import Matcher colours to be from the fallback css file
      Do not set the foreground colour in Import Matcher
      Change the Register2 css to be from the fallback file
      Change the css for the primary label in dialog account
      These variables are not required any more in gnc-dense-cal
      Minor fix to gnc-tree-model-account, removal of double ;
      Use the css class defines in the import matcher help dialog
      Use GTK_STYLE_PROVIDER_PRIORITY_FALLBACK for fallback css file
      Change glade comment in css file
      Fix some lines with spaces on them
      Improve marker alignment depending on row height being odd or even
      Change the way dense calendar background colours are sourced
      Rename direction boolean to arrow_down
      Rename the colour defines to closely match the text in import matcher
      Change comment in fallback css file for emphasize-label
      Change colour function to is_color_light in gnc-dense-cal
      Change the background colours of the import-main-matcher
      Move function is_color_light to gnc-gtk-utils and rename
      Move another couple of functions used more than once to gnc-gtk-utils

Simon Arlott (1):
      Bug 647230 - Display the blank split after the "now" line instead of at the end

Sumit Bhardwaj (3):
      membuf changes in gnc-dense-cal.c for gcc7 warnings
      Added WITH_OFX fix to CMakeLists in gnucash/import-export/ofx
      Made ofx-gschema dependent on WITH_OFX flag

Thomas Klausner (2):
      Use portable test(1) operator.
      Use proper glib2 include path.

Tom Lofts (1):
      - REST API Example for Python Bindings #2

VERDOÏA Laurent (1):
      French typo correction

Valdis Vitolins (3):
      *.po file updated for Latvian language
      Fixes for po/lv.po file
      Accelerator fixes for Latvian language

Yasuaki Taniguchi (1):
      Bug 784284 - unifying "Clear the entry." tooltip on Loan Repayment Calculator

christopherlam (16):
      Add vertical-align:top to default text fields.
      Fix income statement when trading accounts not used
      Partial fix for bug 660027
      Remove clutter from generated html
      Account fullname filter for transaction.scm
      added case sensitive filter
      Reduce to compatibility shim
      Account fullname filter for transaction.scm
      added case sensitive filter
      Reduce to compatibility shim
      Fix swig wrapper for gncTaxTableGetTaxTables
      cp transction.scm income-gst-statement.scm
      Reindent income-gst-report.scm
      Initial commit income-gst-report.scm
      Disallow Closing Transactions.
      "Sorting" tab overhaul to improve UI

fell (11):
      Price Editor - use different names for different windows
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge Messages fom Maint in lv.po
      PR #170 Fixes for po/lv.po file
      PR #172: Accelerator fixes for Latvian language
      Revert PR #182 mostly.
      Review of PR #183
      Remove build_year from translatable copyright string
      Fix error in recent commit
      Update changed string in de.po
      Bug 787479 - Persian currency symbol is doubled

gnucash-dev (2):
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'

hawk-lord (3):
      Added Swedish account files
      Added Swedish association accounts.
      Missing translation

klemens (1):
      spelling fixes

lmat (34):
      Added a GUID test suite
      Implement GUID using boost's implementation
      Rename guid_new to guid_replace
      Cleared up GUID construction and allocation
      Corrected uses of guid_to_string.
      Remove guid_init and guid_shutdown
      Removed the md5 file and updated the build system.
      Cleaned up some code and comments.
      Simplified some of the GUID code.
      Added new tests.
      Removed binary from kvpvalues
      Removing deprecated #define
      Implement KvpValue in c++ using boost::variant
      Removing another deprecated #define
      Fixed kvp-value delete
      Implement KvpFrame in C++ using std::vector
      Added quotes to gtest section in
      Adding KvpValueImpl test suite
      Kvp-Frame test cases
      Corrected "misleading" indentation
      Check the appropriate locations for gmock and gtest sources
      Replace C qofsession struct with c++ qofsession struct
      Adding googletest cases for c++ qofsession struct
      Remove unused, left over typedef
      Add C++ header for guid.cpp and tests.
      Clean up guid usage.
      Added forward declaration for struct GncGUID
      Separate C guid from C++ guid
      Replaced inheritance from boost uuid with composition
      Clear up guile2 vs. guile cmake confusion
      Should return std::string
      Adding .gitignore entries for ctags and vim swaps
      Configure travis to use docker for CI
      Adding python tests to cmake

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