gnucash: New Branch '2.6.20'

John Ralls jralls at
Sun Apr 1 18:25:49 EDT 2018

        at (tag)
   tagging  972647d2d67c5d3de1834311815fb659bde1dc78 (commit)
  replaces  2.6.19
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Sat Mar 31 15:33:25 2018 -0700

Tag Release 2.6.20

Christian Stimming (2):
      Fix auto-selection of splits in reconcile
      Online HBCI actions: Remove outdated non-SEPA menu items.

Christopher Lam (5):
      Bugzilla 790526 Correct weeknum calculator
      Bugfix create-commodity-list
      bug 793278 fix for maint
      Bug 765846 - Expense Over Time for subaccounts: An error occurred while running the report
      Bug 794030 - relative date functions compute wrong day of month

Di Mang (11):
      update ru.po to 2.6.19
      ru.po: improvement of some translations
      ru.po: update PO-Revision-Date
      ru.po (maint): some improvments for translation of frequency words in
      Revision and expansion of accounts for the Russian language.
      Adjustment of Account Hierarchy Templates.
      Remove the unnecessary comments:
      clean up of account hierarchy templates for "C"
      clean up of account hierarchy templates for "de_DE"
      Add XML namespaces for all Account Hierarchy Templates.
      Remove the emacs comments at the end of files

DiMan (1):
      some text changes

Geert Janssens (9):
      Fix our appstream id as per the appstream recommendation
      Display detected Finance::Quote version in about dialog
      Import new Spanish translation from the Translation Project
      Import Dutch translation by Mark Haanen from the Translation Project
      Provide preference panel to set the Alpha Vantage API key needed for fincance::quote
      Add tooltips to Alpha Vantage key option
      Properly detect git in case of linked worktree
      Bug 792008 - gnucash 2.6.19 fails to build
      Bug 794765 - when saving as into a PostgreSQL database, things fail because of renaming the numtest table twice

John Clements (1):
      fix syntax of example qif file

John Ralls (13):
      Fix duplicate test-case name.
      Add test-date-utilities to CMakeLists.txt and
      Merge Chris Lam's Bug 790526 fix into maint.
      Bug 791848 - GC 2.6.x does not handle ISO dates introduced with GC 2.7
      Fix picky gcc-7.2 complaint about a %d conversion not fitting in 3 bytes.
      Fix autotools test setup for test-date-utilities.
      Merge branch 'maint-bugfix-report-collectors' of into maint
      Revert "Calculate rates only for buy transactions in the report commodity
      Merge Chris Lam's 'maint-fix-45f61a3'.
      Fix a string msgid generation.
      Merge Chris Lam's Fix-794030 into maint
      Remove previously deleted gnc-value-portfolio script from dist.
      Release 2.6.20

Mechtilde (2):
      correct typo
      correct typo

christopherlam (5):
      add unittest for bugzilla 790526
      fix unit test again
      fix silly mistake
      bugfix incorrect min-date handling

fell (28):
      Another typo in the german CSV importer texts.
      msgmerge and header update for de.po
      Mark "_New Account" button label in import-account-matcher translatable
      Msgmerge after source change and fix another typo in de.po
      remove absolute pathes from previous commit
      Improve translator comments, remove an unneeded MsgId
      de.po: msgmerge Improve Translator comments...
      Review my comments on I18N issues
      A few fixes of german translation
      update gitignore to the suggestion to have the build dir[s] hidden
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'Mechtilde/SKR03typo' into maint
      Fix missing translations in taxinvoice.scm
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'DiMan/update-trans-ru-01' into maint
      Remove obsolete GNOME2_STATUS
      Replace a missed SVN
      Add src/plugins/example/gnc-plugin.example.c to POTFILES.skip
      Improve Import menu entries Customer & vendors...
      update de.po
      Preparation for indian business with GST template
      PR #275: Business accounts for India with GST
      Add a TODO note for variadic macros after C++2a standardization
      Mark forgotten error messages in gnc-sx-instance-model.c translatable
      update de.po to commit ce71586
      Make REPORT_ERROR private
      PR #306: Merge branch 'maint-transfer-01' of
      Backport and review of commit c0fd3b3:
      Minor fix in de.po
      Improve comments how to update FQ sources

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