gnucash: New Branch '3.1'

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Sun Apr 29 12:47:18 EDT 2018

        at (tag)
   tagging  6645d93f9ab44a29d64e2af0e99577d710cfec70 (commit)
  replaces  3.0
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Sun Apr 29 09:47:05 2018 -0700

Tag Release 3.1

Bill Nottingham (2):
      Allow building against a shared libgmock (an option in gtest-1.8.0).
      Adjust catch syntax to avoid GCC8 warnings.

Christopher Lam (13):
      TR: refactor add-subtotal-row
      TR: convert Reconcile Status Filter to QofQuery
      TR: catch invalid regex
      TR: instead of hand-crafting html-string, use html-table API
      GSTR: bugfix individual tax on sales should be negated
      GSTR: close br tag; add  empty lines to empty-report-message
      html-font: add default font family
      Bug 795064 - Enable subtotal-only if either sortkeys are dates
      New function gnc:html-string-sanitize
      jqplot-escape-string -> gnc:html-string-sanitize
      html-jqplot.scm begone!
      line&bar chart subtitles are always sanitized
      Remove regex dependency

Di Mang (1):

Geert Janssens (28):
      Fix typo
      Merge branch 'fixes' of into unstable
      Remove reference to GTEST_DISABLE, it no longer exists
      Bug 795082 - CSV import crashes if a transaction's 'Account' field is empty and no default Account set
      csv-impport - Allow empty amount fields
      Bug 769686 - Notes not imported when using update and reconcile in import transactions from CSV
      Bug 795155 - CSV import does not distinguish between deposit and withdrawal
      Merge branch 'fixes2' of into unstable
      Merge branch 'unstable' of into unstable
      Bug 794767 - Dates default to 01/01/1970
      Base invoice posted status on the presence of a posted transaction rather than a posted account
      Merge branch 'unstable-tr-fix' of into unstable
      Bug 118391 - Long currency names untranslated
      Bug 794916 - Fails to find environment file at startup when installation prefix is '/opt'
      Fix a couple of warnings introduced by commit 01420adb9989f49a
      Merge branch 'maint' of into maint
      Fix crash when loading sql book with posted transactions
      A few whitespace fixups
      Fix another date test
      Bug 795040 - GnuCash crashes when searching for a newly created bill
      Bug 795031 - 3.0 Crashes on loading when opening 2.6.19 file
      Update make-testfile for new sourcefile locations
      Add a few unit tests for qofquerycore
      Add new test source to distribution list
      Merge branch 'fixes3' of into maint
      Bug 794941 - Both print icons export to pdf
      Merge branch 'maint-string-html-escape' of into maint
      Bug 795377 - Reads and saves Gnucash 2.6.19 XML file, then can't reread it, due to bad date in old file

Henrik tom Wörden (2):
      FIX: Corrected typos
      MAINT: removed reference to README.git

John Ralls (50):
      Merge branch 'unstable'
      Merge branch 'unstable'.
      Merge branch 'unstable'
      Merge branch 'unstable'
      Clarify cmake build directory location and source path.
      Fix up indentation in README.dependencies so that it matches the subheaders.
      Add gettext and doxygen to dependencies.
      Update README for 3.0.
      Bug 793461 - Transaction matcher window blank when importing QFX
      Merge branch 'master' into unstable
      Add note about ALLOW_OLD_GETTEXT.
      Bug 795049 - GnuCash 2.6.20-1 (Fedora Linux package) is unable to open...
      Bug 782144 - git-master - Save Corrupts Data File / Not Open Data File
      Merge DiMan's GNUCASH_MICRO_VERSION fix into unstable.
      Set GNC_VCS at build time instead of when making the tarball.
      Merge Bill Nottingham's exception type fix into unstable.
      Bug 795068 - src/optional/python-bindings missing several files
      Remove reference to the deleted gnc-value-portfolio script from README.
      Release 2.6.21
      Revert "Bug 795049 - GnuCash 2.6.20-1 (Fedora Linux package) is unable to open..."
      Bug 795049 - GnuCash 2.6.20-1 (Fedora Linux package) is unable to open...
      Fix typo.
      Bug 795080 - Some dates reset to 01/01/1970
      Prevent throw in gnc-pricedb.
      Correct a g_log_level in test_gnc_pricedb_lookup_day.
      Reduce use of gnc_sql_slots_load_for_instancevec.
      Remove LOAD_TRANSACTIONS_AS_NEEDED from SQL backend.
      Remove functions marked G_UNUSED.
      Use subquery instead of instancevec GncSqlTransBackend::load_all.
      Bug 772776 - VERY large queries (over 11000 fields in IN clause) slow...
      Bug 795039 - Crash on startup using Technicolor Style sheet in report
      Bug 792105 - Startup takes several minutes
      Remove another gnc_pop_locale().
      Merge Bill Nottingham's 'gmock-trial' into unstable.
      One more catch-by-value error.
      Merge Chirs Lam's Bug 795064 - Enable subtotal-only if... into unstable.
      Merge branch 'maint' into unstable
      Bug 794936 - 3.0 does not open previously saved sqlite3 files...
      Bug 792105 - Startup takes several minutes, take two.
      Bug 795134 - Improper handle of unicode character in username
      Reverse Swig "off-by-one" error.
      Work around libstdc++ weirdness with codecvt destructor.
      Fix Travis failures from transcoding fixes.
      Redefine some more buggy Guile string conversions.
      Bug 795039 - Crash on startup using Technicolor Style sheet in report
      Rename zone_vector to m_zone_vector.
      Add a TimeZoneProvider::dump().
      Bug 795405 - All Dates in Price Database Off-By-One After 3.0 Upgrade
      Update translations from the Tranlation Project.
      Release GnuCash 3.1

Robert Fewell (20):
      Invalid cast for parent of transfer dialog
      If there are no prices in the db, critical errors are flagged
      Bug 794994 - Display Alphavantage key in full
      Bug 794953 - Ellipsize on short tab labels
      Date Format dialog flashes up when file/properties used
      Save the tab label width so we do not have to get it again
      Bug 795101 - Scrollbar floats and covers toggle buttons
      Align the reconcile column titles to that of the values
      Remove the set transient parent setting for Reconcile window
      Remove trailing spaces and replace tabs with spaces
      Bug 795142 - Unable to enter account codes in business sheets
      Bug 794990 - Double click does not work on saved reports
      On Windows the tooltip for saved reports was incorrect
      Remove white space and tabs from dialog-custom-report.c
      Bug 795132 - Tabs not workings on register sheet with caps-lock
      Bug 794976 - Wrong context menu on register sheet
      Bug 795446 - On Windows there is a blank tip of the day
      Bug 795471 - Budget window scrolls edited cell out of site
      Bug 795389 - Hard to see figures in the budget window
      Clean up gnc-budget-view.c of tabs and white space

Ryan (1):
      Small minor fix

fell (1):
      Fix another typo in README

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