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Sun Dec 30 10:39:44 EST 2018

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   tagging  efee68a3158915e94c89c480f83e87e1e2e58c07 (commit)
  replaces  3.3
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Sun Dec 30 07:39:22 2018 -0800

Release GnuCash 3.4

Balló György (1):
      Appdata: remove old property

Christian (1):
      Update German translation.

Christoph Franzen (2):
      Bug 795425 - Version 2018 of german account template SKR49 ...
      Bug 795237 - Update of "wohnungsw" template

Christoph Holtermann (8):
      additional fixes for python3
      whitespace fixes
      xrange deprecated in python3, change to range
      pass additional args and document function
      decorate monetary list to access GncCommodity and GncNumeric
      Question about GncMonetary class instead of tuple
      Revert "Question about GncMonetary class instead of tuple"

Christopher D. Carson (1):
      Performance fix in dom_chars_handler: use g_strndup instead of g_strdup

Christopher Lam (52):
      [report-utilities] add (gnc:strify) and (gnc:pk) for debugging
      [test-report-utilities] gnc:strify tests
      Revert "Revert "[net-charts] deoptimize accounts-list""
      [test-charts] add basic test for net-charts amounts & dates
      [net-charts] create account->balancelist
      [net-charts] modify process-datelist to use account-balances
      [net-charts] modify process-datelist to cycle balancelist once
      [net-charts] simplify date-list variables
      [net-charts] rename variables to mathematical terms
      [net-charts] remove doubles. send pure numbers to charts.
      [commodity-utilities] optimize weighted-average price calculator
      [commodity-utilities] compact functions
      [commodity-utilities] create internal fn to bypass expensive call
      [transaction] add option Display/Enable links to toggle hyperlinks
      [test-transaction] test for display/enable links? feature
      [invoice] bugfix img url must have file:/// prefix
      Bug 796914 - Customer Summary is giving error
      [report-utilities] deprecate gnc:account-get-balance-at-date.
      [test-extras] gnc-pricedb-create skips if commodity = currency
      [report-utilities] deprecate flawed function.
      [report-utilities] upgrade (gnc:account-get-balances-at-dates)
      [report-utilities] modify gnc-account-get-balances-at-dates
      [category-barchart] Deoptimize category-barchart
      [category-barchart] *reindent/untabify/delete-trailing-whitespace*
      [category-barchart] compact functions
      [category-barchart] remove old gnc-numeric methods
      [category-barchart] rewrite monetary+ using commodity collector
      [category-barchart] remove monetary->double
      [category-barchart] use (or-map) in (not-all-zeros)
      [category-barchart] optimize (account->balance-list)
      [category-barchart] remove datelist->stringlist
      [category-barchart] remove old expensive function
      Invoice: Remove H1 title and superflous option.
      [welcome-to-gnucash] update (format), use #f for destination
      [transaction] convert nested if/then/else -> cond
      [report-utilities] introduce gnc:monetaries-add and gnc:monetary+
      [net-charts] use srfi-1 map
      [income-gst-statement] allow i10n and fix comments
      [income-gst-statement] bugfix must not translate option names
      [income-gst-statement] rename options
      [options-utilities] deprecate unused functions
      [test-collectors] cease testing collectors.scm
      [report-system/test-extras] cease testing pattern-streamer
      [collectors] deprecate collectors and report-collectors
      [engine/test-test-extras] remove duplicated test file
      [test-standard-category-report] upgrade to srfi-64 and sxml
      [test-standard-net-linechart] upgrade to srfi-64 and sxml
      [test-standard-net-barchart] upgrade to srfi-64 and sxml
      [test-cashflow-barchart] upgrade to srfi-64 and sxml
      [report-utilities] deprecate (gnc:double-col) function
      [report-system] deprecate (gnc:account-get-total-flow)
      Bug 796994 - Unable to generate Tax Report because of pricedb error

David Thomas (1):
      2 new "Tips of the Day"

Di Mang (1):
      removing double semicolons at the end of lines

Frank H. Ellenberger (25):
      Merge recent changes in pt.po
      Remove unset color slot from SKR49
      Remove unset color slot from wohnungsw
      Update LINGUAS explanation to the last version we had in autotools
      msgmerge de.po to version 3.3
      Reverse author list of de.po and use it in translator_credits
      Fix translation of button labels
      Bug 775580 - Inaccurate information provided for "Common Accounts" ...
      Add mailinglist address to translator-credits
      PR #429: French translation update
      Minor fixes of PR #429
      merge current messages in fr.po
      PR #431: Update iso-4217-currencies.xml
      Add a translator comment about invoice title format
      Update package URLS
      Replace a few hardcoded URLs by CMake vars
      Fix several URLs in documentation parts
      Update my and Charles Days status
      Fix another may be used uninitialized warning
      de.po: fix 1 MsgStr to test boost::locale::tramslate
      Bug 796988 - Untranslated string in CSV transaction importer
      Replace misleading comment for config.h
      de.po: Berichtige ein bisher nicht übersetztes Datum-Format
      Rewordening of terms in income-gst-statement.scm
      fix make pot warning

Frank Oltmanns (1):
      Update query for get_all_customers

Geert Janssens (26):
      Bug 796772 - Receivable Ageing Report invalid URL for Totals column
      Slightly reword language instructions
      Refer to Locale Settings wiki to change language
      Reword the language section in environment once more
      Drop code to work around gtk bug 326200 (bugzilla)
      Prevent temporary editor files from being picked up for generation
      Re-enable the console warning when running a development build
      Add short_labels for a few toolbar buttons with long names.
      Bug 760825 - On duplicating a bill, the entry dates should be set to the bill date, not to the current date
      Bug 498072 - GnuCash show taxes on invoice when individual taxes is not checked
      Bug 796919 - Leading '+' character not accepted in amount when value surrounded by quotes
      Fix travis failure due to changed option name
      Bug 789674 - Close Book tool regression
      Introduce and use gnc_time64_get_day_neutral
      Bug 760825 - On duplicating a bill, the entry dates should be set to the bill date, not to the current date - followup
      Merge branch 'Bug796896' of into maint
      Merge branch 'fixes02' of into maint
      Enable gnc-uri test suite
      Redesign gnc-uri-utils
      Fix memory leaks in dialog-file-acces.c:geturl
      Show warnings for deprecated declarations
      gnc-uri - refer to 'scheme' instead of 'protocol' as that's the more formal term used in uris
      Silence deprecation warnings in the gui
      Rewrite path scrubbing in a c++ way
      Set up filepath utils to determine the GNC_CONFIG_HOME in the same way as GNC_DATA_HOME
      Add a note on cvt and imbuing locales in a boost::filesystem::path object

John Ralls (64):
      Reindent Mac version of gnc_gnome_help.
      Make the case of the Mac help directories the same as in the Bundle.
      Bug 796878 - test-qofsession fails on x86_32.
      Merge Di Mang's Double-semicolon fix into maint.
      Merge branch Chris Lam's 'maint-net-charts' into maint.
      Merge Christ Lam's 'maint-commodity-utils-cache-splits' into maint.
      Merge Christoph Holterman's 'PR-python2to3fixes' into maint.
      Cat the ubuntu sources.list to see why apt-get is failing.
      Fix docker command from previous.
      Uncomment the deb-src urls in /etc/apt/sources.list in the Ubuntu docker.
      Adjust no-register CXXFlag.
      Bug 796875 - Unable to use arrow keys to advance past...
      Add bcrypt.lib to engine build flags on Windows < 10.
      Merge Chris Lam's 'maint-category-barchart' into maint.
      Merge Chris Lam's 'maint-scheme-progress' into maint.
      Fix WORDS_BIGENDIAN setting in config.h.
      gcc-4.8 seems to dislike a space between # and cmakedefine.
      Bug 795080 - Some dates reset to 01/01/1970
      Remove emacs artifact from
      Work around strange struct tm initializer failure.
      Don't rely on glib-compile-resources being on the path.
      Use split SCU when borking random split pairs.
      Bug 796940 - Invalid transaction date-posted KVP causes...
      Fix travis failure.
      Fix travis failure try 2.
      Fix extract_common_prices logic.
      Fix half-up, half-down, and banker's rounding for negative numbers.
      Fix a bunch of memory allocation errors found by clang static analysis.
      Prevent potential nullptr dereference.
      Prevent potential undefined behavior by shifting by a wrapped uint.
      Silence clang static analyzer complaint about potential div by 0.
      Ensure that a dereferenced variable isn't NULL.
      Localize variables, ensure that val_imbalance is set, test txn_curr != commodity once.
      Protect from potential nullptr dereferences.
      Protect against nullptr dereference, remove unused GError.
      Fix various static analysis logic errors in gnome-utils.
      Avoid over-ranging string storage.
      Initialize some variables that could be otherwise used uninitialized.
      Initialize some gnc_numerics that could be returned uninitialized.
      Fix uninitialized variables (and one leak) in gnome.
      Fix another uninitialized variable in register.
      Fix most of the unused assignment errors from static analysis.
      Fix the remaining static analysis warnings.
      Only disable register warnings for SWIG 2.
      Remove special Apple compile flags, no longer required.
      Fix regex in CMakeLists.txt.
      Fix missing screen for GLib < 3.22.
      boost needs bcrypt.lib for all versions of Windows.
      Bug 796883 - Register text oddities
      Bug 796982 - Import Bills & Invoices: change in un_escape() routine...
      un_escape: More terse, more correct.
      Fix double 'static char*' paste error.
      Bug 796981 - Gnucash crashes with critical error when selecting another file
      Merge hauptsignal's 'ekr17' into maint.
      Merge Frank Oltmans's 'py_get_all_customers' into maint.
      Merge Christoff Holterman's 'PR-Python-GetBalTaxValues' into maint.
      Merge Pedro Albuquerque's Portuguese (Portugal) account templates update into maint
      Merge Bob Fewell's 'fixes03' into maint.
      Merge Chris Lam's 'scheme-progress' into maint.
      Bug 796967 - gnclock table not removed when using PostgreSQL.
      Bug 796961 - Can't overwrite existing MYSQL database, V3.3.
      Merge Chris Lam's 'scheme-progress' into maint.
      Update translations from the Translation Project.
      Release GnuCash 3.4

Kalev Lember (1):
      Fixes to the appdata file

Pedro Albuquerque (5):
      updated pt.po
      Updated pt.po
      updated po/glossary/pt.po
      updated pt.po
      Portuguese (Portugal) account templates update

Robert Fewell (51):
      New hierarchy assistant error
      Do not destroy the 'blank split'
      Bug 796842 - Add new employee window may not fit on screen
      Bug 796903 - Crash when searching invoice by Invoice Owner
      Remove white space/tabs from search-owner.c/h
      Bug 796849 - Load another QIF file causes "that file already loaded" dialog
      Bug 796915 - Update Account colour background
      Remove KVP for assoc_uri when passed an empty string
      Bug 793156 - Incorrect date sort order in Generic import matcher window
      Bug 788332 - Last Reconcile Date column sorts by day of month not date
      Remove some white space/tabs from gnc_tree_view_account.c
      Bug 796806 - Crash after OFX import if line item dragged
      Allow the text options widget to use all remaining space
      Bug 796896 - Button to complete an export not intuitively placed or discoverable
      Make similar changes to account import CSV assistant
      Remove window reference and use assistant instead
      Disable forward button if there are no entries in store
      Fix a missing transient warning for error dialogue
      Make similar changes to price import CSV assistant
      Make similar changes to transaction import CSV assistant
      Fix an alignment issue and remove redundant ctreeview
      Bug 779565 - Treeview header combos do not work at first load
      okbutton may be used uninitialised in gnc-file.c
      Add some space to a previous alignment change
      Missed adding new parent window parameter
      Remove window reference and use assistant instead for csv-export
      Use existing page references instead of getting them in csv-export
      Add ability to double click on file name for csv-export
      Add ability to double click on file name for csv-account-import
      Add ability to double click on file name for csv-price-import
      Add ability to double click on file name for csv-trans-import
      Bug796960 - Incorrect amount sort order in Generic import matcher window
      Bug 796886 - OFX Import does not show source account in the transaction matching window
      Bug 796948 - Scheduled Transactions Entered Since Last Run Are not Visible
      Bug 796944 - Tab navigation From Company Address field in New Book Options
      Disallow tabs in the account notes field.
      Bug 796887 - Remove account slot key color if there is no valid color
      Change the sensitivity of the Cascade colour menu option
      Change the way colours are imported by the CSV account tree importer
      Add routine to fix Account Color being set to "Not Set"
      Disallow tabs in GtkTextView in glade files
      Bug 796945 - Search Search Criteria window does not scroll when added criteria exceed a certain amount
      Remove some white space and tabs in dialog-search.c
      Add some space to the budget options
      Add a couple of defines for the tree view grid lines
      Enable the GncTreeView to track the grid line preferences
      Make the grid lines of totals Budget tree view track the preferences
      The preference, use formal accounting labels does not update the header
      Bug 796978 - Deleting a split of same account as register cancels the transaction without warning
      If you use the autocomplete and cancel other registers are not refreshed
      Bug 767772 - Associated file with transaction is lost

Ruben Cheng (1):
      Update iso-4217-currencies.xml

Tom Lofts (1):
      Bug 796893 - invoice.GetDatePosted() and other date related...

U-IXION\christoph (2):
      Doing some german translations
      Fix syntax error

YOSHINO Yoshihito (1):
      Bug 796989 - some date/time does not honor user locale

hauptsignal (2):
      Adding austrian account template
      Added template file to CMakeLists

yo (2):
      French translation update
      French translation update

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