gnucash: New Branch '2.7.4'

John Ralls jralls at
Sat Feb 3 17:56:04 EST 2018

        at (tag)
   tagging  c9a17236b96706f400025c0c92312c9b9090e7ec (commit)
  replaces  2.7.3
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Sat Feb 3 08:44:41 2018 -0800

Tag Release 2.7.4

Christopher Lam (76):
      bugfix: fix crash if acc-depth too low
      Further scheme conversion to gdate to use time64
      ADD-TIME64-API: libgnucash/app-utils/app-utils.scm & date-utilities.scm
      Bugzilla 790526 Correct weeknum calculator
      date-utilities.scm: optimize leapyear calc
      TP->T64 COMPATIBILITY SHIM: gnucash/libgnucash/app-utils/options.scm
      TP->T64: libgnucash/engine/test/test-extras.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/report-system/report-utilities
      gnucash/report/report-system/collectors.scm - remove useless predicate type
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/report-system/html-acct-table
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/report-system/test/test-report-utilities.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/standard-reports/cash-flow.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/standard-reports/account-summary.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/standard-reports/price-scatter.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/standard-reports/sx-summary.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/standard-reports/daily-reports.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/standard-reports/income-statement.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/standard-reports/trial-balance.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/standard-reports/portfolio.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/standard-reports/advanced-portfolio.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/standard-reports/account-piecharts.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/standard-reports/average-balance.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/standard-reports/balance-sheet.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/standard-reports/equity-statement.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/standard-reports/register.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/standard-reports/budget.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/standard-reports/budget-barchart.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/standard-reports/budget-flow.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/standard-reports/budget-balance-sheet.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/standard-reports/budget-income-statement.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/standard-reports/transaction.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/standard-reports/net-linechart.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/standard-reports/net-barchart.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/standard-reports/category-barchart.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/standard-reports/cashflow-barchart.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/standard-reports/test/test-cash-flow.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/standard-reports/test/test-cashflow-barchart.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/standard-reports/test/test-generic-net-barchart.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/standard-reports/test/test-generic-net-linechart.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/standard-reports/income-gst-statement.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/locale-specific/us/taxtxf.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/locale-specific/us/taxtxf-de_DE.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/business-reports/aging.scm to time64
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/business-reports/customer-summary.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/business-reports/owner-report.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/business-reports/taxinvoice.eguile.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/business-reports/balsheet-eg[.eguile].scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/business-reports/job-report.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/business-reports/easy-invoice.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/business-reports/fancy-invoice.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/business-reports/invoice.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/business-reports/receipt.eguile.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/stylesheets/stylesheet-easy.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/stylesheets/stylesheet-fancy.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/stylesheets/stylesheet-footer.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/stylesheets/stylesheet-head-or-tail.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/utility-reports/hello-world.scm
      TP->T64: libgnucash/engine/engine-interface.scm
      TP->T64: libgnucash/engine/test/test-split.scm
      ADD-TIME64-API: libgnucash/engine/gnc-pricedb.[ch]
      TP->T64: libgnucash/scm/price-quotes.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/import-export/qif-imp/qif-merge-groups.scm
      ADD-TIME64-API: libgnucash/engine/gnc-pricedb.[ch]
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/locale-specific/us/taxtxf.scm
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/standard-reports/advanced-portfolio.scm
      REMOVE-TIMEPAIR: libgnucash/app-utils/app-utils.scm & date-utilities.scm
      bugfix incorrect min-date handling
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/utility-reports/hello-world.scm
      BUGFIX TR common currency was broken
      BUGFIX: enable informal headers for dual-column only
      [mod|inc|dec]date64 API rename back to date
      Change gnc_pricedb_convert_balance_nearest_price from timespec to time64.
      TP->T64: gnucash/report/standard-reports/transaction.scm
      BUGFIX: invoice posted-date is no longer 0 for unposted invoices

Di Mang (10):
      update ru.po to 2.6.19
      ru.po: improvement of some translations
      ru.po: update PO-Revision-Date
      unstable: ru.po - update to new gnucash.pot file
      ru.po: update russian translation for 2.3.7
      de.po: update german translation
      ru.po (maint): some improvments for translation of frequency words in
      ru.po (unstable): some improvments for translation of frequency words in
      de.po (unstable): add Dmitriy Mangul as translator
      ru.po (unstable): adaptation to translation in project goffice

DiMan (1):
      some text changes

Geert Janssens (56):
      Merge current gnucash.pot file into existing po files
      Fix duplicate message definition errors
      Import translations from goffice po files that are relevant for the borrowed goffice files
      Merge branch 'Translation27DE' of into unstable
      Fix our appstream id as per the appstream recommendation
      Merge branch 'maint' into unstable
      Display detected Finance::Quote version in about dialog
      Merge branch 'maint' into unstable
      Display detected Finance::Quote version in About dialog
      Merge branch 'unstable-update-translation' of into unstable
      Import new Spanish translation from the Translation Project
      Import new Spanish translation from the Translation Project
      Merge branch maint into unstable
      Merge es.po from Translation Project into unstable
      Apply Xavier's translations for goffice
      Import Dutch translation by Mark Haanen from the Translation Project
      Merge branch 'maint' into unstable
      Merge branch 'unstable-TR-bugfix' of into unstable
      Some minor cleanups after the autotools removal
      Remove unused file
      Remove the .in extension from and stop configuring it for autotools
      Remove support code to load qof backend in autotools based build environment
      Fix test-cashflow-barchart.scm for guile 2.2
      Partially revert commit 85bfbd8e8258e
      Revert "Partially revert commit 85bfbd8e8258e"
      Make potfile generation a custom target, and make the dist target depend on it
      Fix make dist on a clean checkout
      Improve handling of generated distributable files
      Fix version number inclusion in gnucash.desktop file
      Review which built files are really needed in the dist tarball
      Rewrite gnc_add_swig_python_command to work in dist tarball as well
      Rewrite gnc_add_swig_guile_command to work in dist tarball as well
      Re-enable building a dist tarball from within distcheck
      Bug 792947 - Missing translatable strings
      Fix a few more translation issues discovered during code review
      More translation fixes detected by Mechtilde and reported on IRC
      gnucash.pot target improvements
      Allow user to override BUILDING_FROM_VCS
      Properly detect git in case of linked worktree
      Revert "Allow user to override BUILDING_FROM_VCS"
      Add GENERATE_SWIG_WRAPPERS option to control the generation of swig wrappers independently of whether we're building from git
      Revert "Fix version number inclusion in gnucash.desktop file"
      Merge branch 'CorrectStrings27EN' of into unstable
      Merge branch 'unstable-fix-business-reports' of into unstable
      Fix project name, which also determines a number of default paths
      Simplify filepath init code
      Temporarily disable test that breaks on travis only
      Disable the proper test...
      Improve gnc_data_home verification and creation
      Provide preference panel to set the Alpha Vantage API key needed for fincance::quote
      Merge branch 'maint' into unstable
      Delete wrongly merged file
      Add tooltips to Alpha Vantage key option
      Merge branch "maint" into unstable"
      Bug 787497 - Disabling OFX, AqBanking or python-bindings support cripples the dist build target

John Ralls (39):
      Update ChangeLogs for the new year.
      Fix extra instance of test-test-extras* in install_manifest.txt
      Remove all references to the now-defunct Yahoo! quote retrieval
      Fix gnc_get_default_report_font_family returning bad string.
      Fix some environment file issues.
      Fix the libgncmod-python installed name.
      Fix travis test failure: It seems the boost bug is fixed.
      Merge branch 'remove-portfolio-dist' of into unstable
      Merge Chris Lam's 'unstable-fix-category-charts-crash' to unstable.
      Merge branch 'maint-bugfix-report-collectors' of into maint
      Extract function tz_from_string.
      Save Changes Bug 792106 - Wrong dates displayed
      Bug 790845 - 2.7.3: massive test failures on some architectures (reopened).
      Remove tests checking members of deleted objects.
      Use a more appropriate comparison for doubles.
      Merge branch Rob Gowin's 'bye_bye_autotools' into unstable.
      Merge branch Chris Lam's 'unstable-TR-fix' of into unstable.
      Convert python bindings from timespec to time64.
      Remove Timespec from the guile base typemap.
      Merge Chris Lam's and Aaron Laws's branch 'time64-ftw' into unstable.
      Revert "Calculate rates only for buy transactions in the report commodity
      Merge branch 'maint' into unstable
      Use Gtk3's GdkModifierIntent masks.
      Define GDK_MODIFIER_INTENT_DEFAULT_MOD_MASK if it isn't in Gdk.
      Fix some dependency-checking failures.
      Add doxygen target.
      Remove overview links to nonexistant articles.
      Remove stray addition from 34cc103e947.
      [MacOS] Put the reconcile window menu on the screen menubar.
      Fix no transient for warnings from reconcile dialogs.
      Add googletest to the list of dependencies.
      Fix Webkit1 configuration for Windows Builds.
      Add DL_LIBS to gncmod-gnome-utils target.
      Bug 792763 - deleting a transaction can cause a SIGSEGV
      Add XDG_CONFIG_HOME and FONTCONFIG_FILE to MacOS environment
      Update Turkish translation from the Translation Project.
      [MacOS]Conditionally set -Wno-unused-local-typedef and -Wno-unknown-attributes.
      Release 2.7.4

Mechtilde (10):
      correct typo
      renewed de.po to 2.7.3
      translate new strings from goffice
      first part overworked
      correct typo
      add some more translations
      add some more translations
      add even further translations
      correct typo
      correct typo in horizontal

Rob Gowin (2):
      Remove gnc-value-portfolio references from dist lists.
      Remove Autotools

Robert Fewell (1):
      Bug 792809 Add a register foreground CSS class

christopherlam (1):
      bugfix incorrect min-date handling

fell (21):
      Another typo in the german CSV importer texts.
      msgmerge and header update for de.po
      Mark "_New Account" button label in import-account-matcher translatable
      Msgmerge after source change and fix another typo in de.po
      remove absolute pathes from previous commit
      Improve translator comments, remove an unneeded MsgId
      de.po: msgmerge Improve Translator comments...
      Review my comments on I18N issues
      A few fixes of german translation
      update gitignore to the suggestion to have the build dir[s] hidden
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'Mechtilde/SKR03typo' into maint
      Fix missing translations in taxinvoice.scm
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'DiMan/update-trans-ru-01' into maint
      Remove obsolete GNOME2_STATUS
      Merge branch 'maint' into unstable
      Replace a missed SVN
      Add src/plugins/example/gnc-plugin.example.c to POTFILES.skip
      Merge branch 'maint' into unstable
      Improve Import menu entries Customer & vendors...
      update de.po
      Merge branch 'maint' into unstable

lmat (21):
      Adding some time64 API functions
      Removing unused timespec function
      Removing uses of timespec
      Removing uses of timespec
      Changing scheme conversion to gdate to use time64
      Date option absolute now takes time64.
      timespec->time64 for gnc_budget_get_period...
      Adding some time64 alternatives
      Renaming time64 function for consistency
      Adding time64 alternatives
      Add time64 functions for gncEntry
      Transaction getVoidTime uses time64.
      gnc_option_get_ui_value_date uses time64
      added gnc-dmy2time64* functions
      Removing timspec from some xml parsing
      Converted timespec_to_dom_tree to time64
      gncEntry members timespec->time64
      gncInvoice uses time64
      Transaction members Timespec->time64
      Some time64 corrections
      Adding bill term time64 function

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