gnucash maint: Multiple changes pushed

Geert Janssens gjanssens at
Sat Sep 15 13:14:10 EDT 2018

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commit 5057703d30e1953b31587ca6c54f16c8faa983de
Author: Geert Janssens <geert at>
Date:   Sat Sep 15 17:48:37 2018 +0200

    Sql backend - show progress similar to how it's done for xml backend
    That is let the percentage increase gradually. The current granularity is still
    very rough, but at least it gives an indication of getting closer to fully
    loading the data. The previous configuration on the other hand only suggested
    something was happening but with no indication where in the load process
    gnucash was.

commit 5775662b52869604913a44972737cd8748945169
Author: Geert Janssens <geert at>
Date:   Sat Sep 15 16:41:37 2018 +0200

    Raise edit level of all accounts before loading transactions and splits
    This prevents calling xaccAccountRecomputeBalanceInCurrency on each split that gets added,
    which was exponentially increasing load times. On a huge test book the
    load time dropped from 53 minutes to 1m20s.

commit 221c46585c53ee7f0bdf388347f952426866149c
Author: Geert Janssens <geert at>
Date:   Sat Sep 15 16:38:55 2018 +0200

    Sql backend - load transactions before business objects to reduce individual slot queries

Summary of changes:
 libgnucash/backend/sql/gnc-sql-backend.cpp     | 38 ++++++++++++++++----------
 libgnucash/backend/sql/gnc-sql-backend.hpp     |  3 +-
 libgnucash/backend/sql/gnc-transaction-sql.cpp |  6 ++++
 3 files changed, 32 insertions(+), 15 deletions(-)

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