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Mon Dec 30 04:06:19 EST 2019

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   tagging  022975e1a5caad6ea4404f7b671284f1457c1cbf (commit)
  replaces  3.7
 tagged by  Geert Janssens
        on  Mon Dec 30 09:58:34 2019 +0100

Re-tag Document Release for Gnucash 3.8b

David Cousens (2):
      Help manual Importing Transactions
      Edits to help manual Import and Export TXns to fix comments from fellen

Frank H. Ellenberger (48):
      Use <qandaset> for FAQ
      Add ENTITY url-irc
      FAQ: review links
      Add backslashes on cmake entries in EXTRA_DIST
      Fix indentation of EXTRA_DIST
      UK VAT: EEC became EC became EU
      Add Entities for url-src*
      Add notes about ancient state and how to contribute templates
      Add entities for common dicectories
      Update the data directory for Linux to 3.x in Guide/C
      Merge recent changes of the english FAQ in the german version.
      Merge current guide/C "Import Business Data" into de
      Remove Guide/de/toc.xml
      Use <qandaset> for pt FAQ
      Add one URL entity and fix another
      Remove italian sgml files
      Use entity for aphavantage URL and improve grouping of entities
      Use entities for yahoo links
      Merge PR #123 into maint
      Review of PR #127
      run and optipng on help/C/figures
      Merge branch PR #127 into maint
      Partial synchronization of de/gnucash-help with C
      I18n: Improve the other credit template of the preface
      L12N:de: Unify Preface - Vereinheitliche Verfasser-Seite
      L12N:de: Fix wrong tag in the template
      L12N:ja: convert FAQ to <qandaset>, use entities for most links
      Preparation: Use &appname; for unmarked &app; in guide/C
      Preparation: Use &appname; in guide/de
      Preparation: Use &appname; in guide/ru
      Preparation: Use &appname; in guide/pt
      Preparation: Use &appname; in guide/it
      Preparation: Use &appname; for unmarked &app; in help/C
      Preparation: Use &appname; for unmarked &app; in help/C, part 2
      Preparation: Use &appname; for unmarked &app; in help/de
      Preparation: Use &appname; for unmarked &app; in help/pt
      Preparation: Use &appname; for unmarked &app; in help/it
      Preparation: Use &appname; for unmarked &app; in help/C, part 3
      Preparation: Use &appname; for unmarked &app; in help/ja
      Change entity app to "<app>GnuCash</app>"
      Fix <application> tag
      Update wiki link for OFX
      Hot fix for the dead cross ref link of the loan calculator
      Replace wiki tag <code> by docbook tag <command>
      Fix version number 2.6.21
      Replace wiki links by entities in help
      Add a missing space
      Merge branch 'wiki-links' into maint

Geert Janssens (5):
      Fix indentation of EXTRA_DIST even more
      CMake - revisit dist and distcheck
      Autotools - add svg files to dist. They are used for pdf generation.
      CMake - revisit project variables
      List svg files using find to avoid annoying file not found warnings

John Ralls (1):
      Fix the cmake dist dependencies in the autotools build.

Rob Laan (1):
      Import Bills & Invoices: blank ID in import row is replaced by ID from previous row.

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