gnucash maint: Multiple changes pushed

John Ralls jralls at
Mon Jun 3 13:13:23 EDT 2019

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commit c140563e107aba266ef70b14a52d4ba53145b72e
Author: John Ralls <jralls at>
Date:   Mon Jun 3 10:12:42 2019 -0700

    Typedef GNCSearchOwnerPrivate only once.

commit 727348eff38c38c774789ecf93a540f5565b38cf
Author: Geert Janssens <geert at>
Date:   Mon Jun 3 11:14:17 2019 +0200

    Restructure shell detection code
    It will now first check for an environment variable GNC_SHELL and use
    that if it exists. Then hardcode a shell if cmake detects the old
    mingw environment (not mingw64), and finally fall back to cmake's
    built-in method of finding bash.
    This requires a fix in gnucash-on-osx for the build on that platform
    to continue to work: on that platform, we should set GNC_SHELL
    before starting the build. A patch has been submitted to do that
    automatically for the user.

Summary of changes:
 CMakeLists.txt               | 25 +++++++++++++++++--------
 gnucash/gnome/search-owner.c |  2 --
 po/               |  2 ++
 3 files changed, 19 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)

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