gnucash maint: Multiple changes pushed

Christopher Lam clam at
Fri Aug 7 23:42:57 EDT 2020

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commit 883705fdf87565a1139106cc04fba120720aa426
Author: Christopher Lam <christopher.lck at>
Date:   Sat Aug 8 11:40:42 2020 +0800

    [report-core] handle export properly
    export code was tested using a custom saved-report, needing to call
    the parent template export code. this could not work when a parent
    template export code was called. enable path to call parent or custom

commit 0a64081b98730821db5f4593f3ee9af824f0ae46
Author: Christopher Lam <christopher.lck at>
Date:   Sat Aug 8 11:39:55 2020 +0800

    [taxtxf.scm] compact, allow error to console
    taxtxf error handling is designed for gui. add code to call
    gnc:gui-error which can also dump error to console if gui is not available.

Summary of changes:
 gnucash/report/report-core.scm                      |  4 +++-
 .../report/reports/locale-specific/us/taxtxf.scm    | 21 ++++++---------------
 2 files changed, 9 insertions(+), 16 deletions(-)

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