gnucash maint: Multiple changes pushed

Robert Fewell bobit at
Sat Jan 25 07:33:11 EST 2020

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commit ffe3aa792cd236890a9295b762e1a9d3a01ef2de
Author: Robert Fewell <14uBobIT at>
Date:   Sat Jan 11 14:10:41 2020 +0000

    Bug 797522 - Focus after reconcile jumps to a different account
    After the use of the reconcile window, the keyboard focus may not be
    on the current account register. This is due to the call for a gui
    refresh which refreshes the pages in reverse qofinstance order and as
    part of this there is a call to grab the keyboard focus on the register
    sheet so the last one will have the keyboard focus which may not be the
    current register, just depends on the order of creation.
    To fix this, as part of the main window page changed callback a flag is
    set on the current sheet to indicate it can grab the focus on refresh.

commit 94cb96501e4e3a405cd5f059ebb75f0b49c020a4
Author: Robert Fewell <14uBobIT at>
Date:   Sat Jan 11 14:06:13 2020 +0000

    Change the way the focus is added to plugin_pages
    This change corrects a previous commit and makes all the plugin_pages
    follow the same format. In the previous commit a test was made for the
    plugin_page to be equal to one returned from get_current_page which
    would always be the case. With this change the respective plugin_page
    is passed as a parameter to the 'page_changed' call back and it is this
    that is tested against the current plugin_page.

commit 7ee3f43037bef40e78b0d792bfbafd4d9cfd42f8
Author: Robert Fewell <14uBobIT at>
Date:   Sat Jan 11 13:54:56 2020 +0000

    Bug 797566 - Crash on use of context menu in importer
    If the context menu key is used on the "Assign transfer account page"
    the application will crash. This was down to the call back function
    gnc_gen_trans_onPopupMenu_cb being defined with a second parameter of
    GdkEvent but it should not have, removing this fixes the bug.

Summary of changes:
 gnucash/gnome/gnc-plugin-account-tree.c            | 39 --------------------
 gnucash/gnome/gnc-plugin-budget.c                  | 39 --------------------
 gnucash/gnome/gnc-plugin-page-account-tree.c       | 26 ++++++++++++++
 gnucash/gnome/gnc-plugin-page-budget.c             | 27 ++++++++++++++
 gnucash/gnome/gnc-plugin-page-invoice.c            | 17 ++++-----
 gnucash/gnome/gnc-plugin-page-owner-tree.c         | 17 ++++-----
 gnucash/gnome/gnc-plugin-page-register.c           | 42 ++++++++++++++++++++++
 gnucash/gnome/gnc-plugin-page-sx-list.c            | 17 ++++-----
 gnucash/gnome/gnc-plugin-register.c                | 25 -------------
 gnucash/gnome/gnc-split-reg.c                      |  8 +++++
 gnucash/gnome/gnc-split-reg.h                      |  1 +
 gnucash/import-export/import-main-matcher.c        |  2 --
 gnucash/register/register-gnome/gnucash-sheet.c    | 15 ++++++--
 gnucash/register/register-gnome/gnucash-sheet.h    |  2 ++
 gnucash/register/register-gnome/gnucash-sheetP.h   |  2 ++
 .../report/report-gnome/gnc-plugin-page-report.c   | 20 ++++-------
 16 files changed, 146 insertions(+), 153 deletions(-)

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