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Sun Jul 26 12:04:10 EDT 2020

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   tagging  d0d7fc8bc10a0087133e77c4831ae3940256f326 (commit)
  replaces  4.0
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Sat Jul 25 15:28:15 2020 -0700

Release GnuCash 4.1.

Christopher Lam (51):
      [report-utilities] ensure commodity-collector doesn't round amounts
      [eguile-utilities] fmtnumeric displays decimal instead of fraction
      [advanced-portfolio] simplify basis-builder
      [advanced-portfolio] simplify basis functions
      [advanced-portfolio] move table-add-stock-rows toplevel
      [advanced-portfolio] fix report warnings flags
      [budget-barchart] reindent/delete-trailing-whitespace/untabify
      Bug 797830 - Expense over time has extra empty row
      [balsheet-pnl] remove monetary-less
      Bug 797835 - Zero Crossing in 4.0 that wasn't in 3.10
      Bug 797828 - Budget Barchart was not upgraded
      Merge branch 'master-797828'
      Merge branch 'master-no-coll-rounding' #740
      [account-piecharts] round account->balance to report-currency SCU
      [eguile-utilities] fmtnumeric displays decimal instead of fraction
      [lot-viewer] lot accumulator uses hashtable avoiding O(N^2)
      CMakeLists: mark deprecation of .scm files
      [account.cpp] prevent crash in gnc_account_get_currency_or_parent
      typo fix edd7efd95 book->!book bail out
      Bug 797840 - Regression: Invoices printed to PDF generate an extra blank page
      [eguile reports] eradicate pythonic for loops, use for-each instead
      [balsheet-eg] modernize accrec to use srfi-9 record
      [balsheet-eg] remove unused functions
      [report-core] use srfi-9 records for <report-template>
      [report-core] use srfi-9 records for <report>
      [html-chart] use srfi-9 records for <html-chart>
      [html-document] use srfi-9 records for <html-document>
      [html-document] use srfi-9 records for <html-object>
      [html-style-info] use srfi-9 records for <html-markup-style-info>
      [html-style-info] use srfi-9 records for <html-data-style-info>
      [html-style-info] use srfi-9 records for <html-style-table>
      [html-style-sheet] use srfi-9 records for <html-style-sheet-template> and <html-style-sheet>
      [html-style-sheet] combine 2 similar functions
      [html-anytag] use srfi-9 records for <html-anytag>
      [html-table] use srfi-9 records for <html-table> and <html-table-cell>
      [html-text] use srfi-9 records for <html-text>
      addendum to 86f7e3329
      [guile-3] change _ to G_
      [aging] use srfi-9 records for :company-info
      [html-html/pie/bar/linechart] use symbol for make-record-type
      [html-table] fix copy-and-paste error in f9b3b105d
      [gnc-numeric] use srfi-9 records for :gnc-monetary
      [gnucash-pot] Add G_ as gettext keyword
      [libguile] use scm_list_N instead of SCM_LISTN
      [test-html-fonts] load-from-path instead of load
      [CmakeLists] Find and link guile-3.0
      [README] document support for guile-3.0
      [gnucash-cli] improve "-R show" to describe report
      Bug 797861 - Yearly / Monthly average reporting displays zeros
      ensure averaging-multipler returns exact numbers rather than floats
      [html-style-info] round amounts in price-render

Frank H. Ellenberger (5):
      L12N: merge recent messages into all po files
      I18N: update LINGUAS
      Merge PR #751 into maint
      Merge PR #752 into maint
      Bug 775582 - Change "Petrol" (or Gas if seen in USA) to "Fuel"

Giuseppe Foti (1):
      L10N:it: 5551 messaggi tradotti.

Jean Laroche (1):
      Bug 797847 - Best match probability calculation on import is too pessimistic

John Ralls (25):
      Release GnuCash 3.11
      Merge Jean Laroche's 'bug_797825_ofx_invest_crash' onto master.
      Link with on those platforms that require it.
      Merge Christoph Holtermann's 'python-sessionOpenMode' into master.
      Add python/ to POTFILES.
      Bug 797850 - Account register credit/debit column headings untranslated
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Bug 797843 - Quickfill broken with Cyrillic input language
      Bug 797853 - Crash on 'Save As' in MacOS Mojave and Gnucash 4
      Let  override AppleLanguages on Macs.
      Bug 797831 - Printer not found
      Bug 797827 - 4.0.1 gnucash-cli seg faults on macOS Catalina
      Merge Jean Laroche's '797759_no_highlight' into maint.
      Merge Jean Laroche's '797854_global_interest_pay_bug1' into maint.
      Bug 797834 - Ctrl+A in account register fields chimes after any...
      Bug 797858 - Transaction date is one day too early from...
      Accommodate AQBanking < 6 use of GWEN_TIME instead of GWEN_DATE.
      Bug 797844 - Typing account number to select account fails
      Bug 797845 - Backspace key produces incorrect result
      Quickfill cells: Remove the selection after a delete.
      Warn against using xaccTransGetSplit for iteration.
      Update translations from the Translation Project.
      [I18n]: Another update for the Japanese translation.
      [] html-escape strings in the html output.
      Release GnuCash 4.1.

Mike Alexander (1):
      Free the libofx contexts that gnc_file_ofx_import_process_file gets.

Robert Fewell (4):
      Bug 797787 - Create new plugin page next to current page
      Add missing LEAVE macro to gnc-tree-model-account.c
      Bug 797842 - Empty Entry widgets not showing insertion cursor
      Bug 797873 - New Account Hierarchy selects en_US

YOSHINO Yoshihito (1):
      L12N:ja: Update from translation project

avma (1):
      Hebrew .po for ver 4.0

c-holtermann (17):
      introduce python submodule deprecation
      make SessionOpenMode enum available for python
      adapt to use of sessionOpenMode in qof_session_begin
      allow keyword arguments for
      update example scripts to SessionOpenMode
      add method decorate_method to
      enable keyword arguments for default_arguments_decorator
      add unittests for function_class
      enable Session.__init__() to be provided with existing instance or book
      decorate Session.begin with default mode argument
      reformat two python example scripts with black
      add some unittests for python Session
      use urllib.parse.urlparse to check for xml on python Session init
      better display for doxygen, typo and consistent naming
      fix SessionOpenMode explanation for SESSION_NEW_OVERWRITE
      fix SessionOpenMode explanation for SESSION_NORMAL_OPEN
      use same order in comment as in definition of SessionOpenMode enum

jean (6):
      Bug 797759 - Some transactions are not highlighted in the matching window
      Bug 797825 - OFX import crashes on import of investment transaction
      Remove created commodities code as it does nothing
      Remove global preference for auto-interest-transfer
      Bug 797854 - Global Register Preference to prompt for interest payment is not being honored.
      Make the edit dialog refresh the auto-interest flag display based on pref

milotype (2):
      Updated Croatian (hr) translation
      Croatian correction of 3 errors

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