gnucash: New annotated tag '3.905'

John Ralls jralls at
Sun Jun 14 18:20:27 EDT 2020

        at (tag)
   tagging  6071202c0ffa5f610cb37036ba3e3fedcc3bf702 (commit)
  replaces  3.904
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Sun Jun 14 12:45:30 2020 -0700

Release GnuCash 3.905

Christopher Lam (16):
      [balance-sheet] hide trading-accounts if use-trading-accts? is unset
      Bug 797786: [balsheet-pnl] retained earnings include closing entries
      Bug 797786: [balsheet-pnl] add liability&equity section in bs
      Bug 797786: [balsheet-pnl] show trading-accounts if set
      Bug 797786: [balsheet-pnl] balance sheet includes closing entries
      [test-cash-flow] include new dependency cash-flow-calc
      Revert guid-dance "balance-sheet/income-statement{-pnl}: swap guids"
      [gnucash-cli] --report show/list outputs to stdout
      [trep-engine] don't create intermediate cells object
      [balsheet-pnl] value-collector doesn't need to ignore closing
      [balsheet-pnl] use (ice-9 match) forms
      [balsheet-pnl] fix balsheet->networth barchart link
      [eguile-utilities] compact & simplify
      [eguile] compact eguile processor
      [html-utilities] gnc:html-render-options-changed shows subreports
      [html-utilities] fix gnc:html-render-options-changed

Frank H. Ellenberger (12):
      tip_of_the_day.c: Revert unintended change from commit 0cfb40e
      doxygen: PERL_PATH has become obsolete in 1.8.0 (25-02-2012)
      I18N: Improve tooltip about double-line-mode
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Fix a typo in my previous commit
      L12N:de 1.msgmerge
      L12N:de 2 Tagestips & 1 Tippfehler
      L12N:de 3. Update header
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/HEAD'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'pr734'
      L12N: merge recent gnucash.pot in po files

Fred Bone (1):
      Bug 797799 - Add Tip of the Day for "Notes" field

Geert Janssens (6):
      Fix translations using boost::locale::translate
      Drop unused boost::locale::generator instantiations
      Make gnucash-cli a console application on Windows
      Revert "Make gnucash-cli a console application on Windows"
      Bug 797791 - [Windows] list of command line options after 'gnucash.exe --help'?
      Bug 797800 - [help screen items] clarification welcome

Jannick (1):
      de.po: fixes for the Account Import Assistant

John Ralls (7):
      Bug 797746 - [reports] German umlauts not escaped
      Fix report dependencies that caused Xcode build failure.
      Extract cash-flow-calc-money-in-out to its own module.
      Improve comments explaining exposed generators.
      Can't set target link options until we've defined the target.
      Merge Chris Good's 'gnc-fq-dumpMas' into master.
      Release GnuCash 3.905.

Mike Alexander (1):
      Don't reference undefined variable if price is not set.

Robert Fewell (7):
      Add the Register width menu options to the Scheduled
      Update Schedule Transaction Template dialog status bar
      Bug 797790 - Set the default folder for Associations
      Add some top / bottom margin to the existing association label
      Bug 797531 - Improve jumps to filtered registers
      Error in trace file for Dialog Options
      Bug 797804 - Another misbehaving text cursor in register.

goodvibes2 (3):
      gnc-fq-dump: add examples to synopsis + remove tabs
      gnc-fq-dump: Err msg if AlphaVantage API Key is needed but missing
      Bug 796993 - Get Quotes: Err msg if Alpha Vantage API key needed

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