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John Ralls jralls at
Sat Jun 27 17:56:58 EDT 2020

        at (tag)
   tagging  0fe9ba79e21d0545f4c1f9eb373a9450803a83c4 (commit)
  replaces  3.10
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Fri Jun 26 17:11:05 2020 -0700

Release GnuCash 3.11

Christopher Lam (16):
      [window-reconcile] refactor common actions into WidgetSetAmount
      Bug 797605 - RFE: Customer/Vendor/Employee Overview should also have "Process Payment" toolbar
      Merge branch 'maint-refactor-reconcile-renderers' into maint
      [gnc-exp-parser] don't crash when gnc:fn returns non-number
      Merge branch 'maint-strengthen-exp-parser' into maint
      [dialog-dup-trans] add&expose gnc_dup_time64_dialog
      Bug 782455 - Modify Add Reversing Transaction feature
      Adds "Delete Budget" menu item
      [receipt] remove dead code
      Merge branch 'patch-1' of git:// into maint
      [fin.scm] return #f instead of -1 if n is out of range
      Revert "Bug 797605 - RFE: Customer/Vendor/Employee Overview should also have "Process Payment" toolbar"
      Bug 797707 - CSV Transaction Export: custom dates should be insensitive by default
      Bug 797659 - Liabilities in budget report no longer calculate correctly
      Bug 797761 - Customer report beta: opening balance tax column shows garbage string
      [eguile-utilities] fmtnumeric displays decimal instead of fraction

Frank H. Ellenberger (20):
      Merge PR #699 - Hebrew Translation Update for ver 3.10
      Merge PR #693 into maint
      Merge 'Update Croatian po and glossary files' by Milo Ivir
      Add a tip about announcements and other mailing lists
      I18N: Hotfix for bug 797725
      I18N: Msgmerge recent changes
      Use more precise strings in gnc-split-reg.c
      I18N: Fix several issuse with 'Help not found' strings
      I18N: fix translator comments in window-reconcile.c
      HIG, I18N: Improve Budget menu entries
      HIG, I18N: Improve Budget menu entries and tooltips
      Update description of gnc_gnome_help and gnc_launch_assoc
      I18N: Improve tooltip about double-line-mode
      Fix a typo in my previous commit
      L12N:de 1.msgmerge
      L12N:de 2 Tagestips & 1 Tippfehler
      L12N:de 3. Update header
      Add missing #includes into gnc-imp-settings-csv-price.cpp
      L12N:uk: remove duplicate message block
      L12N: merge recent messages into all po files

Fred Bone (1):
      Bug 797799 - Add Tip of the Day for "Notes" field

Geert Janssens (2):
      Display report zoom factor with one decimal space.
      Bug 797717 - Summary bar changes height when opening a menu or scrolling over an option

John Ralls (27):
      Fix typo. Really fixes 797674.
      Fix failed build of python tests and failed test in 3.10 tarball.
      Force WITH_PYTHON=YES for distcheck.
      Merge Jean Laroche's '797114_Delet_Account' into maint.
      Bug 797677 - Price Database Saving Wrong Price for Foreign Currency
      Bug 797684 - GTK_DEBUG=interactive - Bail out - gdk_window_set_cursor_internal
      Set CONFIGURATIONS property on tests only for Xcode.
      Bug 797697 - Enable DEP and ASLR for the Windows build
      Merge Christoph Holtermann's 'python-app-utils-2' into maint.
      Merge Christoph Holtermann's 'python-shell-output-improved' into maint.
      Merge Jean Laroche's '797670_Xtran_editor_crash' into maint.
      Merge Jean Laroche's 'Fix-3-SX-Problems' into maint
      Merge Jean Laroche's '797351_zombie_transaction' into maint.
      Update Ukrainian translation fro the translation project.
      Respect the environment LD_LIBRARY_PATH for loading Scheme modules and tests.
      Fix transaction post_date being set to midnight local.
      Fix test failure for timezones west of the prime meridian.
      Fix LIBDBI_DRIVERS_DIR generation.
      Merge Jean Laroches '797737_match_previously_matched_trans' into maint.
      Bug 797748 - missing header "algorithm"
      Bug 797750 - SIGSEV in swig-engine.c
      Move the Windows README files to gnucash-on-windows where they belong.
      Remove obsolete documentation files.
      Bug 797811 - GnuCash crashes with segfault when saving to mysql...
      Updated Ukrainian Translation from the Translation Project.
      Merge new Ukrainian translation into maint.
      Release GnuCash 3.11

Marko Kohtala (1):
      L10N:fi: Update translations and add glossary

Robert Fewell (3):
      Merge Jean Laroche's branch 'set_focus_to_filter_in_search' into maint
      Merge Jean Laroche's branch 'fix_seg_fault_in_matcher'  into maint
      Merge Chris Good's branch 'bug797648Rec-2', PR #713 into maint

Thomas Schärli (2):
      L10N:de_CH: Ein weiterer Tippfehler im Kontenrahmen KMU
      L10N:de: "Für" klein in "Ergebnisrechnung für Periode" etc.

avma (1):
      Hebrew Translation Update for ver 3.10

c-holtermann (4):
      app_utils needs to be imported to module gnucash to be accessible
      utilize app_utils wrapper
      restructure info so that python help will display it
      improve output and explain code for python shell

goodvibes2 (3):
      Revert "Use Doxygen format for function comment"
      Revert "Bug 797648 - Fix problem reconciling multiple splits in a transaction"
      Bug 797648 Redo - Reconciliation - Treat each split independently

jean (8):
      Bug 797114 - Fixing an SX due to deleted account stuck in an error loop
      Add code to make tree expand when user starts typing when selecting accounts
      Bug 797351 - General ledger register transaction becomes "zombie" after deletion
      Bug 797670 - scheduled transaction editor can remain open when switching file, which causes seg fault when later closed
      Added same code to transaction matcher
      Fix 3 problems with the scheduled transactions calculations
      Fix the crash that occurs when opening a new book when the transaction-matching dialog has been opened then closed.
      Bug 797737 - Import matching can match an imported transaction to an existing, previously matched transaction

milotype (2):
      Update Croatian glossary file
      Update Croatian hr.po file

thetedmunds (1):
      Adding lines missing from fix for Bug 797196

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