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Sat Jun 27 17:57:37 EDT 2020

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        on  Sat Jun 27 08:59:50 2020 -0700

Release Documentation for GnuCash 3.11.

David Cousens (4):
      cherrypicked changes from 797696
      Fixes requested by Fellen
      Modifications to Guide Ch12 to include multi-currency transactions using trading accounts.
      Minor Correction to Help Manual

Frank H. Ellenberger (18):
      Help: "Update Yahoo Codes for Exchanges and Markets"
      L10N:de: Hilfe: Aktualisiere Yahoo-Kürzel für Börsen und Märkte
      Minor imrovements on Invoice ID
      Minor fixes from the PR #138 discussion
      Improve links to Selingers tutorials
      Merge PR #137 into maint
      L10N of "Improve links to Selingers tutorials"
      Note on dots in yahoo symbols
      Appendix: add "Ticker" to distinguish from security numbers
      L12N:de Übersetzung der beiden letzen Änderungen
      Bug 797783 - Reverse "over" and "under" estimate of the unrealized
      Bug 770132 - Price editor does not find ASX:XRO
      L12N:it, pt update: Vanguard is part of AlphaVantage
      Update bug URL in currently unused */it/it.po
      Remove obsolete Docbook declaration comments from docs
      Get rid of ulink type="http"
      Right align numerical column in fq-spec-tiaa

Hong Xu (1):
      Bug 797783 - Reverse "over" and "under" estimate of the unrealized

John Ralls (2):
      Fix obsolete guide cross-reference.
      Release Documentation for GnuCash 3.11.

goodvibes2 (1):
      Update fq-sources.html: asx source is working again

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