gnucash maint: Multiple changes pushed

Frank H.Ellenberger fell at
Thu Dec 2 21:39:54 EST 2021

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commit b8458d073252daa564c1bf9efab0cbb016e6fe77
Author: Frank H. Ellenberger <frank.h.ellenberger at>
Date:   Fri Dec 3 02:04:47 2021 +0100

    L10N:es: minor formal fixes on last commit; merge last pot

commit e187d3b93b8b3b9dd92b2ab580695c6628ed1e7d
Author: Javier F. Serrador <fserrador at>
Date:   Thu Dec 2 20:09:02 2021 +0100

    Bug 797618 - Spanish translation of Shares and Stock
    Also update to 4.8-pre2

Summary of changes:
 po/es.po | 8037 ++++++++++++++++++++------------------------------------------
 1 file changed, 2587 insertions(+), 5450 deletions(-)

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