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Sat Mar 27 20:34:44 EDT 2021

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  replaces  4.4
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Sat Mar 27 17:02:41 2021 -0700

Tag GnuCash 4.5 Docs Release

CWehli (1):
      Added the new report "ch_reports.xml"

Frank H. Ellenberger (21):
      Specify ISO currencies in overview (en, de)
      Revert "Remove the Russian translation for the Guide."
      Bug 798089 - Starting "Tutorial and Concepts Guide" writes …
      Use Version 4.4 also in autotools
      Fix a syntax error in CI
      Update copyright year of german guide
      Update saved-reports location
      Guide: New year
      Several updates in report-create
      Finish updates of report-create
      Remove a spurious space from our DTD
      Reports: Reflect commit e4088ee
      Report: Join several notes in one footnote
      Several minor improvements of Reports
      New section "Country Specific Reports"
      Update links about tax report …
      Explain default sort order
      Add IDs to all html chunks of help
      Rewording of tools abstract
      Online banking: Table of protocolls
      Add wiki links about Online Banking Setup

Geert Janssens (2):
      Update README for cmake build system
      Put cmake info before the deprecated autotools info

John Ralls (1):
      Release Documentation for Gnucash 4.5.

Mechtilde (12):
      Starting with the first part of the German translation
      Activated chapter reports for building
      More parts translated
      Part AssetsAnd Liabilities are translated
      Added Translation for business reports
      Comments from fell implemented
      Removed more whitespaces
      Transalted groug of business reports
      Translated part Income & Expense and Examples
      Finished the translation of chapter reports
      Corrected transaction to Buchung
      Corrected rpt_transaction

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