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Sun Sep 26 13:44:46 EDT 2021

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   tagging  34481d06c689d4d4814a92a8e1c91b38818380b6 (commit)
  replaces  4.6
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Sat Sep 25 14:56:14 2021 -0700

Tag GnuCash Documentation 4.7

Christian Wehling (5):
      L10N:de: de/Help_ch_Customize.xml Bildschirmfotos...
      L10n:de: Optimize the pic
      Remove some unresolved ID reference from Help-Files
      L10N:de: Beschreibung der Ex- und Import-Assistenten der Kontenstruktur
      L10N:de: Ãœbersetzung von Help_ch_Customize.xml

Frank H. Ellenberger (31):
      L10N:de: Tip des Tages: Gleiche Reihenfolge in Bild und Beschreibung
      Bug 798226 postprocessing: xmlformat
      L10N:de:Help: Verbessere Titel von GUI-Menus
      L10N:de:Help: Main-window-callouts.png Registerkarte -> Reiter
      L10N:de:Help: Image optimization (again)
      Minor improvements in C and de Help Tips on alphavantage
      Bug 798236 - Remove comment about swapped A/P & A/R terminology
      Mark guides import chapter as outdated
      Python Bindings: link examples in API docs
      Merge PR #186 into maint
      Move Overview before Basics
      Merge PR #189 into maint
      Merge PR #193 into maint
      Merge PR #194 into maint
      Merge PR #195 into maint
      Merge branch 'PR_#196' into maint
      Improve last commit (Guide:txns): Change in GTK3
      Guide/C: Note on fieldnames in CSV import
      Merge branch 'PR_#210' into maint
      Remove obsolete appendixesalso from italian guide
      Merge branch 'PR_#213' into maint
      Shrink .gitignore to autotools inserts
      Drop travis-ci in favour of github worflows
      Merge branch 'PR_#192' into maint
      Help/de: Crop Export screenshots
      Merge branch 'PR_#197' into maint
      Merge branch 'PR_#198' into maint
      Guide:C:Currency: update images Part 1
      Merge PR_#184 into maint
      Minor fix on PR #184
      Merge PR_#226 into maint

Geert Janssens (3):
      Install license files COPYING and COPYING-DOCS
      Add license file to git tracking
      Fix license file

John Ralls (2):
      Release Documentation for GnuCash 4.7
      Fix misaligned copy/paste

TANIGUCHI Yasuaki (38):
      Bug 798226 - minor mistakes in Tutorial and Concepts guide 2
      Replace starting balance with opening balance.
      Replace hardcoded part names with xlinks.
      Change parts name (Bug 788912 - "Part III. Managing Business Finances"
      Add entities for Apache OpenOffice, LibreOffice, and a GnuCash file
      Added a space between a word and a tag.
      Replace misused acronyms with guilabels.
      Add spaces between words and tags to avoid word concatenation.
      Add spaces between words and tags to avoid word concatenation.
      Fix typos.
      Fix typos.
      Add markups.
      More markups.
      Add replaceable tag, see
      Minor fix.
      Fix typos.
      Fix comment
      Fix comment
      Change a paragraph to itemizedlist to make translation easier.
      Fix comments bellow:
      Fix comment below:
      Fix comments below:
      Fix comment below:
      Fix comment below:
      Change the system order of procedure. &lin;, &mac;, &win;
      Unify words and account names.
      Add a comment for translators.
      Remove obsolete appendix C about VAT from guide.
      Remove obsolete appendix B about FAQ from guide.
      * {guide,help}/*/.gitignore were deleted completely.
      Make DTD ENTITY(s) translatable. See docbook/README.
      Move untranslated entity messages from gnc-docbookx.dtd to each locale file.
      Add ENTITY(s) prefix guisubmenu, guimenuitem, and guilabel as gsm, gmi, and gl, respectively.
      Apply dtd-locale to help/de/Help_para-assist-intro.xml.
      Replace COPYING file from GPL 3 to GPL 2.
      Update README and other files.
      Add WayBack Machine information for HTML Help Workshop download.
      Workaround patch for install gnc-locale-${lang}.dtd for CMake.

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