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Sat Dec 17 23:09:51 EST 2022

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   tagging  821747e31d79121c07b3dbb9652d4a3f8dad260e (commit)
  replaces  4.12
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Sat Dec 17 17:14:32 2022 -0800

Release Documentation for GnuCash 4.13

Christian Wehling (5):
      L10n:de: manual, ch_Finance-Quote: enter the latest improvements
      manual, ch_Finance-Quote: Replace "GnuCash" with the usual entity
      gnc-gui-struct.dtd: fix some mistakes and add insert much more entities
      L10N:de: manual: Using the GUI entries for menu items and key
      manual, ch_Finance-Quote: fix broken entities

Frank H. Ellenberger (23):
      Remove surplus bracket from last commit
      Bug 798623 - ENG. Typo "documenation"
      Fix a typo in README
      Downgrade a few warnings as there is no danger
      Fix a typo in 'Bug798624'
      Replace all hardcoded width="510[px]" by "&img-w;" for for both
      Guide:C: Fix image declarations
      Enhance bookinfos by subtitle and titleabbrev;drop "Help" from manual
      Bug 798645 - screens instead of WINDOWS
      Replace "Online Quote Setup" instructions in Guide by links to the
      Update app-fq-vers to "1.53"
      Improve markup of PR_#292
      Manual:C: Convert CSV assistant into <procedure>
      [Bug 798665] New: ENG. Typo: Unnecessary determiner "a" [2.6.1.
      Partial Modernization of Manual:C:Business
      Update url-irc to "irc://"
      Update README: irc server, more http: -> https:
      L10N:*: replace irc.gnome… by irc.gimp…
      L10N:*: replace irc.gnome… by irc.gimp…—the last
      Minor fixes on PR #293
      Review URLs and replace them by entities in all parts and languages
      Bug 798674 - Broken link on Chapter 17. Python Bindings
      Manual:de: Account_Actions: Tippfehler-Korrektur

Geert Janssens (1):
      Ensure our documentation is also found when gnucash is run in KDE

John Ralls (5):
      Restore draft status in gnc-docbook.dtd.
      Bug 798620 - Unable to build docs on Mageia Cauldron
      Merge Tomáš Hnyk's 'Bug798624' into maint.
      [pt transactions] Fix broken image href.
      Release Documentation for GnuCash 4.13

Tomáš Hnyk (1):
      Bug 798624 - Document how to check if GnuCash is running when updating quotes

flywire (1):
      Multi-split csv elaboration

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