gnucash master: Multiple changes pushed

John Ralls jralls at
Fri Dec 30 18:51:58 EST 2022

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commit a7abb82d30628ced3eaafa797bdc62c0c8566379
Merge: fb29ed9d4 0e565f48d
Author: John Ralls <jralls at>
Date:   Fri Dec 30 15:46:51 2022 -0800

    Merge Bob Fewell's 'bug403979' into master.

commit 0e565f48d63a409f058634eef5bdd35caa1aff92
Author: Robert Fewell <14uBobIT at>
Date:   Fri Nov 25 15:12:25 2022 +0000

    Bug 403979 - Balance column shows only low order digits when too narrow
    When the column/cell is too narrow to display all of the numbers it
    will only display the low-order digits which can be confusing.
    To over come this, when the column/cell is too narrow elipsize at
    the end so you have a visual indication the cell is to narrow.

Summary of changes:
 .../register/register-gnome/gnucash-sheet-private.c  | 20 ++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 20 insertions(+)

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