I guess I must be dense...

Dave Peticolas dave@krondo.com
Fri, 01 Dec 2000 14:12:02 -0800

Lauren Matheson writes:
> On the whole I love gnucash - thank you to all who have invested so much.


> There are a few things that I find frustrating with it, so as they
> come to me I will try to pass them on - not as criticism, but as
> opportunities for improvement if you have the time and energy at
> some point.  The one that comes to mind right now is with memorized
> transactons and comments.  I have many transactions in my chequing
> account that I have entere d using gnucash's helpful auto complete,
> but I have just discovered that while I removed or changed the
> transaction's comments as I entered them in the chequing account,
> the comment on the expense account side has perpetuated all the way
> through the transactions.  I usually use double line mode, so I
> didn' t see that half of the comments.  My suggestion would be
> either to memorize onl y the comments displayed in the register you
> are working in (not the other half ) or to change both comments to
> be the same if the comment is edited when it is added, or to clear
> the other account's comment when the current account's comment is
> changed on an auto complete function.

Yes, this has been reported before. The problem is, the 'memo'
field is actually associated with splits, and not transactions.

The next major version of GnuCash will have a 'notes' field that
is associated with tranasctions, and will be displayed in place
of the memo on the transction line in double-mode. Memos will
only be shown with splits.

Will that solve your problem?