transaction auto-completion

Dave Peticolas
Mon, 11 Dec 2000 13:32:04 -0800

Jason Rennie writes:
> said:
> > For example, in my paycheck statment, the memo fields describe each of
> > the different parts of my paycheck, including taxes, etc. So when I
> > auto-complete that transaction, it makes perfect sense to retain the
> > memo fields, because they apply in the same way. To me, that's what
> > auto-completion is for.
> Sorry to butt in, but isn't that what the account/category field is for?
> When I have a paycheck entered, I have the money go to various accounts
> including federal taxes, state taxes, social security, medicare,
> retirement, health care, etc.  I generally use the memo field for
> additional notes that I don't want to try to put in the account/category
> field.  For example, if I use a credit card to buy a gift for someone, I'd
> choose the Expenses:Gifts:Given expense category and then write "for John"
> in the memo field.  Also, if I were to buy a couch, I'd set the category
> to Expenses:Home:Furniture and write "couch" in the memo field.
> I use the memo field as a note for the entire transaction rather than
> being related to a particular split.  In fact, the UI isn't really
> designed to align a memo field with each split since for N splits, there
> are only N-1 memo fields; you can't see the memo field for the split
> concerned with the currently viewed account...

The UI for 2.0 will be designed to show all memo fields (and all splits)
in multi-line mode.

What used to be the 'memo' field in double-line mode will be a 'notes'
field that is associated with transactions, not splits.