Best way to set up accounts

Robert Graham Merkel
Sun, 17 Dec 2000 14:20:12 +1100

Red Snapper writes:
 > First, thanks much for your labors, I love product!
 > Please forgive too my poor English.

That's ok.  I can't speak for the other developers, but I doubt 
we speak your native language very well either :)

 > My question is thusly as follows.  Pretend, if you
 > will, that you are me.  Don't have long face, this
 > will take scarce moments ;)!  You have vanilla
 > checking account which you use for grouping
 > transactions from three real estate properties for
 > renting.  Soon you must report to uncle Sam about each
 > property separately.  There are some split
 > transactions (e.g. pay landscaper with one check to
 > service two landscapes!).
 > To accomplish you might:
 > a) create accounts e.g. "Expenses:Real Estate:Property
 > A:Landscaping" and too "Expenses:Real Estate:Property
 > B:Landscaping", but this weighs heavy on heart.  

OK, this is what I would do.  If I'm understanding you correctly, 
this is a problem.  Why is this a problem?

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