Newbie questions
Wed, 27 Dec 2000 23:01:11 -0600 (CST)

It's been rumoured that Marcel Felgentraeger said:
> I have read in the archives that there were attempts to add a function for
> scheduled events. I was wondering if somebody is still working on it and how
> far it has come till now. As a former user of Quicken, this is one of the
> functions I miss the most.

I think someone is working this ...

> The next question is concerning the right way to handle stock options. In my
> case I have options for say 10 stocks from my company. I had to pay 1 Eur each
> to show that I accept the options. In two years I can change my options into
> stocks for say 50 Eur. The problem is: I don't have any idea how to handle
> this. Would it be right to add the options to my depot? 

Options are real things that have real values, they can be bought and
sold.   The CBOE trades billions every day. 

So, yes, put them to some account.

> But than I would have
> to insert the price of 50 Eur, 
> which I have not yet payed. 

No, you would insert the price that they are actually worth today,
which is probably about 1 eur.  Do *not* enter the strke price
(50 eur); that would be wrong, espcially since it sounds like they're
'under water'.

> On the other hand I
> want to keep track of my theoretical wealth. 

you can, of course, type in any price you want, but that is not
usualy wise.  In the US, the expression is 'counting your chickens before
they're hatched.'