gnucash on Linux PDAs

Gary E Bickford
Sun, 31 Dec 2000 12:05:22 -0800

Tyson Dowd wrote:

> On 27-Dec-2000, Todd Greer <> wrote:
>> Does anybody know if gnucash works on any of the Linux PDAs?  If (as I
>> suspect) it doesn't, that would be a very cool thing (with some UI
>> changes for the small displays, of course).  Syncronization would then
>> be pretty simple, I think.
> The UI would have to be completely re-done.  This isn't a killer as
> the UI has been factored out from the application (there have been other
> UIs in the past).
> It would be nice if you could synchronize with just a simple expense
> tracking system such as what came with my Palm III.  That's a project
> that is much smaller.  It's also already on the projects list for
> gnucash -- AFAIK nobody is working on it just yet.
There is a Perl script that was posted on this list or the dev list a 
while back, which imports from the PocketMoney application into 
GNUCash.  There is room for improvement of course, but it works.  I 
think the author posted it onto SourceForge as well.

Gary B