newbie how-to-best-do-it ?

Frank P. Miles
Mon, 04 Sep 2000 20:43:02 -0700

Jason Rennie wrote:
> Hi Frank,
> said:
> > What is unclear to me is how to set up accounts so that I may simply
> > and clearly be able to evaluate how the accounts are doing both as
> > single accounts and as a group (net worth).
> So, if I understand you correctly, this can all be done through the
> hierarchical organization of accounts that GNUCash allows.  I would
> suggest that you take a look at:
> Here, you'll see a sample account structure with a three-level
> hierarchical structure.


Sorry, I'm dense.  Perhaps a more specific example would help explain my
confusion.  Let's assume a "stock" account in which $10 is initially
from some other account.  Over the next two years, $2 is accumulated due
interest/dividends/capital gains.  At the present time there are three
ways that occur to me to enter the $2:
	a) entered directly, without transferring from any other account
		Problem: the $2 appears as a "cost" in the stock report
	b) set up a subsidiary "income" account on the same or equivalent
		level.  Problem:  Gnucash won't permit this
	c) set up an "income" account on higher level
		Problem: Gnucash can't readily associate the income 
		with its source.  It still gets counted as cost.
Similar things occur, AFAICT, with bank accounts and such.

Thanks for your thoughtful responses.