newbie how-to-best-do-it ?

Bill Gribble
Tue, 5 Sep 2000 08:28:22 -0500

On Tue, Sep 05, 2000 at 11:46:32PM +1100, Robert Graham Merkel wrote:
> Frank P. Miles writes:s
>  > 	c) set up an "income" account on higher level
>  > 		Problem: Gnucash can't readily associate the income 
>  > 		with its source.  It still gets counted as cost.
>  > Similar things occur, AFAICT, with bank accounts and such.
> You're absolutely right - we need the ability to associate dividends
> (which directly affect only an income and a bank account) with the
> stock that generates them.

I must have deleted the first bit of this thread, sorry.  

What's the problem with the way the QIF code does this automatically?
Each stock you hold has a separate income account for dividends, 
also separated by the brokerage: 

Dean Witter:IBM Common             <---- the STOCK account
Dividends:Dean Witter:IBM Common   <---- income account for dividends

This isn't as pretty as it could be, but it correctly keeps the
information separate.  RSN each account will also have some
meta-information that will allow you to "group" all the IBM-related
accounts together, but the way described above doesn't get you any
wrong answers.  Does it?

If this was not what y'all were talking about, sorry.