reverse balance accounts

Jason Rennie
Thu, 07 Sep 2000 21:17:42 -0400


A while ago, I suggested adding more options to "reversed-balance account 
types" in the GNUCash preferences.  I guess it might very well be 
possible to enumerate all possible combinations that some reasonable 
number of users might want, but maybe it would be better to more closely 
tie this with the individual accounts.  Personally, I had some trouble 
discovering the "reversed-balance account types" option.  Also, if 
GNUCash continues with the option in the preferences pop-up, describing 
sets of account types may get a bit hairy.

So, why not just have a button in each "Edit account" dialog?  One would
probably want to base default settings on account type and possibly even
require that the reversed-balanced option be consistent within connected
accounts of the same type, but using one button per account should make it
easier for every user to get what he/she wants (w/ respect to
reverse-balance) while limiting the burden on developers (since this
should be easy to design/implement vs. trying to enumerate sets of
reverse-balance account types).