reverse balance accounts

Jason Rennie
Fri, 08 Sep 2000 14:49:53 -0400 said:
> As for the reverse-balance setting in the preferences menu, there
> really isn't another reasonable default setting that I am aware of.
> Most non-accountant users like to see negative expenses and positive
> income, while most accounting-savvy users want to see balances reflect
> the debit/credit status of the account.

I personally like seeing loans and credit cards negative with everything
else positive (unless I've run out of money in my checking account :).
Hence, I like only income to be reverse-balanced.  I guess there's a good 
chance that I'm just weird <g>, but if there are others who want 
different styles, one setting per account or account type would handle 
the problem nicely. said:
> If there are a class of accounts that people want to see with the
> opposite sign, I think that should be discussed, but it seems to me
> that if an account has the "wrong" sign it's probably symptomatic of a
> systematic problem in the way one is using the program (i.e. putting
> negative numbers for check amounts).

Really?  It couldn't be that the user simply has a different set of 
biases?  Besides my own preference and the ones listed in the preferences 
pop-up, I can also see people wanting to have everything be positive 
(under normal circumstances).  i.e. reverse balancing income, liabilities 
and credit cards.

Oh well, GNUCash is truly a great program, so not changing over to 
per-account negative-balance settings wouldn't make me stop using it or 
anything :)

Thanks for the discussion,