Split entries: wrong descriptions?

Andrea Borgia bab0069@iperbole.bologna.it
Wed, 13 Sep 2000 18:29:42 +0200


If I enter a new split transaction (or change an existing one), the
description for the main entry is used as description for the first
split in the linked account.

=46or example: enter a check in your checking account, say $120 (job X
plus expenses), split into $100 (job payment) and $20 (expenses). If
you select "job payment" and jump to the linked entry in, say, the
income account you see that the description is "job X plus expenses"
and not "job payment".

I do not know if this is a FAQ or not, I had a quite thorough look at
the online docs, the website and the changelog but found nothing. My
only other gripe with splits is the way the amounts are displayed in
the linked accounts, it's a bit confusing, but the docs say the
developers know that so it's ok for me.

TIA for your help,

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