bank accounts: how to enter interests?

Dave Peticolas
Wed, 13 Sep 2000 14:15:53 -0700

Andrea Borgia writes:
> Hi.
> >From the online help, I gather that the main difference between a bank
> and a cash account is that bank accounts may produce interests. Now,
> my question is: how do I enter them?
> For the time being, I created a subaccount of Income called Interests
> and filed them there, but I could have done the same with a cash
> account and no one the wiser, right?
> Tell me I am missing something...

You're not missing anything :) The account types "Bank" and "Cash"
are currently just names, GnuCash does not treat them differently.

That may change in the future in terms of what information GnuCash
will prompt you for about the account (i.e., Bank name, telephone
number, interest rate, etc.) and how it treats the account (i.e.,
is interest projected).