Selling mutual funds

Markus Lindholm
Thu, 14 Sep 2000 13:07:30 +0200


Could somebody give me a hand and explain how I should record the
selling of a fund. It shouldn't be too difficult, I guess, but somehow I
don't get it to add up.

I the begining of this year, before I started to use Gnucash, I bought
some shares in a fund. Couple of days ago I sold those shares and made a
small profit. So I created a mutual fund account for this fund and
created the opening transaction, balancing it against Equity.

Now that I sold the fund, my understanding of how this should be
recorded is (and I can be wrong, I have only little experiance in

- the bankaccount where the money went should ofcourse be increased with
the sum of the transaction (initial investment + capital gain or #shares
* price on the day of the sale)

- the income account Capital gains should be increase with the profit

- the balance on the mutual fund account should go down to zero

If I use a asset account instead of a mutual fund account I can record
these transaction like this. But when I use a mutual fund account I
can't record the capital gain in any way that wouldn't be either a
selling or buying of shares.

Thanks in advance