technical: pointer-token-null?

Al B. Snell
Mon, 18 Sep 2000 07:21:48 +0100 (BST)

On Mon, 18 Sep 2000, Robert Graham Merkel wrote:

> Yeah, as I'm in Australia and we've just moved over to a VAT-like
> system I can appreciate the need for this :)

I weep with you :-)

>  > 4) Depreciation? Given a depreciation rate and method (linear or
>  > geometric), automagically transfer from an asset account to a nominated
>  > depreciation expense account an appropriate amount each year.
> I don't know about automatic transfers (yet . . .) but Dave, weren't
> we going to add this kind of thing to the financial calculator ?

Automatic transfers would probably be a boon, I guess. Scheduling them is
a whole new kettle of fish; when gnucash is started, it'd need to see what
autotransfers were due since the last time it checked for them, and
perform them. And do the same thing periodically if it was left open, I
guess. That infrastructure would make a good point to run the thing that
checks stock prices too!

> I'll be working on this.  We're going to be working on the reporting
> infrastructure to make writing reports a little easier.

That's cool. Designing infrastructures is what I do for a living and a
hobby - feel free to bounce ideas off of me offlist if you like.


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