[pp@ludusdesign.com: GnuCash documentation]

Dave Peticolas dave@krondo.com
Thu, 28 Sep 2000 15:04:46 -0700

> ----- Forwarded message from Pierre Phaneuf <pp@ludusdesign.com> -----
> A few things for the wish/todo list:
> It would be nice if the GnuCash documentation was available under some
> nicely printable format (PostScript, PDF, DVI).

The development version of gnucash uses sgml (docbook) for the manual,
so you will be able to create a postscript, pdf, or dvi file of it.

> My Internet banking interface (https://accesd.desjardins.com/, there is
> some info) supports exportation to OFX (Open Finance Exchange) format,
> which is supposedly supported by Quicken and some other software.
> Supporting this would be cool.

Yes, it would :) OFX support is on our wishlist, but it probably
won't happen soon.

> A tutorial to GnuCash would also be nice (I am not knowledgeable about
> finance software).

The next version of gnucash will have a much better manual, including
probably a tutorial.