next install roadblock

Michael T. Garrison Stuber
Thu, 02 Aug 2001 18:58:06 -0400

> I could only decipher references to slib, so I installed
> 'slib-2d2-1.noarch.rpm' in hopes that might help.  I also found the file
> slib/require.scm it wanted in /usr/share/umb-scheme/slib/require.scm.
> So I symbolically linked to it in '/usr/local/share/guile' and in '.',
> where it seemed to be looking, but no luck--got the same error.

Guile needs the whole slib, not just require.scm.  Thus, your symlink 
intuition is correct, you just need to create it differently.  Go into 
/usr/local/share/guile and create a symbolib link called slib to the 
/usr/share/umb-scheme/slib directory.  I do not claim to understand the 
inner workings of guile, but I know this is what my system requires.  You 
may also need to set your SCHEME_LIBRARY_PATH.  On my system the RPM adds a 
script to /etc/profile.d to do this for you.