Gnucash dependencies

Marcel Felgentraeger
Fri, 3 Aug 2001 16:28:45 +0000

Am Freitag,  3. August 2001 00:04 schrieb Lewis Parker:
> Question from someone new to Linux. In trying to install a gnucash rpm
> using Yast (SUSE 7.1), I get a message that the dependencies are not
> satisfied. Two examples;
> 1. The file is locate on my computer and Yast was not able to find it.
> 2. The file must be imported from the internet.
> How does one make the files available to Yast so that gnucash can be
> installed.
> Thanks,
> Lew

Maybe I can help out here, since I have just managed to install 1.6.1 on my 
SuSE 7.1. Thanx to all who helped me there.

I would suggest to install the progamm from source, since I had the 
experience, that downloading and installing an updated rpm from suse just 
gave me new unfullfilled dependencies. There is a helpfile describing the 
installation on a suse system in the doc directory of the gnucash tarball.

Most of the packages come with SuSE 7.1. You will have to download
g-wrap, Guppi, slib and gal. I think thats all. If you get a failure like 
"missing libguppi" you have installed guppi in the wrong path. Thats what 
happened to me. Linking the the libguppiConf to the /opt/gnome/lib/ may not 
be the most elegant way, but it worked.

Good luck.