gnucash debian 1.6.1-3 crashes on report generation

Seth Gordon
3 Aug 2001 18:44:23 -0000

When I try to generate one of the expense barcharts or piecharts,
Gnucash crashes.  When I run it with the --debug option, its last message is:

** CRITICAL **: file gnome-font.c: line 194 (gnome_font_new): assertion `face != NULL' failed.
I can't find the default fonts needed by Guppi.
In 99% of all cases, this means that there is a problem with
your installed version of gnome-print.

According to dselect, the "gnome-print" package has been replaced by
various "libgnomeprint*" packages.  I am running gnucash 1.6.1-3,
libgnomeprint{15,-bin,-data} 0.29-5, and gsfonts 6.0-2, on debian unstable.

The reports had been working in the last version of Gnucash I had been
running on debian -- I think it was 1.6.0.

I tried doing "apt-get dist-upgrade" today, and after getting
everything upgraded, and confirming that both gnucash and its
dependants were up to date, I still got the bug.

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