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18 Aug 2001 06:49:09 -0700

Thank you Dale for your answer.  I have finally got a chance to look at it and respond.  If I pull up the register window, then look under register, and then style, I find: single line, double line, multi line, auto single and auto double, but no transaction journal.  I am using version 1.4.3, do I need to upgrade, or am I looking in the wrong place.

Thank you,
Shawn Young

On Sat, 04 August 2001, Dale Alspach wrote:

> Look under register style. A transaction journal is probably what you want.
> I make a payroll entry in my checking account register and then make splits
> for various taxes and deductions. I find the labeling of columns slightly
> confusing. The taxes are deposits to various tax (expense) accounts and the
> gross is a withdrawal from an income account.
> Dale Alspach