Problem with entering transaction

Dave Peticolas
26 Aug 2001 14:45:59 -0700

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On Sun, 2001-08-26 at 11:34, Timothy Reaves wrote:
> 	When I'm entereing a transaction into gnucash (1.6.1), I start typing in=
 the Description field until a match is found.  I then tab to the amount fi=
eld and enter the amount.  GnuCash assumes that the split of the transactio=
n is the same as the previaous transaction (with that vendor), and the spli=
t is filled out incorrectly. =20
> 	Instead of two splits (one to the debit & one to the credit), there is n=
ow three, with the debit shoing the full amount, the credit showing the old=
 amount, and the third entry showing the ballance.  This shouldn't behaive =
this way.  Is it on the list of things needing fixed?

To get gnucash to automatically change both splits, enter the=20
transaction in ledger (single-line) mode. I'll look into enabling
this for journal mode, at least as an option.


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