Can we play log files

François Jan
17 May 2001 21:48:20 +0200

First of all, thanks for answering.

I had a few problems running the scripts but finally managed to restore
my account. Here is a bit of feedback :

1. It is best to recreate the accounts (if any have been changed) before
playing the log. It seems hard to make it automatically since the name
of the account in the log file says nothing of its parent.

2. I haven't tried too much to understand why but amounts were truncated
to the french franc when playing...

3. I had a few lines where account was empty and
complained about it so I changed 
    ($mod = C) to ($mod = C and $account ne '')

4. Another problem I had when copy/pasting the script from evolution to
vi was with tabs but I guess you can't help with that !

So, thanks again, Linas, and keep going.