Check printing and localisation

Robert Graham Merkel
Wed, 30 May 2001 17:15:49 +1000

GnuCash 1.5.x has the ability to print checks.  Unfortunately,
it writes out the amounts in words in a US-specific way - for
examples, $234.56 is written out as

"Two hundred and thirty-four Dollars 56/100"

and $234 is written as

"Two hundred and thirty-four Dollars 0/100"

on Australian cheques, the equivalent amount would be written

"Two hundred and thirty-four dollars and fifty-six cents"

and $234 would be written 

"Two hundred and thirty-four dollars only"

However, a sample of two isn't great for developing a general solution
for the many countries with GnuCash users (or potential GnuCash users)
who might conceivably want to print checks from their PC's.

So what I'm really asking international users to do is describe 
how this is done in your home country, so that we can come up with
a more general solution for translating numerical quantities to words 
in a localised way for next time round.

If you want GnuCash to fully support localised check printing for your
country in the future, have your say now!

Robert Merkel	                 

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