Configuring Stocks traded in Euro ?

Klaus Dahlke
04 Aug 2002 23:38:59 +0200

On Fri, 2002-08-02 at 08:27, Christian P=F6llmann wrote:
> Hi,
> does anyone of you know how to configure stocks which are traded in Euro=
> (preferrable in Frankfurt Stock Exchange).=20
> The details I'm uncertain about are:
> -  Stock Editor:
> 	- How do I find out the correct symbol ?
> 	- What is the correct Type for Frankfurt Stock Exchange ?
> - Account properties:
> 	- Which Stock Quotes Source has quotes of Frankfurt Stock Exchange?
> In general:
> How does Gnucash identify the stock?=20
> I assume the (possibly ambigous) symbol of the stock editor is used (wher=
> the CUSIP was a unique code).=20
> Thanks for any help,
> Chris
> --=20
> Christian P=F6llmann
> Email:


I get quotes by:

1) define commodity, e.g. BASF shares:
Fullname: BASF
CUSIP: no entry necessary
fraction: 1/1

2) Define Account:
Type: stock
Account Name: BASF
Description: good old economy
Currency: EUR
Security: select 515100.DE

mark 'get online quotes'
source: Yahoo Europe
time: local time

3) Price editor
you might first select the type of quote you want to get:
goto Price Editor
select commodity (i.e. 515100.DE)
choose the appropriate type of quote

and then press get quptes.

It took me also a while to figure that out.